Casino Rewards VIP Casinos for High Rollers in 2024

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When you play with the best Casino Rewards VIP casinos online, you get a different kind of experience than what you will find with the competition. You don't have to play at high stakes to get the high roller experience because these sites know how to take great care of all of their players for the best experience possible. From the time you sign up, you will be made to feel more than welcome with lots of casino rewards bonuses available for players at all levels.

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choosing a vip casino

Reasons to Choose a VIP Online Casino

While there are a wide range of different types of Rewards casino sites out there, the reality is that the latest trends in 2024 are all about quality over everything. That includes quality in how players are treated, quality in-game selection and quality promotions, all of which are found at the top Casino Rewards high roller casinos, no matter which level of stakes you're actually playing with.

  • If you do want to play at high stakes, then these are the best places to get the most value per dollar in promotions.
  • You can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality experience without having to make large deposits if you so choose.
  • Many of the biggest offers with the best terms can be found at these particular sites.
  • Our proprietary review process has found over and over that playing with high roller VIP sites leads to a better experience for most people in most situations.
  • Great offers are waiting for you immediately after registration, no matter your deposit level, with every single one of these brands, making them particularly inclusive.

What is a High Roller?

The name "high roller" generally means someone who is playing at a significantly higher level of stakes than average. Sometimes referred to as VIPs, the point is that when these players put down large cash bets, they're gambling on a bit of a different level. As a result, there has historically been more given to these players to make them have a better time, including things like personal account contacts, exclusive bonuses and promotions, priority service and more.

Is a Whale the same as a High Roller?

Different games sometimes have different names for high roller players. For example, you'll see them called "whales" in some situations because they are considered the big fish in the pond, so to speak. Additionally, you can sometimes see them called "cheetahs" because they're moving through chips at a higher speed than anyone else.

Top Casino Rewards Casinos for VIP Players

We have put together a list of all of the best Casino Rewards sites for high stakes players. Coincidentally, the top high roller casinos often have the best service for people at all different stakes as well. To this end, you'll find a variety of offers down below that will be suitable for different kinds of players, and we've categorized them to make them a bit easier to pick and choose from to find the best fit for you.

microgaming and evolution games for top players

Top Microgaming and Evolution Games for High Rollers

Games from top providers can be found in the Casino Rewards brands. These include Games Global (and all of their subsequent partners) as well as the full lineup of live dealer titles available from Evolution Gaming. Since both of these providers are known for their high maximum betting limits, that means high rollers have plenty to look forward to when it comes to playing on whatever level is preferred.

Exclusive Microgaming Titles Only for Casino Rewards

Something really cool is the Casino Rewards exclusive slots produced by Microgaming and their software partners. These titles can't be found anywhere else, and they give you real money win opportunities with no downloads required. Down below, we'll give you an idea of which titles are exclusive and what they bring to the table.

  • Roar of Thunder : Nine paylines of across are spread across five reels with a solid free spins mode that includes wild multipliers. It also has a balanced volatility without a lot of large up and down swings, making it a more appealing title to a wider range of players.
  • Mega Vault Millionaire : Three progressive jackpots chip in to provide plenty of ways to get paid in a major way in this title. With a free spins mode added in for even more wins and a wealth and banking theme, it's clear that this title was built from the ground up to be all about scoring some serious payouts.
  • Immortal Creatures : Don't confuse this game with Immortal Romance, especially since they both have supernatural creature themes and multiple types of free spins bonus rounds. Here you'll find 243 ways to win in addition to a hit-rate on the upper end of the spectrum paired with multipliers for even better chances at serious payouts.
  • Casino Rewards Treasure Quest : It's safe to say that the name of this game lets you know how exclusive it is. Additionally, you get stacked wilds in a 243 ways environment for tons of opportunities for multi-line wins. They also included an incredible four different free spins bonus rounds that give different ways to get bigger wins than the normal game mode.
  • Casino Rewards Hyper Strike : With five reels, three rows and 20 paylines, you're looking at a 2,000x top jackpot in this game with a particularly fast-paced style of play. Free spins with wild multipliers are the order of the day, and they come together to help you pick up some solid prizes on the reels.

Play Against Evolution's Professional Live Dealers

The live dealer selection available through these Evolution Gaming casinos online lets you wager the way you want to in as realistic of an environment as you can get. In what follows, we'll give you a quick look at some of the most popular games that players like to jump in on from this provider.

