Top 10 Biggest Online Gambling Company Stocks

The biggest online casino companies in terms of market cap are what this article focuses on, specifically what's available and the prospects of stock growth should you invest. Online betting has been on an upward curve for a long time, from the first beginnings of the industry a couple of decades ago through to the upswing caused by the advent of mobile betting. In addition, the recent pandemic lockdowns have proven the biggest stocks in the sector not only to be robust in the face of significant restrictions that have serious negative consequences on other businesses but even to thrive amid such adversity.

This makes online betting a sector that has good growth prospects to invest in, both on trend and should further pandemic lockdowns prove necessary in the near or distant future. From the USA to the UK, here are some stocks of the largest online gambling companies for your consideration.


International Game Technology PLC

International Game Technology PLC Top 10 Gambling Stocks to Invest In
  • Company: International Game Technology PLC
  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Market Value: $3.73 billion
  • YTD Return: 24.18%

Global Company IGT- Top-Class Online Casino Gambling Experience

International Game Technology PLC (or IGT for short) seeks to combine pragmatism, innovation, and determination to drive forward its gaming industry presence, which is already one of the largest in the online gambling sector. Headquartered in London and with 11,000 employees around the world, IGT creates unrivalled online gambling experiences for players and has one of the biggest slices in the worldwide lottery and gaming landscape. Resilient revenues and a well-balanced geographical and product mix make the company robust in turbulent times, offering gaming machines, lottery products, and digital and social gaming as well. This breadth of online gambling products is one of the largest of any firm, and has helped IGT grow significantly and establish itself, while also providing a strong base for future growth. As such, stocks in this firm may be where you want to invest your cash.


Caesars Entertainment Inc

Caesars Entertainment Inc Top 10 Gambling Stocks to Invest In
  • Company: Caesars Entertainment Inc
  • Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • Market Value: $16.80 billion
  • YTD Return: 32.00%

Caesars Entertainment - Largest Variety of Resorts

Number nine on the list was forged by the merger of two of the largest companies in the gaming industry , Caesars Entertainment and Eldorado Resorts. Rooted in prestigious US destinations, Caesars Entertainment boasts the biggest number and largest variety of such resorts in the country, including many of the biggest and most popular gaming brands such as Caesars Palace®, Harrah's®, Eldorado® and more. Unlike many other firms mentioned on this list, Caesars Entertainment has a focus on world class resorts, and has more than 50 providing luxurious experiences for families. In recent times the hospitality industry has been rocked by the pandemic, but it's important to recognize we have many vaccines on the way and (as the medieval world taught us) when such a disease is defeated people are keen to celebrate when normality returns. For the future, stocks in this firm look set to rise, should you care to invest.


Esports Entertainment Group Inc

Esports Entertainment Group Inc Top 10 Gambling Stocks to Invest In
  • Company: Esports Entertainment Group Inc
  • Headquarters: Malta
  • Market Value: $98.65 million
  • YTD Return: 34.71%

Esports Entertainment Group Inc - Largest Online Casino Esports Betting Choices

Esports have been growing rapidly in popularity recently, to the extent that winners of the Fortnite World Cup can make more money than Wimbledon tennis champions. Esports Entertainment Group Inc is focused on profiting in this area of rapid growth by catering to the online gambling aspect of esports. In addition, the company has future ambitions to enable players from around the world to try and win cash prizes by participating in multi-player mobile, console and PC video game tournaments online. The estimated 2020 esports wagering total is around $23bn, showing the massive potential for interest, and the industry is uniquely resilient to pandemic and related disruptions, unlike every other sporting category in the world. The sector's upward trend (both in terms of increasing video game playing and betting on professional players) seems unlikely to stop anytime soon, making it a solid choice for some of the biggest stock returns in the future.


Churchill Downs Inc

Churchill Downs Inc Top 10 Gambling Stocks to Invest In
  • Company: Churchill Downs Inc
  • Headquarters: Louisville, Kentucky, United States
  • Market Value: $8.30 billion
  • YTD Return: 46.56%

Churchill Downs Inc - Company for Largest Variety of Horse Racing

The very first origins of Churchill Downs Inc date all the way back to horse racing in the 19th century, so when it comes to pedigree and longevity this company is hard to beat (and it certainly sees the advantage in investing for the future). Churchill Downs Inc hasn't forgotten its roots, with Derby Week and the month of preceding events bringing more than a third of a billion dollars to the area, but nor has the company neglected to move with the times into online gambling. In 2007, the company established technology platform TwinSpires, which combines the company's heritage with modern technology as one of the USA's biggest and most profitable online gambling platforms for horse racing, sports and iGaming. With a trio of Kentucky gaming entertainment venues (Derby City Gaming; Oak Grove Racing, Gaming and Hotel; and Newport Racing and Gaming), TwinSpires, and casino gaming to the tune of 11,000 top-quality slot machines and 200 gaming tables in eight states, the company has a diverse approach that seems likely to pay off if you invest in stocks.


