Casino Tournament Bonus

Casino tournament bonuses can cover online slots, poker, blackjack, and more. Plus they're available for players old and new. But can you really make money for nothing? Read on for the lowdown.

  1. 100% Deposit Match, up to $1600 - at Jackpot City Casino
  2. Up to $1400 Free (100% Deposit Match)
  3. Up to $500 Free (200% Deposit Match)
  4. Deposit Match Bonus of 100%, up to $300
  5. 100% Bonus / $100 Free
  6. 100% Match Bonus (up to $1500)
  7. Deposit Match Bonus of 200%, up to $100
  8. Get a 400% Match Bonus at Ocean Breeze (Up to $2000)
  9. Get a 100% Match Bonus at Oshi Casino (Up to $600)
  10. 200% Match Bonus at Casino La Riviera (Max $700)
  11. Deposit Match Bonus of 350%, up to $1000
  12. Get a 200% Match Bonus at Tangiers Casino (Up to $250)
  13. Up to $250 Free (100% Deposit Match)
  14. 200% Bonus / $2000 Free
  15. 100% Bonus / $1000 Free
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The Overview

Normally, online betting sites can be something of a solitary pursuit, regardless of whether you're playing from Canada to New Zealand. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but casino tournaments add a layer of competition and a nice new social aspect. After all, it's one thing to beat the dealer, quite another to be the best player out of a group of hundreds all vying online for free prizes up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Slots free spins tournaments, for example, involve players trying to top an online leaderboard with time limits on both the event and playing time. Other tournaments such as blackjack may involve competing against a dealer to try and win the most chips as the clock ticks down, whilst poker tournaments are often against other players with promos coming in the form of either free entry or rakeback (or both, if you're especially lucky).

Casino tournament bonuses are not the ubiquitous promotion that deposit matching and free spins are, but the upside is that sites offering such special offers tend to do so on a repeated basis. There are welcome promos of this variety, but also regular freeroll tournaments that allow players to participate often, even daily, in tournaments that have no entry fee yet have substantial prizes. These online competitions are open to players from around the world, whether you're Australian, or from South Africa, the USA, or nations in Europe. Most other bonuses are one-shot deals, but if tournaments and contests are your cup of tea then you can enjoy them over and over again, competing to your heart's content.

One unique attribute of online casino tournaments is that top prizes can be thousands of dollars for free, perhaps even hundreds of thousands. Whilst this is the top end, it does compare very favorably indeed to more standard bonuses which tend to have withdrawal caps of a few hundred dollars or less. They're also particularly good for table game fans, for whom tournaments are a natural fit, while not excluding the top casino slots games, making these promos something that pretty much every online bettor can enjoy.

best casino tournament bonuses

Worrthy Aspects to Consider When Choosing Casino Tournament Bonus Codes

When weighing up whether an online betting site is one of the top 10 best we consider many factors, which we've outlined below, to help you find the best.

  • Wide Selection of Bonuses: There's more than one type of casino tournament bonus, and these can also vary according to how frequently the online promos are offered and whether the value involved is low or amongst the top 10 best. In addition, the best tournaments can cover a multitude of best-rated game types, particularly slots, roulette, blackjack, and poker.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Smartphone and tablet usage is continually on the rise when it comes to online betting, and the best tournament casino bonuses are fully mobile compatible. Many best-rated sites have great platforms for such promotions, with plenty offering dedicated apps in a variety of OS including Android and iOS.
  • Rewarding Loyalty & Rakeback: Rakeback is the online casino tournament equivalent of reload bonuses and gives something back to players based on how much they wager in tournaments. It's eminently convenient as it amounts to rewards for actions that would be taken in any event.
  • Top-Notch Customer Service: We all know online gremlins can strike at any time, and that's why top-class customer support is such an obvious top 10 concern. The best online betting sites have 24/7 customer service teams accessible via a range of communication channels, fair and responsive attitudes, and can be trusted to act objectively, fairly, and quickly.
  • Huge Jackpots: Casino tournaments from top-rated developers like Microgaming casinos can have jackpots ranging from relatively modest to enormous, with some offering six-figure or perhaps even larger jackpots. And if you can get entry for free via a free casino poker tournament bonus, that's just icing on the cake.
  • Timely Payouts and Withdrawals: Few things can match the frustration of playing well, beating the odds, finishing in profit, only to have some sort of problem when it comes to getting your hands on your cash. The best online betting sites with smooth transfers and no-hassle approaches to fast casino withdrawals are a definite boon for players.

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The Different Casino Tournament Bonuses

It can be natural to think of poker when the best online casino poker tournaments are mentioned, and there are plenty of free poker tournaments out there, but the best top 10 online betting sites offer a variety of tournaments, both in terms of formats and free games. The games can also include blackjack and slots, and we've outlined the bonus types below.

  • Freeroll Tournaments


    Many slots, poker, and blackjack tournaments come with a buy-in fee, but not all operate this way (and some that do may be entered using free ticket promotions). Freerolls allow participation without spending a penny. In slots terms, this will mean trying to finish ahead by the largest margin playing a specified slots game. Blackjack will see every player given the same number of chips, and trying to be the most profitable player when the clock runs down.

