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Betting is a lot of fun but finishing ahead can be challenging. That's why we spent the time researching some of the highest payout slot machines to help make things easier for players with the best odds who want more bang for their buck. There's a huge variety when it comes to slots, from thematic and artistic variation (including the sound of special effects) to a diverse assortment of gameplay mechanics. The top 10 best and largest software developers offer hundreds of games by themselves, and multi-developer sites can boast an online slots range that sometimes tips into the thousands, so having a shortlist of some of the best online games is pretty handy. The best things we look at include innovative gameplay, great art, top 10 rated, jackpots, and just how fun an online game is. After all, nobody visits a casino to get bored. So read on to find some of the most exciting, top 10 best-rated, and highest payout slot machines!


Jack Hammer 2

jack hammer 2 netent


  • RTP 97.07%
  • Software: NetEnt
  • Paylines: 50

Jack Hammer 2 is a best-rated 50 payline online video slot, and a sequel to the previous crime-fighting private detective's original best-rated slot. This time, our hero must thwart Don Crabby's villainous plot, with mechanics similar to the first online game. There are still wilds and exciting free spins bonusfeatures, with wins during bonus spins being doubled, plus sticky wilds. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, and the high RTP coupled with low to medium variance make this a pretty safe bet.



zombies netent


  • RTP 97.20%
  • Software: NetEnt
  • Paylines: 20

Zombies are everywhere in pop culture, and, unsurprisingly, form the gory, undead theme of this slot which is set in an abandoned mall. Get a few green vial scatters and free spins will come your way, and best-rated wilds (both stacked and random) help to increase your chances of finishing ahead and getting the best outcom. There are horror-style sound effects (and a wicked soundtrack) and good gory graphics despite being an older game. It's lots of fun for those who like shooting zombies as there is a shooting feature that is activated after each free spin. Try and avoid playing this gruesome slot late at night when everyone is asleep.


Good Girl Bad Girl

good girl bad girl betsoft


  • RTP 97.80%
  • Software: Betsoft
  • Paylines: 15

Pitchforks and halos are featured symbols in this battle between good and evil. An interesting aspect is that players can alter the volatility, as well as choosing whether to play in a good or evil way. This degree of freedom can work both ways, as making the 'wrong' choice can leave a player kicking themselves. The good path offers low-risk play, whilst the evil path offers more risk and potentially more reward, but you can also play both at the same time, which may be advisable. There are wilds, scatters, and free spins, but it's the good/bad dichotomy that makes the game unique, and will dictate whether a particularly player thinks it's heavenly, or ought to be consigned to the Ninth Circle of Hell.


Ghostbusters Level Up Plus

Ghostbusters Level Up Plus igt


  • RTP 98.00%
  • Software: IGT
  • Paylines: 20

Busting makes you level up in this well-named slot. Consign spectral foes to their doom and you gain levels, unlocking various features. Naturally, this best-rated slot has the eponymous ghostbusting theme, harking back to the 1980s blockbuster films. Collected ghosts form a queue and act as wilds and multipliers. Equipment, triggered at random, can also modify spins although some equipment does require higher levels. You can also get Zuul free spins during which wins completed with wilds can be multiplied up to 25x. Between the ghosts, levels, and equipment, there's plenty of innovation and a fun theme too.



jokerizer yggdrasil


  • RTP 98.00%
  • Software: Yggdrasil Gaming
  • Paylines: 10

The joker is the mascot of this online slot, and if you get three joker symbols then you're in for a Mystery win of up to 6,000 coins, winning the maximum straight away if the symbols form a line. Another best-rated innovation is that after winning you'll enter Jokerizer mode. The choice is yours as to whether you just collect your winnings or keep playing, but if you keep playing and just two joker symbols appear you'll win 20 to 6,000 coins. There aren't free spins or multipliers, but the sound and graphics are sharp and there are some of the best-rated new online gameplay mechanics to enjoy.


Blood Suckers - A Themed Slot Machine With High Payout

Blood Suckers 1 netent


  • RTP 98.00%
  • Software: NetEnt
  • Paylines: 25

Those with a sanguine attitude to betting will bloody love this vampire-themed slot. The stake and hammer symbol can activate a vampire-slaying bonus feature, with prizes for every undead slain, but if you find an empty coffin then your time in the burial chamber bonus will draw to a close. Vampire bride scatters are another symbol, and if you get a trio then free spins ensue, with multipliers ranging from 2x for two scatters up to 100x for five. You're likely to win often, but not huge sums, and at over a decade old it's starting to look its age a bit. But it's enjoyable and has best-rated odds and RTP nevertheless.


