The Rights of Players at Online Casinos in 2024

The online casino world is constantly evolving, and each game wager offers the potential for both fun and excitement. The digital age has also made access for players easier, but in order to keep people safe, laws have been implemented so that the industry can be better regulated.

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casino players should know their rights

Millions of People Across the World Enjoy Online Casinos

Millions of people across the world gamble, yet unfortunately, a lot of them don't know their rights until something goes wrong. If you have ever experienced this for yourself then you will know how important it is to sort things out as soon as possible, because, in the meantime, you may find that your money is tied up in your online account and this is the last thing you want. One way for you to protect yourself would be to know your rights and what is expected from you and the companies you choose to play with. We explain more in this article.

Casinos Have Rules that They Must Follow

Casinos have rules that they need to follow, and these rules are set by gambling authorities. This is to try and protect player rights as much as possible. As a player, you need to know your rights, so you know how to react if they are violated. Of course, if an iGaming site has wronged you then you can take steps to try and rectify the situation, as the governing body will be able to take action against them. We advise that you understand how to recognize a fake casino site because if you play at one, you may not be protected by the current regulations, so making sure that the site can be trusted is critical.

Outcome Fairness

One of the main rules that operators have to follow is ensuring that outcomes are fair. Fairness of results is one of the most important player rights there is. A lot of the time, it is taken for granted too. If you want to make sure that you are playing with sites that are fair then one thing you can do is make sure that the site you choose to play at is both licensed and reputable. All licensed companies will use random number generators to generate results for their games. This is done to ensure that every spin is completely random.

RNG tools are a good way to ensure fair outcomes and websites often explain how they work so that players have a clear insight into what is determining their results. Online gaming authorities also conduct tests to make sure that the tools an operator is using are working properly. Audits by companies like eCOGRA and TST are also done to make sure that player wins are in fact random, and that the RTP percentage is accurate.

Protection of Transactions

Every financial transaction that is made to a casino, has to be secure. Payment option providers have to make sure that they secure the transaction on their end, but the operators also have to do their bit. By law, they have to implement data encryption and they also need to ensure that security measures are put into place when it comes to processing player payments.

When making any payment online, you have to know that your personal information and your financial information are both safe and secure. There are some methods that don't require you to share your banking information, for example, if you are using an e-wallet or if you are using cryptocurrency. It's a good idea for you to give thought to things like this, so you can consider alternative options when making a payment. The casino still has to protect your personal information though, so keep that in mind.

Player Deposits and Accounts

When you play at an online casino, they have to keep your deposit in a different account from the accounts that they use to sustain their daily operation. This ensures financial security when a player wants to make a withdrawal or when they request the payout of any funds that they might not have used yet. Regulations also state that iGaming companies have to protect player funds in case they file for insolvency.

Responsible Gambling

Players have the right to play online, but at the same time, every licensed company has to ensure the safety of its users. They need to have responsible gambling measures in place so that players can stop the negative effects that accompany gambling. Some of the checks that are done include reality checks.

These allow players to set reminders and pop-ups that trigger after a certain period of time. Deposit limits are also an option. As a player, it is possible for you to limit the amount of money that you can spend playing games. After you have reached the limit, you will then get a notification saying that you have already deposited the maximum amount.

Next, you have the cool-off feature. Players can take a time-out if they ever feel as though their gambling behavior is getting out of control. The break can be a day but it can also be up to six months. If the behavior worsens then you have the option of self-exclusion. This is seen as the last resort but it is designed to help those who have a gambling problem. The minimum exclusion period is around six months but you can extend it.

When players sign up with a casino, it's important that the documentation and information provided is thoroughly checked, to ensure that the user is of the legal gambling age and to ensure they have not excluded themselves prior to this. Some operators go as far as to monitor a person's behavior and habits so they can step in should they feel as though they need to. Although gambling is often a way to develop gaming skills and become better, there has to be a cut-off point if gambling is becoming a problem behavior.

Operating Licenses

Online casinos need to have a valid license in order to conduct their operation from a legal standpoint. The licensing information has to be displayed on the main section of the site so players can feel confident knowing that they are betting through a service that is fully regulated. If you can't find any licensing information then you need to contact customer service to see if you can find a valid license. When a site is licensed, it means that they have to adhere to the latest rules and regulations set by the authorities. It also means that you as a player are protected from harmful activity.

online gaming regulatory authorities

Regulatory Bodies and Country-Specific Laws

Understanding the regulators and country-specific laws is so important for players to know their rights and to be able to navigate the legal landscape that comes with online gambling.


The UKGC is in charge of managing player rights. They are the main regulatory body for online gambling within the UK and they are also one of the most reliable regulatory bodies within the iGaming sector. The UKGC works to protect players so it's really important that you know your rights. You should also take the time to study The Consumer Rights Act.

It's important that you don't gamble if you are out of the legal age to do so and that you refrain from illegal activity where possible. This could include using a credit card to make a deposit or cheating. You also need to avoid using a fake identity or even trying to find ways to play if you have self-excluded yourself. If you play by the book then the UKGC will look after you. They will ensure that all practices are fair and they will also make sure that everything is safe and regulated.

Under the rules of the UKGC, players have to be able to access multiple responsible gambling tools, including deposit limits as well as limiting the use of credit cards.


The MGA works in a similar way to the UKGC. MGA stands for the Malta Gaming Authority. They are one of the top regulatory bodies when it comes to licensing and they are also respected internationally.

They focus on imposing strict rules because they want to protect player rights. Even though advertising rules are not as strict with the MGA as they are in the UK, they do have a mandate that monitors the advertisements put out by operators, ensuring they do not mislead people in any way. This is especially the case when it comes to sign up bonuses and promotional offers.

All companies that have an MGA license, have to be responsible and they also need to make sure that they are providing sensible gambling measures. They have to also prove that the games they are offering are fair. The MGA mandates that companies protect all player accounts and that they keep separate accounts when managing their own operational costs. They have to conduct audits to confirm that licensed companies are obeying the rules and if they don't they won't be able to keep their license.


The Swedish Gambling Authority is the regulator that is known for taking player rights very seriously. They put a focus on gambling measures but at the same time, they also provide tools to users. Along with ensuring fairness, they have to set a weekly limit of 5,000 SEK for players in Sweden.

They also have a three-second wait period between two spins when playing slot games. This is to give players the chance to think about whether or not they want to spin before they go ahead and do so. All iGaming sites under this regulation have to connect with Spelpaus too. This is a self-exclusion system and it essentially guarantees that when you exclude yourself, you won't be able to play at any company that is on that registry.

Protecting Yourself Online

Unfortunately, it's not all fun and games when playing online. If you suspect that you have been the victim of gambling fraud then there are steps that you can take to resolve the issue. First of all, you'll want to talk with the customer support team.

Sometimes it may be that the issue is just a misunderstanding or even a malfunction. If this doesn't work then you may need to escalate things even more. There are specific easy to file a complaint and many operators will tell you how to do this. You can also turn to regulatory bodies for help and advice, depending on where the casino is located, so keep that in mind.

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