Eurovision 2022 Betting Odds - Who to Bet On & Win

Enjoying Eurovision is one thing, but wagering with the best betting odds on Eurovision 2022 and winning is a whole next level of feeling the majestic rush of adrenaline. You get to hear all the songs but with a new glimmer of hope - the hope of making huge cash by enjoying the show you've waited for all year. Stay tuned if you want to experience Eurovision 2022 in an exciting atmosphere and learn who to bet your money on to win!

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Eurovision 2022 Odds

Bet On Eurovision in 2024

In 2024, you can also bet on Eurovision - we have a guide that explains the odds for 2024 and we highlight the potential winners that you could put your money on. Read our Eurovision 2024 betting odds guide to learn more and start winning!.

Eurovision 2022 - The Important Info

As you probably know by now, Turin is the hometown of the 2022 Eurovision, and with everything apocalyptic going on in the world, we all deserve a touch of love, hope, and tolerance.

Eurovision's Final will happen on the 14th of May, after the two semi-finals on May 10 and May 12. There will be 3 hosts of ESC 2022: Mika, Laura Pausini and Alessandro Cattelan. 40 countries will participate in Eurovision Song Contest 2022, with Armenia and Montenegro coming back after the pause in 2021. Due to the invasion of Ukraine, Russia was excluded from the competition as per the decision of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Just like in previous years, we have pre-qualifying songs or the Big 5: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

This comes after Maneskin's last year's win with the super hit Zitti e Buoni, when they literally rocked the stage by all means of the saying and had some of the highest betting odds in Eurovision's history. In general, the betting odds for Eurovision and outcomes are somewhat predictable - one year we have a dancey, uppity, song winning, and the next one, we have a ballad win with a slower tempo. It seems that most countries followed that rule and applied with ballads and slow rhythm songs this year. But will that be true and efficient for 2022 and betting on Eurovision? Odds are stacked against it.

In this article, we'll explore the best bets to make and win for Eurovision. Stay with us, place your wager and thank us later!

Eurovision 2022 Betting Odds

Who Wins Eurovision 2022?

The senseless war in Ukraine has surely taken a toll on day-to-day life (as if the novel coronavirus didn't do enough). Besides the innumerable bravery on the war battlefield, the Ukrainians seem to have sent one of their best - the Kalush Orchestra.

As of early May, Kalush Orchestra's Stefania is the absolute favorite to win the 2022 Eurovision. In fact, Casino Bet365 has the decimal odds of 1.61 and fractional odd of ⅗ of them winning, which is a pretty sure bet. We guess it'll be Stefania mamo mamo Stefania all around the Eurovision world this year for this favorite to win song.

There are two underdogs on this great lullaby song dedicated to hard-working and strong, yet sensitive, mothers around the world.

  1. Italy

    Mahmood didn't end his Eurovision career with 2019's hip-hop hit - Soldi which was a favorite to win then. This year, he comes alongside Blanco and sings the heartwarming ballad of Brividi. Brividi is Italian for shivers, and that's exactly what this favourite to win song induces. Shivers from pure and unconditional love that's been oppressed for too long for 2024. Mahmood's raw talent with Blanco's angelic voice is the perfect winning combination that might just steal the win last moment given a good stage performance. To make a bet on Italy winning can bring you some great cash from 888 Casino, as the decimal odds are 7.6 and fractional odds 33/5.

  2. Sweden

    Although UK has been high on the odd-ranks, we give a top 3 to win nomination to Sweden's Cornelia Jakobs with her sultry Hold me Closer. This is a song that gives big Lana Del Rey vibes and ranks quite high with good Eurovision betting odds at Ladbrokes Casino for UK and European players. The chances of Cornelia Jakobs winning are 10%, but if she does get the perfect performance, she might make those who felt about her like we did very rich.

Who Gets in Top 5

A lot of online casinos including Unibet, 22Bet, NetBet, Ladbrokes and even Betway's sport casino have betting odds for Eurovision and who gets in the top 5. Should you make a bet on who gets in the top 5 songs at the 2022 Eurovision, here are the songs that must be sure bets and favorites to win:

  1. Ukraine: 76% chance of Kalush Orchestra - Stefania being in top 5
  2. Italy: 68% chance of Mahmood & Blanco - Brividi being in top 5
  3. Sweden: 66% chance of Cornelia Jakobs - Hold Me Closer being in top 5
  4. United Kingdom: 53% chance of Sam Ryder - Space Man being in top 5
  5. Spain: 41% chance of Channel - SloMo being in top 5

There might be some surprises here as Norway's Subwoolfers' Give that Wolf a Banana is a huge hit and quite catchy, and Greece's Die Together is the love ballad that has everyone in awe but it seems that these 5 countries are a sure bet if you want to make a buck from the odds for betting on Eurovision.