Joker Strike

joker strike quickspin


  • RTP 98.11%
  • Software: Quickspin
  • Paylines: 10

This 5 reel and 10 payline online slot is a rapid, simple top 10 best rated online game with great odds, and that streamlined nature will either be something you love or loathe, depending on personal preference. Each time you win the outer wheel gets activated (the Joker Strike feature). Winning symbols are highlighted and if the wheel lands on them you get a strike and more of that symbol added to the rest for an enhanced payout. There's also a Hi Roller Feature, which involves a quintet of linked spins and an extra Joker which behaves differently according to the option you select, and can significantly increase payouts. There are no free spins with this game but the pace is fast and its features are interesting to give you the best experience.


1429 Uncharted Seas - A Fan-Favorite Slot Machine With High Payout

1429 Uncharted Seas thunderkick


  • RTP 98.60%
  • Software: Thunderkick
  • Paylines: 25

Thunderkick doesn't have the biggest or best slots portfolio but it does make innovative, idiosyncratic, top 10 rated, games, and 1429 Uncharted Seas is one of the best, with top 10 odds of finishing ahead. There are 5 reels and 3 rows, which is pretty standard, but the hand-drawn ye olde map is charming, and the RTP is sky high. Get five lovely mermaid symbols in a row and you're in for 50x your stake, with lower multipliers available with other symbols such as the lobster and octopus to increase your odds. There are also expanding wilds that can substantially increase your odds of higher winnings, plus scatters and free spins, which is the best. The online animations and artwork generally looks great and the music adds to the immersion for all online players to feel like they are in Las Vegas.


Ugga Bugga - Runner-Up For A Highest Payout Slot Machine Game

Ugga Bugga playtech


  • RTP 99.07%
  • Software: Playtech
  • Paylines: 10

Ugga Bugga has just three reels, and a single special feature, but that's more strategic than it might sound - and you can increase your odds, which is why it has a place amongst the top 10 best slots. There are two sets of slots, left and right. After spinning the left hand side you get to hold symbols, then spin on the right, with held symbols remaining and other symbols being discarded and spun anew. This adds an element of decision-making and strategy to increase the odds, that's quite appealing, listing it among the top 10 best slots. There are wilds, but no free spins and low volatility, so payouts will be small but frequent. This top 10 rated online slot has a great knack of being able to provide some nostalgia of the good old Las Vegas days while showcasing something new and offering decent odds for online players.


Mega Joker - The Highest Payout Slot Machine

Mega Joker NetEnt


  • RTP: 99.10%
  • Software: NetEnt
  • Paylines: 5

Mega Joker by NetEnt is the best, top 10 rated online progressive slot with an astoundingly high RTP and a stereotypical fruit machine theme - and it is often rated amongst the top 10 in the online communities. Winning a spin when wagering 10 coins (players can choose 1 to 10) sees winnings shift to the Supermeter. There, online players can either collect their winnings or engage Supermeter mode and place bets of up to 200 coins per spin. There's also the chance of winning a random reward if the joker appears on the reels during Supermeter mode - so the odds are in your favor. Be aware that the local progressive jackpot requires three jokers in a row, and to be playing with the maximum bet outside of Supermeter mode. With 99.1% RTP, the odds with this top 10 best and highest payout slot machine are very good.

How are the Top 10 RTP Odds Calculated for the Highest Payout Slot Machines?

The RTP for a slot is calculated by dividing the total amount returned to players by the total sum wagered. For example, if there's the highest payout slot machine with an RTP of 99%, and a player makes 100 wagers of $1 each, the average result would be $99 returned to the player with $100 wagered (a net loss of $1). An average RTP is around 95-96%, with 97% and above nice and high, and under 94% on the low side. It's important to realize that this is only an average when it comes to the highest payout slot machines. You can still lose repeatedly at a 99% RTP slot, or finish miles ahead with a slot that has an RTP of just 88%. But you will have the best odds with a top 10 RTP game rather than a low RTP slot.

