Las Vegas Casino Coronavirus Effect

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It's fair to say that the Las Vegas casino coronavirus has taken a toll on our everyday habits. We regularly hear news about cases that are updated by the hour. Moreover, since this is a new situation, cases update frequently and different info is given by the day. So, this is why we need news to reassure us about the case updates, the measures, and the whole situation. Also, we need the latest news on how to take the necessary precautions. We've seen that the coronavirus effects can be dire, especially in countries like the US, Italy, and China. However, this doesn't mean that the coronavirus effect can't be controlled. In fact, there is still a lot of research-based on updated news to figure out future steps.

So, if you are thinking of having a Vegas trip and enjoy the magical scenery of the sin city - keep on reading our take on the whole Las Vegas casino coronavirus effect. Here, we'll go over everything you need to know about the coronavirus situation, visiting Las Vegas casino facilities, the necessary means of precautions, updated case news and the repercussions of going in a Las Vegas casino during the coronavirus. Here is everything you need to know.

Popular Coronavirus-Affected Casinos In Las Vegas

In the following text, you can see the coronavirus affected Las Vegas casino facilities. Here is all the updated case info you need as well as news regarding the Las Vegas casino and coronavirus situation.

Cases and Updates From Health Organizations

Cases update by the hour, and it is clear that the virus is spreading rapidly according to the news. This is the trend throughout the world. In fact, the number of cases is being updated constantly and climbing higher throughout the world, out of which the majority of cases are in the USA, based on recent news. Moreover, the situation is dire, and because of how rapidly the cases update, the cancelations in hotels are increasing. Also, many people are left with their trips being canceled, worrying about the resort fees and the reimbursements due to the worldwide pandemic. Moreover, all health organizations point to several pieces of advice - social distancing, isolation, and staying at home. In fact, experts suggest avoiding traveling to any place, but especially high-risk countries like Italy or Spain. This is exactly why many companies and travel agencies made news about cancellations of the arrangements, including arrangements in Vegas, Nevada, Southern Hills, Italy, Spain, France, and many other popular European locations for 2020.

In addition to this, it is essential to know that there are several things that can be of help. For instance, it is essential to follow news from relevant health organizations like the World Health Organization as there are many helpful news and advice for the public, also, they have credible news on cases update information.

As the Las Vegas coronavirus casino effect takes its toll, it is highly recommended to follow such news and tips from relevant health organizations like World Health Organization, CDC, and your government's official health-related statements, press releases and news.

Las Vegas Casino Update and Coronavirus News

Regarding coronavirus, Las Vegas casino facilities have taken things very seriously, following all local guidelines. After all, it is a disease that, according to the experts' news, spreads with human interaction through droplets. This is exactly why news from experts urge people to practice social distancing. This is the key to avoiding the spread which is why many places where there is a frequent movement of people have started to close their doors. Here, our expert team at Top 10 Casinos will go over the effects of the coronavirus on Las Vegas casino facilities, info about how the cases update, and news that you must know of, especially the impact of the economy, as it is on casinos and other industries in the Las Vegas area.

Revenue Losses

There are several reasons why revenue losses will be noted from the Las Vegas coronavirus casino effects in the news. Firstly, because companies adjust to the latest news regarding cases update information and guidelines given in the news. This means that whenever we hear news about how cases update rapidly - the stricter the measures will be towards preventing the virus that is all over the news. Basically, as cases update rapidly - governments take serious measures and close businesses. For all companies, including casinos, this meant losing valuable money in shares. MGM for example - one of the most popular casino franchises had about 21% losses. According to the news, casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and other popular gambling destinations are closed, which further meant that many staff members had to lay off workers. Moreover, considering that sportsbooks in Las Vegas typically handle $500 million worth of bets in a given month, it is safe to say that there will be significant revenue losses to handle in the future. According to latest news, a large majority of sports events are canceled, as cases update info says that crowded places like sports events are often epicenters of spreading the virus.

Lost Tourism

The constant updated info on cases and news regarding the Las Vegas casino coronavirus effect means informing all tourists that they shouldn't plan trips. This is announced on almost all news outlets and is directed towards everyone. Basically, this resulted in airlines not operating at full capacity, and people being scared to travel abroad - amongst the obvious fact that governments close borders for anyone who isn't their resident. Not only Las Vegas, but all tourism in the world is suspended, and those who make ends meet from the tourism industry will also lose a lot of potential revenue. Moreover, it is essential to note that no one knows exactly how long this situation is going to last, so the overall revenue loss from tourism in cities cannot be approximated at this moment.

