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James Donnelly is our Top 10 team leader for online casino reviews. He has been an iGaming writer for over 5 years and his knowledge in the industry is focused (but not limited to) the player experience. From determining an online casino group's reputation to advising the nitty gritty general terms and conditions as well as promotional terms. James has a background in research and analysis and he spends his days searching for top-quality new casinos to rate and review. He ensures that all our reviews are up-to-date and accurate. James also writes all the software and casino payment method reviews found at Top10Casinos.com. This requires a deep understanding of the latest technology and how casino software works as well as staying up to date with all the security protocols being used by payment providers in 2024. James monitors the statistical usage of all the popular payment methods and the security features that they have, so he can assure readers that all their data is 100% secure. Ensuring the best of the best is featured on our site, James has just as much fun finding excellent new sites as you'll have reading about them. When asking James what he enjoys most about his role at Top10Casinos.com, he responded:

iGaming Experience

James Donelly is a seasoned editor with a passion for all things related to online casinos here at Top10Casinos. He has 5 years of experience writing and editing content for casino review sites, and has a wealth of knowledge about the latest casino games, bonuses, and promotions.

As an expert in the field of online casinos, James is well-versed in the intricacies of different casino games, especially slots, and is able to provide insightful and unbiased reviews of the latest offerings from top game providers. He is also an expert in using bonuses to players' advantage and is always on the lookout for the latest deals to help players get the most out of their bets.When it comes to different casino sites, James takes his job very seriously. He knows that our Top10Casinos readers rely on his expertise and insight to make informed decisions about which casinos to visit and which games to play. That's why he puts in the time and effort to thoroughly test each casino and game before writing his review, ensuring that his readers get the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. Today, James has accounts and actively checks up different casinos for quality drops and bonus changes.

In short, James Donelly is a true Top10Casinos expert. He knows the casinos and their games like he knows the alphabet. His passion for the industry shines through in everything he writes, and our readers trust him to provide them with the information they need to make the most of their time and money.

Personal Insight

I take pride in discovering an excellent new online casino just as much as I take comfort in uncovering a risky casino site for my readers to avoid.

When he's not researching online casinos, James enjoys analyzing statistics but he's also a true adrenaline junkie constantly challenging his body to perform mighty feats. Born and raised in Ireland, he his passions include gaelic football, hurling, skydiving adn paragliding. His latest feat, James plunged from the Kawarau Bridge and The Nevis in New Zealand.

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James has covered a range of online gambling topics in his reviews this year including updates to different country gambling laws and the hottest new games released. His reviews cover the best deals, sites, and how to get the most out of your real money gaming. With new sites popping up for players around the world all the time, James's expert knowledge of the online gambling market makes these recent articles a must read.

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