  • Deal or No Deal : Based on the popular television show, this game incorporates elements of bingo into its presentation with chances to win payouts worth several times the amount that you have wagered.
  • Lightning Dice : You roll three dice with six sides each in this title with chances to win standard payouts or bonus wins based on the randomized lightning total picks.
  • Lightning Roulette : It's a single-zero roulette game with a major twist since you can get huge bonus payouts much larger than anything else you can find in other non-progressive roulette variations.
  • Golden Wealth Baccarat : With its gorgeous red and gold presentation with an Asian-inspired presentation, this game looks amazing and has a smooth gameplay style that's perfect for relaxing and enjoying yourself.
  • Casino Hold'em : For players who like poker, this is an excellent version of one of the most popular versions of casino poker ever played. The game is played at a reasonable speed that isn't too fast but doesn't leave you waiting too long between hands.
exclusive vip perks

Casino Rewards Casinos Exclusive VIP Member Perks

Special promotions and awards are available for Casino Rewards members. Overall, there are three programs in particular that players should be aware of, and they give you additional value in their own various ways. Here we'll give you a quick look at these programs below so that you can see if you think they'll fit what you're looking for.

Millionaire Club

With these brands, the Millionaire Club is a set of people who have picked up large wins using their different bonuses at Casino Rewards brands. It's a cool thing to see how many people have won big sums from bonuses and other promotions, and they really make a big deal out of it for their players because they celebrate along with your wins just as much as you would.

TOYL Sweepstakes

On a regular basis, the Casino Rewards group puts out special sweepstakes for all kinds of various prizes. This is called the TOYL (Time of Your Life) Sweepstakes, and it includes things like trips, entertainment centers, electronics or even a motorcycle. Overall, it's one of the most interesting rewards setups we've seen from online casinos.

VIP Lucky Jackpot

Their rewards program has five different levels in total, and players at each level have a chance to win a special jackpot every single day. In fact, they have three drawings daily for each of the five rewards tiers for the VIP Lucky Jackpot. That's a total of 15 drawings each and every day, giving players all kinds of chances to hit serious wins outside of their usual play.

Always Check the Terms and Conditions Before Wagering

In order to help you make sure that you stick to the terms and conditions and are able to keep your winnings, we want to make sure that there's no confusion about what they're all about and we've listed the most important terms below.

  • Play-through Requirement : A given amount is tied to each offer that you have to clear in total real money wagers before cashing out.
  • Betting Limit : A limit is placed on the maximum bet size you can place on a single round while the wagering requirement is being worked on.
  • Game Contribution (%) : This is the percentage of the face value of wagers that different games contribute to your ongoing wagering requirements.
  • Games Allowed : Many offers have limitations on which titles you can play while the play-through requirements are still going.
  • Validity Period : Most bonus offers expire at some point, and you need to complete the play-through before that time is up.

Top 10 Tips for Winning Big in 2024

No matter if you're claiming the newest casino bonuses or if you're dealing with older, proven promotions, there are certain things VIP players can do to make sure that they're getting the best deals and the highest winning chances. Down below, we'll walk you through our top tips for getting the absolute most from your sessions.

  1. Remember that the largest bonus offers are not always the best value. Look at all of the terms overall instead of just the total amount.
  2. Keep the play-through requirements and expiration date in mind before claiming an offer to decide if you'll be able to finish it up in time.
  3. Never be afraid to ask the support team if they have special, unlisted offers for players depositing over a certain level. In the worst-case scenario, you find out that they do not.
  4. Low stakes players can get the VIP treatment regardless as long as they pick and choose the right places to play.
  5. Good bankroll management guidelines help you to get the most from your play no matter which level of stakes you're playing at.

List of Top Rated Casino Rewards Member Sites

  1. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $500
  2. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $475
  3. Sign-Up Offer 50% Bonus, Up to $850
  4. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $1250
  5. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $500
  6. Sign-Up Offer 25% Bonus, Up to $1000
  7. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $750
  8. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $150
  9. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $1500
  10. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $560
  11. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $250
  12. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $100
  13. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $1000
  14. Sign-Up Offer 25% Bonus, Up to $500
  15. Sign-Up Offer 0% Bonus, Up to $0
  16. Sign-Up Offer 50% Bonus, Up to $1200
  17. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $500
  18. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $150
  19. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $1000
  20. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $700
  21. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $245
  22. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $700
  23. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $1000
  24. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $50
  25. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $150
  26. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $480
  27. Sign-Up Offer 400% Bonus, Up to $4
  28. Sign-Up Offer 100% Bonus, Up to $15
  29. Sign-Up Offer 400% Bonus, Up to $4

Choose the Best VIP Casino Rewards Casino

Our list of the top Casino Rewards VIP casino sites is here to help make your decision much easier. We've broken things down to show you which option is the most likely to be the pick for you. That makes it easy to jump right in and get the VIP treatment as soon as you get started.

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