Casino Global Action Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus casino effects have been dire, not only on this industry but on many others as well. Basically, all industries have changed, and the worldwide pandemic spread and affected all businesses regardless of their size or stage of development. However, since the worldwide pandemic spread is ongoing, many things remain unsolved and people are left confused with many questions. This is why we've asked our experts to answer all questions regarding the coronavirus casino pandemic effects. In the following text, we'll analyze the current situation and expected effects of the pandemic. Moreover, we'll go over how the worldwide pandemic spread and how it affects land-based casinos around the world. So, if you love playing games in your favorite casino but coronavirus is preventing you from doing so - you are in the right place, we'll share info that you'll find helpful.

If you are interested in learning more about the coronavirus casino crisis and pandemic or if you want to learn more about the worldwide pandemic and its spread, stay with us. We've researched everything regarding the coronavirus casino effects, the pandemic, and we'll provide you with helpful information regarding this issue and how it changed all of our lives.

global coronavirus casino effect

2021 Global Coronavirus Action-Taking Casinos

Despite the coronavirus, casino facilities are working hard to help stop the spread of the worldwide pandemic and do everything in their power to take action and help prevent the spread of the virus. After all, these are professional businesses that care about their customers and employees alike. Here, we've listed some of the most popular casinos in the world that do everything in their power to combat the worldwide pandemic and its spread.

Worldwide Covid19 Coronavirus Pandemic Causing Problems for Casino Players

Those who enjoy casino gambling worldwide are truly having a problem with the coronavirus casino worldwide pandemic. And, it isn't such a big surprise since the worldwide coronavirus casino pandemic affected the way of life we all know. After all, the spread of the virus is happening rapidly on a worldwide basis, prompting everyone to do something about it. Moreover, this urged many land casinos to take action, i.e. close.

Due to the pandemic coronavirus casino facilities are shutting their doors on visitors worldwide. Not only that but basically, all non-essential places are being closed all around the world where the virus is present. You can notice that not only casinos but also worldwide restaurants, bars, pubs and coffee shops are closed too. So while the industry took a huge toll we can realize that the coronavirus casino pandemic effects have been felt by people who enjoy feeling the realistic, adventurous experience in their favorite casinos. These casino enthusiasts are now prevented from doing what they enjoy - visiting, having a couple of drinks, and playing a couple of rounds in their favorite casinos.

Worldwide Casinos Taking Action Against Global Coronavirus (COVID 19) Pandemic

Worldwide pandemic situations aren't often, but when pandemics are announced, they take have immense effects on the overall economy, and many industries and businesses are forced to take needed measures. And this happens without discrimination - businesses of all industries and sizes are affected in some way. Because of this pandemic, many businesses are forced to close doors, at least for the time being. This also happened with almost all of the coronavirus casino facilities which were affected by the spread of the worldwide pandemic. This is not only to keep the worldwide employees safe but also for the safety and health of players. In fact, in many cases, local governments urged towards the closure of entertainment facilities, where casinos fall under. After all, it is still uncertain when this worldwide pandemic will cease to spread. If you need more info regarding the worldwide pandemic spread, here we've listed some of the most important pieces of advice being given by the World Health Organization and other relevant institutions worldwide for the pandemic.

Limit Non Essential Travel During Covid 19

Worldwide pandemic spread is often aided by traveling. In fact, it occurs in one location(for COVID 19 this was Wuhan, China) and spreads by traveling. Basically, because of people who travel to different locations and countries, have contact with infected people and then come back home, cases emerge in their native countries. This can be devastating for the native countries, especially when they aren't prepared or have understaffed health systems worldwide. For this reason, all relevant health organizations worldwide advise against traveling for recreational reasons worldwide. In fact, the pandemic is again the reason why many airlines are closing their regular travel lines worldwide, and minimize travel. So, unless you have an absolute need to travel by any means (bus, train, plane), you should avoid traveling worldwide during the pandemic.

Stay Home When Sick

Another thing that affects the spread of the worldwide pandemic is the very common symptoms that nobody takes seriously. Namely, according to the World Health Organization, the symptoms resemble the typical flu with a headache, fever, pain in muscles, and a dry cough - this is exactly why many people worldwide don't even think they have it. So, to prevent spreading this highly virulent pandemic virus worldwide, it is essential to stay home in case you have any of the symptoms or if you think you've had contact with a sick person. You can even spread the pandemic virus without having any symptoms at all.

