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When you play with the top Casino Rewards member casinos, you get an experience that's a lot different than playing anywhere else. Players from all over the globe enjoy the awesome perks of playing with the Casino Rewards sites, including plenty of free opportunities to land real money prizes. If you're the type of player who loves to have fun with the top games running in the industry today while getting tons of value through promotions, bonus offers and special giveaways, then these casinos can easily be a perfect fit for you.

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What is the Casino Rewards Group?

First launched in 1999, the Casino Rewards casinos group is a set of member sites all under the same banner. They're known for having a high level of standard for every aspect of their operation, which is why they're so well-regarded in the industry and loved by players as a whole. Their main focus is on a combination of strong customer service, a great selection of top titles and competitive promotions that give you value in a number of different ways.

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Top 10's Complete Casino Rewards Member Casinos List

More than 25 brands are a part of this group. While they include many different themes and visual styles, they have a lot in common in terms of the titles they offer and the level of service they provide. Down below, we'll give you a quick look at these names and offer you our in-depth reviews of each of them that uses our proprietary rating system to make it really simple to figure out which sites fit what you're looking for the best.

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Exceptional Features for All Players

The feature set that this group of online sites offers is pretty exceptional, and it's hard to find anything else like it. They have plenty of special programs and titles to the point that it's easy for any kind of player to find something here that they offer that is a good fit. In the following, we'll give you a bit more information so that you can not only pick out what sounds the best for you but also maximize your ability to profit from what they have available.

Exclusive Casino Rewards Slots

A number of exclusive online Casino Rewards slots are available at these sites, which can only be played here. This includes titles like Roar of Thunder, Immortal Creatures and Mega Vault Millionaire, all of which are geared towards balanced gameplay and opportunities for big wins with different styles of bonus rounds and features. While they all have great production values, they also offer a variety of play styles an experiences to make sure that there's something for everyone.

VIP Lucky Jackpot

The VIP Lucky Jackpot is all about giving active players at these brands free opportunities to win some sizable payouts. This program is actually a set of up to five jackpots, one for each of their five rewards tiers, and each one gets three drawings per day. The drawings are spaced out about eight hours apart, so there's always a new draw coming up soon. Players who are higher in the rewards tiers can enter multiple drawings at once for each jackpot they qualify for as well.

TOYL Sweepstakes

Big money prizes aren't the only thing that you can win with these programs, and the TOYL Sweepstakes is proof of that. You'll have a chance to land a wide range of prizes, which you actually get to pick from. The interface allows you to choose which prizes you want to be in the running for ahead of time, and this can include things like motorcycles, destination getaways, popular electronics and more. Players love how they get to customize the prizes that they are aiming for with this sweepstakes and how it makes the event more personalized.

Millionaires Club

If you're lucky enough to land a big payout prize from any of their games, you can land yourself in the Millionaires Club. This is a special celebration of all of their top winners that keeps itself updated on a regular basis. Many winners are offered to be flown out to the Casino Rewards headquarters to receive their wins in person, which helps to show just how much they actually are excited about you landing some big payouts.

Safe and Secure Gaming

All of the Casino Rewards member casinos have multiple licenses for operation. For example, they hold United Kingdom Gambling Commission licenses, given from what's considered the single strictest and most serious entity when it comes to holding sites and operators accountable. Additionally, they also hold a very respectable license by the Malta Gaming Authority, also considered by virtually all industry experts to be a top-tier license to hold. The combination of these two licenses means that they can be trusted to be legit and take care of their players, including giving payouts quickly and reliably.

eCOGRA Approved

These brands are all also eCOGRA approved. With eCOGRA, established in 2003, you get an independent entity that works with top regulators like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to offer things like alternative dispute resolution services. This helps to make sure that you have an independent advocate on your side if there ever was to be some sort of payment dispute or disagreement about the terms and conditions of an offer. Peace of mind is what they bring to the table for players by adding an extra layer of independent protection.

Responsible Gambling

It's encouraging to know how serious they are about responsible gambling as well. They offer self-exclusion by simply contacting the support team for one with various options for different lengths of cooling off periods. Additionally, you can impose your own deposit limits on your account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis by contacting the customer service team as well. Aside from this, they can also direct you to third party resources for assistance if you would like more information about problem gambling.

Enjoy Top Bonuses at Member Casinos

  1. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $500
  2. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $475
  3. Sign-Up Offer 50% Bonus, Up to $850
  4. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $1250
  5. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $500
  6. Sign-Up Offer 25% Bonus, Up to $1000
  7. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $750
  8. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $150
  9. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $1500
  10. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $560
  11. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $250
  12. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $100
  13. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $1000
  14. Sign-Up Offer 25% Bonus, Up to $500
  15. Sign-Up Offer 0% Bonus, Up to $0
  16. Sign-Up Offer 50% Bonus, Up to $1200
  17. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $500
  18. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $150
  19. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $1000
  20. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $700
  21. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $245
  22. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $700
  23. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $1000
  24. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $50
  25. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $150
  26. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $480
  27. Sign-Up Offer 400% Bonus, Up to $4
  28. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $15
  29. Sign-Up Offer 400% Bonus, Up to $4

Join the Casino Rewards Member Casino Winners

Getting started with the best Casino Rewards member casino brands is as easy as picking a great bonus from one of these sites and taking advantage of it. They have a lot of options to pick from with so many great brands, and our reviews make it quick and simple to choose a place that's an awesome fit no matter what you're looking for.

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