  • Survivor Tournaments


    A survivor-style tournament is a knockout contest well-suited for those who like things fast (longer versions are available too). Often used with slots, rounds last a few minutes and see players knocked out round by round until there's just one winner left. There might only be a few seconds between rounds, so for those who like a thrilling competition, this is the casino tournament for you.

  • Rakeback Bonuses


    The rake is the commission an online betting site takes per pot when playing poker. Rakeback involves a player receiving points for every dollar of rake they generate. Get sufficient points, and the rakeback becomes cashback, with higher percentages paid back the more you earn. If you end up losing at a tournament, this can be a nice little pick me up, and if you win then you just get extra casino tournament bonus money to go along with your profits.

How To Redeem Your Reward in Online Casino Sites

Casino tournaments are a lot of fun, and here's how to take advantage of these top 10 best free bonuses.

  • Step 1: Log in or signup at your preferred best-rated real money online betting site. If you don't already have one, try checking out these top 10 best casinos in the world that we have listed on our site.
  • Step 2: Visit the promotions page of the website.
  • Step 3: Check the terms of the free casino poker tournament bonuses, which can vary significantly.
  • Step 4: If an online promotion is a welcome no deposit offer, you may simply have it activated automatically. If a first deposit is required, then you will need to transfer the applicable sum, and may need to enter a free bonus code (found on the free promotions page). Daily or weekly freeroll tournaments may sometimes be entered simply by logging in and visiting the schedule.
  • Step 5: Make any necessary deposits and enter free bonus codes at the cashier/banking page of the casino.
  • Step 6: All should proceed smoothly but if you have a problem double check the terms and, if need be, contact customer support.

Often Player Complaints

Freeroll tournaments are risk free and fun, and held regularly. But there are some drawbacks, perhaps chief of which is that they may have a defined prize pool (perhaps $1,000, say) and this is divvied up between the players. But because it's free a large number of players can join, meaning the odds on finishing ahead become longer and longer due to the competition. Elimination casino tournaments can sometimes take a little while, and it can be galling to make a lot of progress through the online battlefield only to find yourself falling just short due to misfortune. Another problem can occur with free welcome bonuses. Naturally, these are a great introduction to online tournaments but if you're a newcomer to betting then you end up with free casino tournament entries just when you know the least about betting. This makes it very unlikely you'll win unless you're a natural or very lucky indeed.

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Top 10 Best FAQs

If you've got a query, just consult our handy top 10 best FAQs list and we might have it answered already.

  • Are casino tournament bonuses only open to new players? No.

    Although often used as introductory special offers, many online casinos use tournament bonuses as a way of rewarding the loyalty of existing players.
  • I'm not into cards, are there other sorts of tournaments? Yes.

    Poker is naturally what springs to mind when a casino tournament is mentioned but slots are the biggest single draw of a casino and because of this many online betting establishments also offer slots tournaments.
  • How do free slots tournaments work? Usually a free slots casino tournament is linked to one specific game. Players have a specified time period (it may be as short as an hour, or significantly longer) within which to spin the reels (playing time perhaps being a few minutes) and try to finish ahead by the largest possible margin. Whoever tops the leaderboard at the end takes home the biggest prize.
  • What is the rake? The rake is the slice from poker tournaments that the casino takes, coming as a percentage (perhaps 3%, but it can vary) from the pot.
  • How does rakeback work? Rakeback is a casino tournament bonus specific to poker, and sees players earn points as they generate more rake for the casino through increasing the pot. When sufficient points are accumulated the player becomes eligible to receive cashback.
  • Are free casino tournaments a good idea for new players? Yes, in short.

    Whilst old hands obviously have the advantage of experience, if you can get entry for free there's no better way to learn than through doing. If you fail to win you haven't actually lost any money, and if you finish ahead then you can end up making thousands of dollars.
  • Does every online betting site offer free tournaments? No, to be blunt.

    This sort of promotion isn't as commonly offered as free spins or deposit matching. The upside is that sites which do have such promos tend to offer them on a regular basis, so if this is your cup of tea and you find a site you like then you'll probably be able to enjoy them on a long term basis without needing to look elsewhere.
  • Do I need to pay to enter a casino tournament? Sometimes, this is the case, and the answer can be yes or no for the same tournament. Sometimes a freeroll can be used as a qualification for the second phase of a knockout tournament, which can be directly entered via a buy-in.
  • Are slots tournaments mobile compatible? Yes, the majority of them take place using games that are fully integrated with mobile platforms.

    Smartphone usage has never been higher and more and more players are using them to play at online casinos. Accordingly, games in 2023 are now designed with mobile compatibility in mind right from the start.
  • How can I be sure I can trust a site? The first thing to do is to check online to see if the website you're wondering about has a good or bad reputation. Next up is to check what the licensing arrangement is (usually presented clearly at the bottom of every page). Top regulators include the UK, Gibraltar, and Malta, and if there's no info at all that's a major warning sign.

Pros of Using Casino Tournament Offers at Online Casinos

If you're a card shark or reel jockey, online casino tournaments are fun and easy to use top 10 best free bonuses that present plenty of opportunity to gain. Unlike some other bonuses, they aren't as frequently offered but the establishments that do have them regularly renew the offers, so you can benefit over and over again.

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