Be Honest About Your Travel History During Covid 19

It is essential that everyone who travels and must travel somewhere share the correct information with the authorities, not only because of the casino coronavirus pandemic situation but because it might affect the whole economy in the countries. Basically, this is because sometimes you might be the carrier of the pandemic virus and spread it, even if you feel no symptoms. Because of this, whenever you travel or visit a medical institution, you must be as precise and honest as possible about your travel history, and never, EVER, withhold information. You are risking your own health and the health of your closest family.

Use Hand Sanitizer That Works Against Covid 19

Worldwide pandemic viruses like the COVID 19 spread from person to person in close proximity, similar to how the flu and other respiratory illnesses are spread. Besides breathing in droplets from infected people who cough or sneeze, you can infect yourself by touching surfaces on which these droplets are dispersed, and touching your eyes, nose, or mouth afterward. This is exactly why you must maintain hand hygiene at the maximum level and avoid touching your face. It is suggested to wash your hands, even if they aren't visibly dirty. Also, worldwide pandemic experts advise overall avoiding touching your face and especially eyes, mouth, or nose while you are outside.

Don't go to the Doctor unless Necessary

Coronavirus can spread easily because it has symptoms that resemble the regular flu, so many people worldwide go to the doctor for their mild symptoms. This puts at risk both medical staff and their patients. And, even if you are sure that you don't have the worldwide pandemic - COVID 19, you might get infected by being in waiting rooms with people who are infected. This is the reason why pandemic experts suggest not going to the doctor unless you don't have an absolute need for doing so. More importantly, worldwide pandemic experts advise people who feel some of the symptoms to call for an appointment before going. This way, the staff will be prepared and will have the proper pandemic-grade equipment.

Worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic Casino Closures To Prevent the Spread

Worldwide pandemic viruses like corona affected all of us in some way. This is exactly the reason why due to worldwide pandemic coronavirus casino industry businesses have done a lot to prevent it from further spreading. Specifically, worldwide coronavirus casino closures are very often - after all, it is a frequent place of entertainment for many people, and being close to other people is against the suggestions for isolation and social distancing. Here, we've listed some of the casino coronavirus-affected facilities worldwide.

  • Bellagio - Las Vegas
  • Wynn Casino & Resort - Macau
  • Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco
  • Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas
  • Casino Gran Via - Madrid, Spain
  • Casino di San Remo - Italy
  • French Lick Resort - France
  • Harrah's Resort & Caesars Casino - Atlantic City

Preventative Measures Being Taken by Country?

Coronavirus casino pandemic effects are just the tip of the iceberg on a worldwide pandemic level- the whole industry and economy of countries are affected by this worldwide pandemic and its spread. This is why countries have different approaches to preventing the spread of it. For instance, European countries like UK, Italy, Spain, and France took things somewhat easy, which is why they have a high rise in new coronavirus cases compared to worldwide trends, and the pandemic virus spread rapidly there. On the other hand, other worldwide countries like Canada, South Africa, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand were some of the last to get hit by the coronavirus worldwide pandemic - thus, are still assessing the most effective approach towards preventing the spread of the virus. Here, we'll go over the most important coronavirus casino effects in different popular casinos in the world.

Australia online casinos top 10


Australia has taken a very serious approach towards stopping the spread of the COVID19. Citizens and residents are restricted from traveling overseas. Moreover, all entertainment facilities are closed due to coronavirus. These of course include casino establishments and facilities, hotels, resorts, bars, restaurants.

UK online casinos top 10


The UK government has made a $385 billion guarantee to businesses, including the coronavirus casino businesses which were affected to ensure that these industries will not face significant losses after the casino and complete entertainment (restaurants, bars, movie theaters) industry shutdown.

Canada online casinos top 10


Canada's response plan for the COVID19 situation includes helping businesses alleviate the negative effects of the virus that is spreading. This comes after the total shutdown of Canadian casinos in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec, amidst the local state of emergency.

South Africa online casinos top 10

South Africa

Besides the advice of being careful and disinfecting surfaces, the South African governments currently don't have any specific health responses regarding the COVID19 effects in the casino and gaming industries. However, they are to hold a meeting in the future to discuss the proper approach.

New Zealand online casinos top 10

New Zealand

New Zealand is talking about introducing drastic measures in the country to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 virus, and lockdown is one of the proposed measures in the government. At the moment, they have no closed facilities of any kind or industry, but are expected to urge towards this in the near future.

