Top 10 Interac Casinos

There are plenty of top personal finance options when it comes to online gambling, and players from Canada may be particularly interested in Interac as a casino payment method. To learn more about this interbank network and whether it's one of the top 10 best funding options, read on.

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interac casino payment online

Interac dates back to 1984 when five financial institutions worked co-operatively to create the Interaction Association. Over the years since, the number of member organisations has increased to more than 80, with close to 60,000 ATMs throughout Canada. Interac Association was created as a non-profit organisation, and in 1996 Acxsys Corporation was founded on a for-profit basis. Acxsys offered Interac branded services, including e-transfers, and in 2018 the two were unified as Interac Corp. Although with a particularly strong history and presence in Canada, some of the best Interac services may be accessible in the USA from merchants on the NYCE network. In 2024, it's one of the top 10 best banking methods with Canadians using Interac services more than 16 million times a day. This includes using the firm for funding gambling at online casinos.

Reliability & Security

In addition to being one of the best funding methods for gambling at online casinos, Interac also provides 'real world' services such as debit cards. Interac Direct Payment (IDP) offers security beyond traditional signature or card payments because verification and encryption occurs at a central server rather than such data being stored on the actual card. When it comes to online matters, including casinos, Interac permits people to use their bank account funds to buy goods and services over the internet. Four of the five top banks in Canada use this system, and it's widely accepted by businesses and other institutions (including universities). Because no personal information is ever given to a merchant this means said information cannot be lost if the transaction or the merchant suffers compromised security. When making payments, security codes will be e-mailed for confirmation and, on top of this, mobile payments come with both passcodes and biometrics to ensure any movement of money is genuine.

Pros and Cons at Interac Casinos


  • No Sign-up Required - Because all major Canadian banks support Interac, a top online casino that offers the option for bank transfers will automatically use it via your bank account. All you need do is use your online bank account rather than have to set up a specific Interac account.
  • Faster Transfers - Times can vary, but usually transfers of cash happen very quickly when using Interac casino funding, often under a minute. Longer times may occur due to hardware issues, slow processing, or connection problems.
  • Never Go Into The Red - When using Interac as a casino funding method the money is moved out of/into your bank account. This means you can't go into debt because payments only go through if you have sufficient funds. This is particularly considered best when compared to using credit cards, which can come with hefty interest rates attached.
  • Security - Because personal information isn't shared with the casino, using Interac means said information can't be lost or exposed if the worst should happen.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals - Some of the top payment options only allow for online deposits or withdrawals, but Interac may provide both, meaning you don't need to faff about with multiple systems (this may vary from casino to casino, with some only offering a single option).
  • Low Fees - Small fees may be charged upon deposit by online casinos recouping the Interac fees they pay. At the other end, withdrawals may come with a small fee attached as well. However these are flat rather than percentages so any additional cost is minimal.


  • Not Ubiquitous - Although Interac is very popular in Canada, it is not offered as a top option at every online casino. Some other top methods are more commonly available, including debit/credit cards and a range of e-wallets.
  • Geographically Restricted - Interac for casinos is largely used in Canada, and widely used in day to day life, but its operations overseas are more limited. Players who are not Canadian are unlikely to be able to use it even if a casino lists Interac as an option.
  • Frequent Fees - Each time a transfer is made you'll receive a text/e-mail and have a small flat fee. Even the best players who use small stakes should avoid a large number of small transactions as the low fees can nevertheless mount up.
interac bonus offers

Bonus Offers Reviewed

The best online gambling sites are keen to both entice new players and make use of funding methods that come with lower associated costs. Whilst some credit card providers are commonplace, they come with processing fees. This means Canadian players can benefit from Interac casinos as top bonuses are put in place to encourage the use of Interac as a banking method. Luckily, bonuses are amongst the easiest things to find when gambling online (after all, casinos want players to notice them). Just visit either a best top 10 bonuses list or a given casino and check the promotions/bonuses page, being sure to read the terms and conditions to confirm that Interac casino funding is accepted for the bonus(es) that you like.

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Additional Methods for Deposits & Withdrawals

How to Deposit

When it comes to online gambling, Interac casinos are incredibly convenient because you won't even have to set up an Interac account (as the system is supported by so many of the top 10 best Canadian financial institutions).

  1. Log into your online bank account and select Interac.
  2. Enter any necessary details, and use any confirmatory e-mail to complete the process of linking your bank account to Interac.
  3. Find a top rated casino that appeals to you. Online gambling is a competitive business, so keep your eyes peeled for the best bonus deals (or you can just check out the best top 10 Canadian list).
  4. Go to the cashier part of the site (it might be called payment options or something similar). Check that Interac for casinos is an available option.
  5. Select Interac in the cashier section, and choose how much money you want to put into the online casino (be aware that this is taken from your bank account so if you have insufficient funds the specified amount won't be deposited). Enter the requested details.
  6. Check your e-mail for the security code/question to confirm the online payment request is genuine, and complete it.

How to Withdraw

If Lady Luck has smiled on you and you've finished ahead, then you get to the best part of casino en ligne gambling: withdrawing your winnings. An Interac casino option is capable of both moving money into and out of an online gambling account, although some Interac casinos will only offer one or the other service so do check beforehand.

  1. Sign in to your online casino and visit the cashier section. After deciding how much you want to withdraw, click the top Interac option and enter any necessary details.
  2. Be patient. Whilst deposits are very rapid, withdrawals can take a bit longer (worst case scenario might be a few days, but it could be a couple of hours, depending on the casino).
  3. Interac will send you an e-mail or text notification that money has been transferred to you. This will include both the sum and a link to deposit your transfer to your bank account. Clicking the link may lead to answering a security question. (Note that Interac does have an Auto-deposit feature that allows money to be placed directly into your account without any security answer or question needed).

Country Restrictions

Without a doubt, Interac casinos are pretty much a Canadian affair. The top payment system is widespread throughout Canada, making it one of the top 10 best methods of personal finance and eminently convenient for fans of online gambling based there, but is less commonly accessible outside the country. If you're from elsewhere but live in Canada and have a bank account based there then you may be fine, and Canadian migrants who still have accounts in their home country may similarly be able to use Interac for casinos, but otherwise, it's pretty limited. Overseas online casinos may offer Interac as a payment option, but from a player perspective, it's pretty much Canada only. The upside is that the system is integrated with the vast majority of financial institutions, making it readily accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions for Interac Casinos

If you are interested in finding the best Interac casinos online and using it as an etransfer or virement Interac payment method to keep you playing, please read the top FAQs below.

why use interac

Why Use Interac at Online Casinos

Convenient, fast, and secure, Interac for casinos doesn't even require the creation of an account to be used as a banking method at a top casino. Interac avoids the intermediary steps associated with e-wallets which is why it is considered one of the best online payment options, but has the benefit of not sharing personal banking details with online gambling sites.

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