Entain PLC

Entain PLC Top 10 Gambling Stocks to Invest In
  • Company: Entain PLC
  • Headquarters: Douglas, Isle of Man
  • Market Value: $7.28 billion
  • YTD Return: 47.31%

Entain PLC - Largest Online Casino Sports Wagers for 2019

Entain PLC was the name chosen when the company underwent rebranding from GVC Holdings in December 2020, to reflect the company's commitment to becoming the world's largest sports betting and gaming entertainment provider. Under the Entain PLC umbrella is a wide range of some of the biggest names in the online gambling sector, including Coral, Eurobet, Ladbrokes, and brands such as Foxy Bingo and Gala Casino. The online gambling company has a US joint venture with MGM Resorts, BetMGM, to enable it to take advantage of the opportunities afforded in the USA by changes in sports betting and gaming regulation. Recent growth has been rapid due to a combination of acquisitions and organic growth, with the 2018 acquisition of Ladbrokes Coral Group PLC standing out as one of the largest of an online gambling company. With operations in more than five continents and 18 countries and more than 24,000 full-time employees and fixed-term contractors, Entain PLC is one of the biggest operations but not one that has fallen prey to complacency, making the company an intriguing prospect if you're after a reliable stock in which to invest.


Flutter Entertainment

Flutter Entertainment Top 10 Gambling Stocks to Invest In
  • Company: Flutter Entertainment
  • Headquarters: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
  • Market Value: $25.21 billion
  • YTD Return: 57.27

Stock Exchanges, Online Casino Games, Sports Betting and More from Flutter Entertainment

One of the largest firms in the sector, Flutter Entertainment is a company with its finger in many pies, from sports betting to online casino games, exchanges, poker, fantasy sports and B2B as well. With aspirations to become the biggest online gambling company in global sports betting and gaming, the firm certainly has its sights set on success. Through the Betfair Exchange, Flutter Entertainment already has the largest exchange, and PokerStars has proved to be one of the biggest poker operators. And Paddy Power Casino being the first betting company to launch a mobile app speaks well of innovative intentions to adapt to new technologies faster than competing companies. Looking to the future and potential stock performance, Flutter Entertainment has indicated its intention to maximize growth in the core markets of UK, Ireland and Australia, as well as to expand further afield (singling out the opportunities present in the United States), the company has solid foundations and good prospects for growth and rising stock value for those who choose to invest.


Scientific Games

Scientific Games Top 10 Gambling Stocks to Invest In
  • Company: Scientific Games
  • Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Market Value: $4.32 billion
  • YTD Return: 68.91%

Scientific Games provides Online Casino, Interactive, and Lottery Games

Scientific Games is one of the largest companies providing leading online casino gaming and lottery technology through a product suite that includes casino, interactive, and lottery games. This online gambling product suite can be accessed in a variety of ways, including retail, casino, and digital settings. Customers can benefit from a broad selection of technology platforms, online casino content, and marketing solutions. Scientific Games today employs around 9,500 people around the world, serving customers on six continents, making its geographical reach one of the largest. In addition to organic growth, the online casino company has expanded its offering to customers through the acquisition of entities such as Nyx Gaming Group, Bally Technologies, and WMS Industries. Smart acquisitions and a broad range of services has made Scientific Games both one of the biggest online gambling companies you can invest in today and one with strong prospects for the future.



GAN Top 10 Gambling Stocks to Invest In
  • Company: GAN
  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Market Value: $453.9 million
  • YTD Return: 78.0%

GAN Company Offers Customized Solutions to Support Online Casino Brands

GAN is well-known for its award-winning platform GameSTACK™, with which it supports brick-and-mortar organizations. Over the years GAN has built up an impressive array of partnerships with the biggest companies, including major international betting operators such as Bet365 and William Hill and various resort casinos. In Italy, GAN is the largest company in the lottery jungle, providing more than half of all gaming transactions through GameSTACK™ RGS, and is already operating in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan (and soon Ohio as well). Offering online services from real money betting to custom online casino game development, just-for-fun betting and sports betting through GAN Sports, the company has plenty of growth prospects both within the US and beyond and is a strong bet for those who want to invest in one of the largest online gambling companies.