USA online casinos top 10


USA took serious measures towards preventing the coronavirus worldwide pandemic spread- specifically, many US casinos were closed, together with other entertainment industries. With Americans confined at home, the players resort to online casino gambling - as many online gaming lobbyists are pushing for.


Since Europe is currently most affected by the COVID 19 with the serious outbreak in countries like Italy, France, and Spain, almost all European governments close all entertainment facilities, including casinos, bars, movie theatres and restaurants


Almost all countries worldwide, their governments, and local authorities are closing down the whole entertainment facilities as a response to the COVID 19 worldwide pandemic and attempting to stop its spread - this too, includes closing international casino facilities for entertainment.

Is Online Gambling at Casinos the Answer to Coronavirus / Covid19?

The worldwide pandemic casino coronavirus effects have been dire, which is why this world pandemic lead to many land-casino closing. However, those who had their plans canceled due to the worldwide rescheduling of events and casino coronavirus closures can still have fun playing their favorite casino games on online casino websites. In fact, this is the preferred option worldwide by many leading casino industries - as they inform people that they need to stay safe at home and maintain minimal interaction with groups of people. So, to do this, it is suggested on a worldwide level to stay at home and play from your mobile device or from your computer. Those who are casino games enthusiasts and want to earn some money while having fun can access an abundance of new games to play online. Moreover, with the existence of mobile-friendly casino options worldwide, you can play casino games while lying in bed and relaxing.

Play Free with a No Deposit Casino Bonus During Coronavirus

If you enjoy playing casino games but don't want to go to a casino during the coronavirus pandemic spread, you can do this from the comfort of your home, playing at the online casinos which are available worldwide. In fact, if you are new to this, there are many things that you can benefit from. For example, new players at online casinos worldwide can get a no deposit casino bonus rewards that allow them to gamble online, win real money prizes - without paying a dime. If you are new to the whole online casino deal, here are the types of no deposit casino bonuses you should know about and from which you can benefit during the casino coronavirus crisis and pandemic spread.

  • Free Cash: Players are given free money to place wagers and play their favorite games in the online casino, without making a deposit at all.
  • Free Spins: Slots are the most beginner-friendly games, so many new players enjoy having dozens of free spins on the slots games where they can win a lot of money.
  • Free Time/Play:In the free-time to play games at an online casinos, players are given a chance to place wagers and win money, without spending their money, in a certain time frame.

Live Dealer Games Are An Option In Coronavirus-Safe Online Casinos

The worldwide and overall casino coronavirus long-term effects are yet to be determined, but it is expected that there will be significant revenue losses. This is exactly why, in order to prevent the worldwide pandemic spread of coronavirus casinos are closing - thus, minimizing people being in close proximity. However, players who like to experience the true Vegas experience can still have a hunch of it - thanks to the latest technology in online casinos present worldwide. Of course, we are talking about live dealer online casinos where players have a great alternative to potentially coronavirus casino affected facilities. Instead, you prevent catching or spreading the virus, you sit at home, and play interactive games with real people from throughout the world. Many game developers are famous for offering impeccable streaming for live-dealer games, including Evolution Gaming, as one of the largest providers for these games. Many regular casino games are found in an online live dealer version including Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and even Wheels of Fortune.

  • Live Roulette: There are different types of Live Roulette you can play - European, French, American as well as Live Roulette games with progressive jackpots if you are feeling lucky.
  • Live Blackjack: Blackjack is a challenging yet exciting game that deserves your attention if you like playing against the house. Starting from classic blackjack, to European, American, Spanish 21, and even Atlantic City blackjack - there are many game variations to choose from.
  • Live Baccarat: If you like old-school worldwide popular casino games, Baccarat is the name of the game for you. It comes in several variations, and the most exciting thing about it is that there are usually great VIP baccarat tables for live-dealer players.
  • Live Poker: One of the absolutely most popular casino games, worldwide. You can play Texas Hold'Em, 3 Card Stud, and many other variations of poker, and have a great chance of winning a lot of money - with a real dealer.
  • Live Gameshows: Live gameshows are a sight for sore eyes if you like something different. There are many TV shows that have their own live stream on online casinos, and you get to play. You can try Deal or No Deal, Lightning Dice, and many more.
  • Others: Besides these games, the highest-rated online casinos on and in general diverse set of other worldwide popular casino games with live dealers and participants you can take part in - in fact, you can even play Monopoly Live, amongst other games.