Hotel and Restaurant Losses

The key to the development of touristic destinations is offering fine dining in restaurants, and good hotel accommodation, amongst other things. This is why, all touristic attractions - including Las Vegas has many restaurants and hotels. Just like the casinos closed due to the virus, so did the hotels and restaurants. There are many things regarding them, including losing the food-prepping products (they expire), lost revenue, workers in these facilities are laid off and most importantly - reservations are cancelled. Again, it is impossible to determine and report news on all losses due to the Las Vegas coronavirus casino effects, as there are hourly case updates info and news regarding the situation.

Player Losses

As the first consumer of the Las Vegas tourism, casino players also lose from the Las Vegas casino coronavirus effect. Specifically, players have to cancel plans they've made to travel in Vegas, cancel bookings in hotels, worry about plane tickets, and so on. This is why most of the agencies work hard on offering full reimbursement for the arrangements, but still, some facilities fail to do so. For future arrangements, make sure that you find a reliable company that will ensure that you'll get your money back in extreme situations like these. Also, consider contacting organizations that help customers get full reimburse on failed arrangements.

News Update for Las Vegas Casinos During Coronavirus

The Las Vegas casino coronavirus situation is dire, there are constant case updates in the news, news about the current situation and further developments. The closure of the Sin City has taken a huge toll of the whole Las Vegas area, and here, we'll go over the updated case info and news for the casinos in Vegas - especially the ones that are closed. Here, following the latest news, we've listed some of the most affected coronavirus Las Vegas casino facilities.

  • Golden Nugget - at129 Fremont St.
  • Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace - Las Vegas Blvd. NV
  • Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino - Flamingo Ro. 3700
  • Bellagio - 360 Las Vegas Blvd
  • Wynn Las Vegas - Las Vegas Blvd S., in Nevada
  • Venetian casino - 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd

Resort Closures and Empty Casinos Update

The Las Vegas casino coronavirus effect did not only empty the casinos but also affected many resorts which are usually overcrowded. The sight is somewhat scary, with the Venetian, the Wynn, the Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand and Santa Fe Station being completely closed and empty - a sight which is definitely not something we can see regularly. After all, these are the casinos that have international fame. Moreover, they employ many people - the Wynn and Encore have about 9000 employees - which cater to the needs of the thousands of people who come during the year. Moreover, these casinos have been the hosts of gambling enthusiasts - with thousands of slots machines, and each one of them having special sports betting floors, VIP tables - amongst the resorts' impeccable facilities like SPA, Sauna, pools and most sophisticated interior designs. Once we've fought off the virus, we can't wait for them to open again.

The Venetian


The Venetian is the best place to go to if you value luxury and style - it is a grandiose casino with numerous sophisticated facilities, and a great selection of games.

Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas

With the most luxurious amenities and a great location - the Wynn is a resort that you simply must visit if you value luxe spas.

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay

Being a stylish 3-story luxury resort and casino on the Las Vegas Strip, you can truly enjoy the Vegas magic in Mandalay Bay. Don't forget to try out the sports book there!



The Bellagio is the best destination for those who like luxury hotels. It has more than ?3,950 rooms, and has been around for more than 20 years!

Santa Fe Station

Santa Fe Station

If you want a more affordable accommodation for your Vegas trip - make sure to consider Santa Fe Station, it has great amenities, and it is budget-friendly.

MGM Grand

MGM Grand

As you can imagine - MGM Grand is one of the largest casino resorts in Vegas - Its gaming floor measures around 171,500 square feet (15,930 m2).

Can Online Gambling Save Las Vegas?

Those who fancy a good game of Poker, or simply want to experience the adrenaline from gambling, aren't able to do it in real life because of the worldwide and Las Vegas casino coronavirus situation. However, many casino operators are asking players to use their USA online casino websites because this is a safer option at this moment compared to Las Vegas casino facilities during coronavirus pandemic. So, players can play their favorite casino games from the comfort of their home, in isolation, without worrying about risking their health. Besides regular casino games like slots, poker, blackjack, and other table games, players can access exciting live dealer games for a realistic experience. So, basically, if you want to try out your luck, we encourage you to play in online casinos rather than doing it in a frequent place like a land-based casino, at least while the pandemic is ongoing.