Ukraine has 1/13 or 1.08 odds of winning, Italy ⅕ or 1.2, Sweden 3/10 or 1.3, UK ⅔ or 1.67 and Spain 9/10 or 1.91, making them the surest wagers to make for top 5 winners at Eurovision.

Why Make Top 5 Bets

Instead of wagering on which country gets the first place, you can make wagers on who gets in the top 5, and that reduces the risk of making a mistake. You already have a feeling of which country will rank high based on the odds and your personal preference. But, it's not like Eurovision is the event where something can be predicted with 100% precision. By placing a wager at a European online casino site on which country gets in the top 5, you get higher chances of winning, but at a lower max win.

Who Gets in Top 10 at Eurovision 2022

If you want even higher chances of winning a wager you place for Eurovision, you can take advantage of on lower Eurovision odds which is betting on who gets in top 10. Here, we've had quite some turbulence with lots of songs having millions of views on youtube, several interesting marketing campaigns and lots of steps towards winning the hearts of the European audience to vote and place wagers in UK online casinos, Spanish, French, and more.

Our research for 2022 shows that if you want to utilize the best betting odds for Eurovision Song Contest 2022 top 10 rated countries, you should consider these countries:

  1. Ukraine: 86% chance of Kalush Orchestra - Stefania being in top 10
  2. Italy: 83% chance of Mahmood & Blanco - Brividi being in top 10
  3. Sweden: 83% chance of Cornelia Jakobs: Hold me Closer being in top 10
  4. United Kingdom: 73% chance of Sam Ryder - Space Man being in top 10
  5. Spain: 70% chance of Chanel - SloMo being in top 10
  6. Norway: 65% chance of Subwoolfer - Give that Wolf a Banana being in top 10
  7. Greece: 62% chance of Amanda Tenfjord - Die Together being in top 10
  8. Poland: 60% chance of Ochman - River being in top 10
  9. Netherlands: 52% chance of S10 - Se Diepte being in top 10
  10. Serbia: 41% chance of Konstrakta - In Corpore Sano being in top 10

Possible Underdogs for 2022 Eurovision Betting Odds

Seems like ESC 2022 is going to be an exciting one, with lots of songs being favored by different categories of Eurovision enthusiasts. We have several songs that might make a turn and take up places in top 10 instead of the list above. Wagering on these countries could give you higher wins, but at a slightly greater risk:

France: Alvan & Ahez - Fulenn - Tying with Serbia with 41% chance of being in top 10, France's song with the Bretton meaning of Spark might just be one of those that surprise. This song is energetic, catchy and talks about how the forest vibrates at the touch of the dancing flame. Quite a song to wager on to get in top 10, if you ask us.

Portugal: Maro - Saudade, saudade - Portugal comes with a romantic and sultry song with no appropriate translation in English - but the message is quite clear - Love. Portugal only has 33% chance of getting in top 10 at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. However, casinos like Unibet, Bet365 and William Hill Casino are ready to triple or quadruple your bet if Portugal gets in top 10 on the final, so these 2022 betting odds aren't something to look away from.

Estonia: Stefan - Hope - We all want some more hope, and Stefan's wonderfully rich vocals with a bit of old-school Western flair might just be the recipe for a high ranking at Eurovision after the live performance of this song. Hope only has 25% chance of getting in top 10 but the message of this song might be clear enough to all audience and players might make 5x their wagers if they bet on this song to be ranked high in 2022.

Why Make Top 10 Rank Bets

The greatest benefits of making top 10 rank bets at high-rated online casinos in 2022 is that you lower the risk of making a mistake, thus, getting a sure win from Eurovision betting odds. The two factors that are relevant here are the song's popularity and of course, your intuition.