2021's Worldwide Pandemic Could Bankrupt Companies

Worldwide coronavirus casino effects have been scary in this pandemic spread, and we are still only at the beginning of this worldwide epidemic. Even so soon, many companies had to close for good, lay off workers, and adjust to the lower demand for their services during the pandemic spread. Amongst these are almost all entertainment industry businesses worldwide. Amongst those who were affected by coronavirus are casinos - and the coronavirus casino effects are still yet to be seen. It is, of course, expected that many small casinos around the world might close - especially those who aren't well-spread and established and don't have an online casino version to hold the business going in the time of the coronavirus casino worldwide lockdown. However, the exact effects of the coronavirus casino lockdown and the worldwide COVID 19 pandemic spread are yet to be seen.

Is An Online Casino Best For Coronavirus Worldwide Pandemic?

With the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus casino options have decreased. After all, due to coronavirus, casino facilities are closing by the day. So, in the dire cases of the spread of the virus, online casinos have proven to be a great option for anyone who fancies a good game of poker or exciting spins at the slot machines but doesn't want to risk their health and spreading disease during the whole casino coronavirus situation. To help you make the right decision, we've elaborated on the most important things about online and traditional, brick-and-mortar casinos during the casino coronavirus-related crisis and pandemic.

Online Casinos

Land Based Casinos

How you can Stop the Spread of Covid 19 - Coronavirus at Casinos and Elsewhere

The worldwide pandemic spread of the virus is going rapidly, so due to coronavirus, casino facilities, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, movie theatres and other frequent places where people gather around are closing. There are many other things you can do to stop and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. According to guidelines by the World Health Organization, you should also practice social distancing and isolation to stop the COVID 19 spread. Social distancing is preferred any time you MUST go out - for instance, keep a distance of 1,5 meters while waiting in line, or while shopping. Isolation is suggested for those who feel any symptoms of the virus or have traveled, meaning that you should avoid contact with all people during these symptoms, at the risk of further spreading the virus. In case you have some COVID 19 symptoms but still have an essential need to go out, make sure to wear a mask - this way, you prevent the spread of the pandemic virus to other people around you, and worldwide too. Of course, to avoid getting infected yourself and then spreading the virus to your family, you should also practice good hygiene. This is especially so for your hands, meaning you should wash your hands with soap and water regularly.

Moreover, in order to know all the info regarding the current pandemic situation with the worldwide pandemic and spread of the coronavirus, you should follow the World Health Organization regularly, and get direct information from local land-based casinos if you want to visit one. Don't forget to check for local laws and legal frameworks regarding the current worldwide pandemic situation, as they might give you intel on the latest developments and updates.

Helpful Resources

Besides the World Health Organization, there are other relevant organizations that can point you in the direction of relevant and proven information regarding the whole entertainment and casino situation, the coronavirus spread, the worldwide pandemic developments, the cases and updates as well as info on how to stop the spread of this pandemic. Basically, you can trust The CDC or the The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, as these both come from government institutions and only publish relevant and proven information regarding the situation.

We suggest avoiding media with "spooky and bombastic" articles that profit from the Covid 19 situation, as they usually don't share relevant information and cause panic instead of helping/informing.

How to Have Fun Playing Online Casino Games During The Coronavirus (Covid 19) Pandemic

Worldwide pandemic situations can be tough and mentally exhausting. Being in quarantine during the pandemic spread and avoiding physical communication with people to stop spreading the pandemic virus can be somewhat lonely, so this is exactly why you'll need tips and tricks on how to have some excitement and fun, even from the comfort of your home. This is why, here at Top 10 Casinos, we specialize in having fun online - and we provide the best info about casino bonus offers which will help you get the best for your money, and you'll have a lot of fun - without a doubt. Here is what you need to know about playing in online casinos nowadays.

Learn the Rules

In order to actually win money (thus avoiding the stress of losing), you need to actually understand the games you are playing in the whole casino coronavirus pandemic spread situation. We suggest trying the games for free and practicing them, but don't limit yourself to that. You can also learn some strategies and tips and tricks online on how to actually beat each casino game.

