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Bonnie Gjurovska : Managing Editor

As Managing Editor at Top10Casinos.com, Bonnie uses her skills and knowledge to provide informative and accurate information about the online gambling industry. Starting out as a college graduate who simply wanted to earn extra money, she first honed her skills as a content writer where she was responsible for the latest trends and developments in the industry along with casino reviews, legal frameworks, payment methods, promotions and bonuses and new and popular games. It didn't take long for her to climb the ranks where she eventually used her expertise to manage a team of exceptional writers. She's perfectly suited for Managing Editor in our team and strives to ensure all content is of the highest quality at all times.

iGaming Experience

Bonnie has always been eager to expand her horizons from a young age and decided to venture into the iGaming industry in 2015. She started out as a content writer and specialised in game reviews and Bitcoin casinos, since cryptocurrency was still a novelty back then. In 2017, Bonnie started her higher education and got a Master's Degree in Business Law, focusing on International law. Despite having a strong educational background in law, Bonnie discovered her true calling in content marketing and the gambling industry. Before long, she became a Managing Editor on the team and is responsible for planning and structuring pages, covering the relevant topics that readers need to know and following all the latest casino trends. 

She witnessed a lot of changes in the global casino markets over the years, especially when it comes to the effects of the pandemic, the changes in laws that frame the gameplay offered to customers, the different security risks that emerged and how they are tackled. She is optimistic that the future of the iGaming industry will offer safer yet more diverse entertainment options and encourage responsible gaming in all regions of the world. She continues to keep her finger on the pulse when it comes to playing online and strives to deliver up-to-date information to gamblers across the globe with a keen eye on detail and ensuring players are always well-informed before deciding where to play.

Personal Insight

Bonnie's hobbies outside of work entail following the Eurovision train all year round and finding the songs, artists, and best betting odds way ahead of time. She also is a self-proclaimed nerd and enjoys a session of Dungeons and Dragons on a weekly basis. Like an avid enthusiast of dice, Craps has been a casino game that always allured her. Although the game was challenging to learn at first, it remains her favourite at any online casino.

What may seem like a series of unfortunate events may in fact be the start of a wonderful journey.

Inspired by her favourite quote by Lemony Snicket "What may seem like a series of unfortunate events may in fact be the start of a wonderful journey.", Bonnie enjoys finding new possibilties in the challenges that are subsequent to the industry changes. She is an optimist by heart and this characteristic lays over in her professional role at Top10Casinos. For that reason, in each lost bet, she finds a way to learn a new gaming strategy and a space to create content that'll help other players do better. As an editor, Bonnie finds that it's important to remind readers that while losing is never fun, it's all part of the journey and can ultimately lead to a more fulfilling and enjoyable gambling experience.

Recent Content Edited by Bonnie Gjurovska

Bonnie has tackled a plethora of gaming topics for different gambling markets in her career. The most recent pieces of her work revolved around the best bonuses available in 2024, the changes in the gaming markets, and testing different gaming softwares. As Bonnie wants to be sure that our readers get the best value at any real money casino site, she oversees the published content and ensures that the info we serve our readers is trendy, accurate and realistically helpful.

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