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Meet the Top10Casinos.com Team

If you are looking for people with extensive online casino knowledge, understanding of gambling legal frameworks, rewards programs, and banking in different gambling venues - you are in the right place!

The Team at Top10Casinos.com is comprised of industry veterans with different backgrounds who live and breathe casinos. Our mission is simple - provide unbiased and objective information to our followers and ensure that every single one of our readers has a safe and exciting time gambling online and winning jackpots.

Who We Are

Our company was established with strong motivation and drive that emerged from our online gambling roots - we too, were once beginner gamblers, and this is why we understand the struggles that online novices have when they find their casinos. Not only them, but professional players have struggles too, as to how they maximize their profits, and our professional team can offer extensive guidance on all of these things.

We are leaders in the top 10 independent casino reviews by working hard to dig out the information that players need, and we conduct thorough surveys as to which features of online casinos and which characteristics are most essential to improve the online experience for our followers. Through our hard work and determination, we managed to grow our small company into a worldwide reference for casino enthusiasts with hundreds of unique readers every month who rely on our advice and recommendations.

As a company comprised of casino enthusiasts, we assume an ethical responsibility in providing objective and unbiased information about all aspects of the online gambling industry - casinos, bonuses, payment methods and more.

We take pride in caring for our readers and our objective is to cater to the needs of players with all kinds of backgrounds - from beginner to advanced. Whether its a guide on how to get started in a new casino or how to build the best strategy for casino games - we are there and we are prepared to offer our full expertise and knowledge.

Lastly, our objective is to offer up-to-date and useful information. To ensure this, our team works tirelessly and updates information on previous content and talks about the most trending subjects in the industry, giving you first-hand information.

By following our site, you make both short and long term investment. In the short term, you'll get helpful information about bonus rewards and ongoing promotions. In the long term, you ensure that you are fully informed and that you are making the best online casino choices in terms of strategies, payment methods, and other life-changing decisions.

Our Team Members

Our dedicated team of experienced and highly-skilled members works around the clock to ensure that our readers are getting the best possible treatment in online gambling venues. We take pride in being diverse, as all the links of our chain give a special contribution to the final result - thousands of satisfied and well-informed customers. Here is the team that works hard to provide nothing less than the absolute best.

Amanda Evans - Editorial Director

As Editorial Director, Amanda manages the writing staff for Top10Casinos.com, ensures the accuracy of all the data on our main pages and in our online casino reviews, and organises the material release schedule. Involved in all facets of content creation since she began her iGaming writing career in 2006, Amanda has written news items, game reviews, conducted legal research, and written opinion pieces. She has also written many of our in-depth, top-notch casino evaluations. Her meticulous attention to detail and capacity to stay current with all gaming industry changes ensure that our site satisfies the expectations of our readers.

Bonnie Gjurovska - Managing Editor

Bonnie uses her expertise and experience in her role as Managing Editor at Top10Casinos.com to deliver thorough and reliable information about the online gaming sector. She first developed her writing abilities as a content writer, covering casino reviews, legal frameworks, payment options, promotions and bonuses, as well as new and well-liked games, when she was just a college graduate looking to supplement her income. It didn't take her long to advance through the ranks, where she eventually used her knowledge to lead a group of talented writers. She works hard to ensure that all content is of the greatest calibre at all times, making her the ideal choice for managing editor on our team.

James Donnelly - Lead Content Writer

James Donnelly is the Lead Content Writer at Top10Casinos.com, a website that provides reviews, guides, news, and tips for casino enthusiasts. James has over five years of experience in the iGaming industry, writing for various websites and blogs covering topics such as slots, table games, live casino, sports betting, and more. James is an expert in creating engaging, informative, and SEO-friendly content that attracts and retains readers. He also oversees a team of talented writers, ensuring that the content quality and standards are met. James is passionate about online gambling and enjoys playing and testing new games and features. He also keeps up with the latest trends and developments in the online gambling world.

Other Contributors

Apart from the Editorial Director, Managing Editor and Lead Content Writer, there is an assortment of other contributors that form part of the passionate team at Top10Casinos. Below, we included a brief overview of our top content writers and their field of expertise along with our design experts who are in charge of designing our software platform and creating images, illustrations, layouts, and tons of other visual elements to make our website as attractive as possible.

Our Commitment to You

Our team of dedicated casino veterans and experts on many casino features is dedicated to offering the most updated information around for you, our readers. We are proud that our readers come back for helpful information, and we commit to offering unbiased reviews and information on our website all the time. We are here and we will be happy to help you if you have any questions - our expertise suits the needs of casino players of all backgrounds and interests.

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