Who Regulates the Top 10 Highest Slot Machine Payouts?

The legal particulars can vary according to geographical location or which international body regulates and licenses a specific top 10 best online casino. There's no minimum RTP in the UK, although there is in the State of Nevada (perhaps unsurprising as this regulator is the online home of Las Vegas). You can often find the top 10 best odds by consulting a full RTP chart provided by a casino, but if one isn't available then casinos should provide individual RTPs and odds in the rules for all top 10 slots, including the highest payout slot machines.

The licensing arrangement can be a source of confidence, with the United Kingdom, Malta, and Gibraltar being amongst the top 10 best. The odds of finding a good online Las Vegas can also be augmented by using sites that are endorsed by third-party auditors such as eCOGRA, which can work to ensure that games are run fairly and that the RNG (random number generator) is trustworthy. That way you can enjoy the best online Las Vegas experience at the top international casinos in the world and play online largest payout slot machines with no worries.

Why Do the Best Online Slots have Different Payout Percentages and Odds?

Primarily, varying RTPs and odds are down to the gameplay mechanics of the best-rated online casino slots. This includes not just the symbols and payouts, but also special features to improve the odds. And best-rated online games with the same RTP may pay out in different ways. For example, a high volatility 96% slot will pay out less often but with higher sums than a low volatility 96% slot. There can sometimes be a trade-off, with some top 10 best-rated high jackpot online games having lower than average RTPs (such as Microgaming's Mega Moolah).

Although the average return does matter, it isn't the only factor you should consider when contemplating your ideal online Las Vegas experience. Last but not least, online franchise licensing, such as Marvel's best-rated online slots, Jurassic Park online slots, and so on can mean the RTP is lower simply because the developer has to pay a certain amount in order to use the names. So whilst big-name movie franchises can have fun themes, that does decrease the odds of a top 10 best payout from them. So, it is best to avoid these odds.

Spinning for the Highest Payouts & Wins - Slot Machine Odds vs Volatility

Touched on above, volatility is another important factor when picking the best slot to suit your playstyle. The best and easiest way to think of volatility is to replace the word with 'risk'. Low-risk slots conform closely to their RTP and pay out more often (correspondingly at a lower level). You're less likely to lose a lot or win a lot. High volatility slots present more risk and opportunity to win big - which is why some people consider them the best and most highest payout slot machines. With a high volatility slot, you have a much higher chance of either losing a lot or winning a lot. Low volatility can suit players who either have small stakes with which to play or who are settled in for a long session. Higher volatility can be better for those who crave excitement, have a short session only, or deep pockets. If you're not sure what your cup of tea is, then playing the highest payout slot machines with bonuses can be a great way of wagering without risking your own money. That way you can explore your preferred online Las Vegas approach in a relaxed fashion.

The Top 10 Best Largest Las Vegas Progressive Jackpots

It's easy to become fixated with the highest slot machine winnings in the online world, but Las Vegas is still around in the real world. Here are some of the highest payout slot machines you'll find in brick-and-mortar casinos.

  1. Megabucks - $21.1m This aptly named game is one of the highest payout slot machines in history, with a stunning eight-figure sum won in 2005. Amazingly, this huge amount was won by Elmer Sherwin, who had already won $4.6m on the same game decades earlier - talk about the odds being in your favor!
  2. Wheel of Fortune - $5.4m The Excalibur Casino was the site of this epic payout, which was won by an anonymous individual in January 2020, what are the odds right?
  3. Money Vault - $2.8m In 2012 a US marine discovered that training courses can sometimes have unexpected benefits. A week to train in Nevada led to this life-changing, against-the-odds, win.
  4. Buffalo Grand - $1.9m It was in 2019 that another anonymous player left Las Vegas with almost $2m in their pocket after scoring big and beating the odds with a top 10 best jackpot.
  5. Buffalo Grand - $1.6m Not a typo, this game really did have another go at being one of the highest payout slot machines in 2019. It made for a pretty special Valentine's Day for the local player who won big just two days earlier.

There are some very high RTP games with desirable odds to play, and players can enjoy good odds with the top 10 best online Las Vegas highest payout slot machines. Remember, it is best to consider volatility as well as RTP and odds when picking from the highest payout slot machines, and only ever bet what you can afford to lose against all odds.

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