Read Reviews to find the Top Free Online Casino Sites During Coronavirus

Here, at Top 10 Casinos, even without the casino coronavirus situation, we constantly do reviews on the best online casinos worldwide, which includes top-quality European casinos as well as best-rated Canadian casinos, amongst others. We do this to ensure that players get exactly what they need from an online casino website during the pandemic spread. By reading reviews and ratings from different sources and know the positive and negative sides of all online casinos you are considering.

Search for Bonuses

Casino bonus offers can truly help you get the most for your money, which can be exciting in the worrisome times of the whole pandemic coronavirus and lack of casino facilities for entertainment. With a good set of bonuses, you get a lot. Not only will they allow you to win some real money prizes without spending your own money, but you also have a significantly increased chance of winning when you do deposit money. Basically, the more lucrative the bonus offers are, the more you get to play and win, so find a casino that goes all-out with bonuses.

Remember - Even During Covid19 Have Fun and Play Responsibly in Coronavirus-Safe Casino Sites

Worldwide pandemic situations are stressful, especially during the pandemic spread trends, so if you want to play your favorite casino games online, make sure that you are having fun while doing so. In times of the pandemic coronavirus spreading, online casinos are great if used responsibly and carefully. This means that you need to take your time, you need to relax and you need to do everything to take your mind off the virus that spreads in the world.

Top 10 Coronavirus Spread And Casino Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that the whole coronavirus affects casino goers and is tough. So to help you out, we've answered the most commonly asked questions regarding coronavirus, using casino facilities, online gambling, and many more.


Yes you can still play live dealer games in casinos during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Live dealer games are the closest thing you can get to a real live casino experience. Just a kind reminder that in times of a pandemic we kindly remind you to spend your money wisely.


In order to get started playing online you will need a computer or a mobile device with a connection to the internet.

You can also play online through your tablet as long as you have internet connection. Most online casino sites are either compatible for all devices, or some have mobile casino apps that make playing online more convenient.


Yes you need to register for an account in order to play.

That is the first step in your online casino journey. The next thing you'll need to do is make a deposit. Unless the casino offers a no deposit bonus. In that case you won't need a deposit since you'll have a chance to try some games for free. In most cases, the no deposit bonus comes in the form of a free spins bonus.


Yes you can play online just for fun during the casino coronavirus pandemic spread.

There are top casinos that include free games that don't require any money to play and are meant just for sheer entertainment.


The bonus you should use first when playing often depends on what things you're looking to make the most of.

For instance, if you are looking to just try out a couple of games for free, you should go for the no deposit bonus. If you are looking for a way to double your first deposit, you should check out the welcome bonus. Make sure you have a close look at the bonus section and plan ahead.


No one can exactly predict how long the coronavirus casino and all business affecting pandemic spread will last.

Some experts estimate that the peak will hit in the middle of April, but that really depends on all of us. We're all in this together and we need to follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization, so the best thing you can do is to stay home and wash your hands.


No you probably won't lose money if you booked a casino break during the pandemic spread.

However, this depends on the casino you've booked at and their policy. You will need to contact the specific casino you booked and let them know. In times like this, most of the affected coronavirus casino facilities are understanding and will give you a refund.


There are several features that you should look for when you decide to play in an online casino.

First, make sure that the casino is reliable, safe and that it offers convenient payment methods. Moreover, look for good casino bonus offers, and don't forget to look over the game selection to see if it fits your needs. We also suggest reading reviews to find the best-quality casino with a proven reputation, in these times of lack of facilities due to coronavirus casinos which are affected..


Yes, it usually matters where you live when it comes to online casino gambling.

This is because some online casinos are exclusive for certain areas/countries, and you might not have all of them available to you. Search our menu with different locations to find the proper casinos for your location.


Yes, you can play on your mobile phone using an app or via a browser, depending on the online casino you choose.

Even without the pandemic spread, most reliable online casinos have instant-play websites allowing you to play the games without downloading, and some, even offer convenient mobile app versions of the casino, for complete functionality.

That is basically it - make sure that you stay safe and healthy, and adjust to the new worldwide pandemic situation in terms of coronavirus and casino gambling. Of course, online casinos can be a great alternative, and you aren't risking your health in an infected coronavirus casino facility. The situation is still developing and we are yet to learn how we'll deal with it.


During these dire times when all of us are dealing with the prevention of the spread of COVID 19, it is essential that you remain rational and spend your money wisely. Keep in mind that online casinos are here for entertainment, and use them as such by gambling responsibly. Gambling can be very addictive, so, we encourage you to seek help if needed.

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