The top 10 rank bets give lower winnings compared to the top 5 and the winner option, but they leave more space for mistakes. At most online casinos you can:

  • Predict all 10 songs to be rated in top 10
  • Predict some songs to be rated in top 10
  • Predict one song to be rated in top 10

In the first case, predicting all the top 10 songs to rate, you will have the highest possible win, as the Eurovision odds for betting will combine and your bet might be multiplied by 10x or more. However, if you make this bet, you will also have a high risk because this is similar to horse racing's exacta bet. If either one of the songs doesn't get ranked in top 10, you lose the whole investment. The best way to make this bet is with a smaller cash wager.

In the second case, you play the Eurovision betting odds and you utilize the benefits of combining odds and reducing the risk together. This is probably the best bet to make and win with a smaller cash input without risking too much.

In the third case, you choose a single song and wager that it'll get in top 10 after all votes are cast. This is a low-risk type of a wager and you can surely make some significant cash by betting on several countries like this, whilst placing a higher wager.

Why our 2022 Eurovision Betting Odds Ratings Matter

The team at is dedicated to offering the best possible experience to casino, sports, and event bettors throughout the world, not just Europe in 2022. Besides offering the best and most updated lists of high-rated casinos for different regions, we also scrape the most lucrative international no deposit bonuses which players can take advantage of to try out the casino's games and sports wagering events for free, without making a real money investment.

Our team is filled with casino experts of all niches - sports wagering and odds, slots, table games, live dealers, casino security, and more. Before recommending odds, casinos, or bonuses, we do our due diligence and make sure that we are absolutely sure in our recommendation.

Other Eurovision Betting Odds For Wagers You Can Make

The thing that makes odds betting on Eurovision so exciting is that there are limitless options and ways in which you can bet and make cash out of watching your favorite show in the year. If you think the above-mentioned bets are too unchallenging and want to feel a greater adrenaline rush, here is a list of other bets to make that'll make you sit at the edge of your seat:

  • Top 3
  • Top 4
  • Balkan
  • Nordic
  • Baltic

Or, catch the drift earlier next year, review Eurovision odds and start betting on which song will qualify for each country. Most local casinos in countries like Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Germany, etc offer odds and bets on qualifying songs in February and March. You can also bookmark Top10Casinos and keep an eye on our opinion next year. We also offer great insights on many other betting-related topics.

Eurovision 2022 Wagering Odds

Where Can You Make Bets in 2022

A lot of brick-and-mortar and online casinos around the world offer betting on different events - sports, politics, song contests, etc. You can practically find a way to make wagers in hundreds if not thousands of online casinos. However, making the bet is one thing, cashing out your winnings is a whole different thing.

You should know that many of the casinos online have shady terms and conditions preventing you from cashing out and withdrawing the real money winnings that are rightfully yours. To that extent, the Top 10 Casinos team does a meticulous job, reviews new casinos and only recommends the ones that have passed all tests.

If you want to have a safe experience and enjoy the time of your life watching Eurovision, researching betting odds and making wagers, take a look at our best rated online casinos where you'll surely be able to have a seamless experience.

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How to Calculate Eurovision Betting Odds

We mentioned two types of odds for betting on Eurovision - Decimal and Fractional. Here, we'll explain how those odds work and what do they mean for you.

Decimal Odds

Popular in online casinos in Canada, Europe and Australia, these odds are the easiest to understand for Eurovision 2022. With decimal odds, the payout equals to the odds multiplied by the stake.

For example:
  • Spain had odds 15 to win the Eurovision back in April
  • You bet €10 for Spain to win
  • Payout = stake x odds
  • Payout = €10 x 15
  • Payout = €150
  • If Spain wins, you'll get €150 with a bet of €10

Fractional Odds

Quite popular in online casinos in the UK and Ireland, fractional odds are represented with two numbers and a slash, in the format of X/Y.

By definition, fractional odds represent how much cash you will win on your bet compared to the stake. The X represents how much you'll win, and the Y represents how much you need to wager using the best Eurovision betting odds.

For example:
  • Spain had odds 15/1 to win the Eurovision back in April
  • You bet €10 for Spain to win
  • Win = stake x odds
  • Payout = 15/1 x 10
  • Payout = €150
  • If Spain wins, you'll get €150 with a bet of €10

Use Our Eurovision Betting Odds for 2022 Wisely

Eurovision 2022 is surely gonna be an event to remember, but how are you going to remember it? By the winning hit song, or by the life-changing win you made from a bet on your favorite to win song?

Follow our guide above, use the best-rated Eurovision betting odds, choose one of the casinos on the top-rated list to make the bet to get rich instantly!

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