DraftKings Top 10 Gambling Stocks to Invest In
  • Company: DraftKings
  • Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Market Value: $20.09 billion
  • YTD Return: 290.79%

DraftKings offers the Largest Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting Choices

DraftKings was first launched in 2012 by three friends: Jason Robins, Matthew Kalish, and Paul Liberman. Growth was rapid, moving the company from an endeavor created in a spare bedroom to an international enterprise within just a few years. Today it's moved from a one bedroom company to one of the largest, operating in eight countries and covering more than a dozen sports categories. The fantasy sports platform is well-known and one of the biggest, and DraftKings has expanded in recent years to offer sports betting as well (currently accessible in just under a dozen states) where it's also grown to be one of the largest. With legislation in the pipeline to increase the number of states that allow sports betting, there's a natural path to even more growth in the United States market for this company. Indeed, in 2018 DraftKings Sportsbook was the first to provide legal, mobile and online sports betting, allowing it to get ahead of the curve and benefit from being the swiftest to adapt to the new legal landscape. This proactive approach combined with a well-established name and one of the largest national customer bases bodes well for the future and those who may invest in the stock of this company.


Penn National Gaming

Penn National Gaming Top 10 Gambling Stocks to Invest In
  • Company: Penn National Gaming
  • Headquarters: Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Market Value: $15.6 Billion
  • YTD Return: 306.42%

Penn National Gaming Company Provides Online Casino Gaming and Racing Opportunities

Penn National Gaming is one of the biggest USA online casino company beasts on this list - operating in more than a third of US states (19) and owns, operates, or has ownership interest at 41 gaming and race properties throughout the country. The company has been swift to adapt to a liberalizing trend in sports betting, and now provides the opportunity for sports betting in its properties located in Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Its Barstool sportsbook apps (it has a 36% share in Barstool Sports) have one of the largest fanbases (66 million), and subsidiary firm Penn Interactive Ventures, LLC offers online sports betting in a quartet of states, and an iCasino in two. In addition, the firm, in many ways the largest on this list, has 20 million casino customers and its properties are home to around 50,000 gaming machines and 1,300 gaming tables, in addition to 8,800 hotel rooms. The rising popularity of online betting, both casino and sports, is something for which the firm and its stocks are well-placed, particularly given its financial muscle.



You can invest in stocks (or sell them) through a stockbroker, bank or financial institution that offers brokerage services. Direct stock purchase plans may also be possible for some firms, but for others you may need to acquire stock through the intermediary agents indicated above.


National regulatory changes are one of the largest factors that can affect stock prices of online gambling firms, as markets open up or become more restrictive. Likewise, technological advances can present new avenues of opportunity and can be the biggest way for stocks to rise in value, creating incentives to invest accordingly.


Although there has been a spike in online betting caused by the COVID 19 outbreak, this should be seen the context of a long term upwards trend in playing and stock prices. The largest underlying trend is continual growth and if there is a short term decline in activity when the world returns to normal that should not be forgotten when you choose to invest in stocks. Indeed, it may present a stock opportunity.


No. Stocks are a great idea to invest in because the stock market necessarily has to outperform basic savings accounts on average to make it worthwhile. The biggest thing to be aware of is that prospects for the stock market are good, but not guaranteed.


This is a personal matter. The biggest deciding factor may depend on both your available funds for stocks and whether you prefer a more cautious approach (hedging risk by spreading money around various of the largest firms).


There is a pattern of liberalization in the USA right now which is opening up large new markets for betting. As the biggest Anglophone nation in the West, this is great for companies and for those who invest in their stock.


China is obviously the biggest market, and it would have a dramatic impact on stocks if it did open up this way. This seems unlikely as China, excepting Macau, takes a very dim view of betting generally. If it did, the market would be enormous.


Stocks can decline for all sorts of reasons, including short term drops as price corrections to inflated numbers. Investors should make decisions based on the circumstances and the context of stock price changes.


The overall outlook is positive due to the rising interesting in various areas: casino betting, sports betting, esports, and betting on esports. The USA becoming more accepting is one of the biggest positive factors.


No, although a positive direction of growth is a good sign there's no such thing as an absolute guarantee of future success when you choose to invest. The biggest firms, as a rule, do know what they're doing. But, just as firms can exceed expectations, sometimes they can underperform compared to predictions.

That concludes our list of the biggest online gambling companies in 2021 you may wish to invest and buy stocks in. Focusing on the long-term strategic strengths of companies and sectors is always wise, as is considering the potential for the largest short-term disruptions (as we've seen with the coronavirus pandemic). Between COVID-19, SARS, and Swine Flu, plus the Ebola flare-up, the last couple of decades have seen significant healthcare crises, and these may well recur in the future.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing to invest in the best online casino companies in the world is that it's highly resilient in the face of such potential disruptions due to the business model, contrary to many other leisure activities. As always, do your own research and consider where to invest carefully when assessing the largest companies in which to buy stocks.

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