Test Things Out With a No Deposit Bonus

If you decide to play in an online casino, we suggest using everything that is given to you. Specifically, players can start gambling online and win real money easily - and in the most popular online casino - they can do so without making a deposit thanks to many lucrative no deposit bonus rewards being available online. There are several types of these no deposit bonuses, and here is what you need to know about all of them

  • Free Cash: Free cash is given out by many casinos and it basically gives free money to the players to try out different games - sometimes you can place bets with it on table games, other times you can play the slots games or place sports bets in online casinos with sportsbooks.
  • Free Spins: Free spins are a type of no deposit bonus given to players which allows them to play at the slots for free.
  • Free Time/Play: In order to practice playing the games, players can get a no deposit casino bonus in the form of free time - usually, you have a timeframe during which you can play for free and earn real money prizes.

Live Dealer Games For Real Action

Live dealer games have become very popular over the last couple of years. This is due to the fact that they represent a very convenient way to enjoy casino games from the comfort of your own home. As you can see all over the news the coronavirus is spreading and it has had a devastating effect on the economy. We're yet to see how cases update, but numbers are expected to grow significantly. Some countries took drastic measures and closed land casinos for good. As far as Las Vegas casino coronavirus effects go, it's the same as the rest, with casinos being shut down in order to preserve public health.

Things aren't looking very good, but we need to keep a positive attitude and follow the recommendations that the health organizations are giving us on the news. However, if you are stuck at home and feeling bored, live dealer online games provide a perfect alternative to the Las Vegas casino facilities during coronavirus. You'll get the real experience and having a live dealer there means that there won't be a random number generator involved. Online casinos have lots of different types of live dealer games available, some of them include:

  • Live Roulette: this type of casino game offer lots of fun and excitement. As soon as you log onto the online casino webpage you'll notice the Live Roulette segment. In most updated case news, there are multiple tables to choose from all of these differ in terms of wagers and betting limits. There are tables to meet the need for any category of players, starting from 0.10$ per bet and rising. First, you'll need to figure out in which category you want to play in and after that, all that's left is to choose your live dealer. You're now ready to experience the excitement that live roulette brings!
  • Live Blackjack: this is another exciting option that online casinos offer for their players. Live blackjack brings all of the action that a real experience would bring and all from the comfort of your own home. Like in the previous example where we talked about live roulette, live blackjack also differs in terms of betting limits and wagers. That being said, you'll be sure to find a table that suits your spending power. Once you've established that it's time to choose your dealer and have fun!
  • Live Baccarat: another interesting and exciting live game is a game of the legendary baccarat. This one is a little different in terms of playing options and aside from the live baccarat option, there are the following: multi-camera baccarat, live baccarat squeeze, live baccarat control squeeze and live speed baccarat. All of these differ in the way they are being played and in some rules. After you've figured out what type you want to try out first, is time to choose a dealer and enjoy the game.
  • Live Poker: this type of poker is as close you'll get to the real thing. There are no random number generators involved (just like in all the live games) which helps make things as real as possible. Live poker offers a lot of playing options, like Texas Hold'Em, Omaha, 7-Card Stud, 5-Card stud and many more. Once you've chosen what type of poker game you want to be a part of it's time to choose your table. Tables can vary in terms of betting limits and you'll have the possibility to choose a table which corresponds with your spending power. After you've done that, it's time to choose your dealer and enjoy this exciting card game.
  • Live Gameshows: this is the next big thing in online casinos. Most of us are already familiar of the concept of Gameshows and how they work. Online casinos have taken this concept and adapted them to their needs. Live gameshows provide online casino users with a live and thrilling experience. In a live game show, you can expect to see a host who will guide you through the game. Some of the first live gameshows are titles like: "Dream Catcher", "Spin-A-Win" and "Lightning Roulette". Live game shows are catching on really quick with the online casino audience and seem to be growing in popularity.
  • Others: the "live" casino games category is something new and is growing rapidly. We've already mentioned the more "traditional" games that were the first ones to have a live casino version, now it's time to talk about some of the alternate live games options. In this category of live games are games that most of us have encountered before in life. Two of the most popular alternative games are: "Monopoly Live" and "Lightning Dice". As you'd expect, "Monopoly Live" is an adaptation of the popular tabletop game while "Lightning Dice" has an interesting concept. The creators of the game took a simple dice roller game and added a lighting up to every roll with a random multiplier. These are just a few examples as there are loads of interesting live games which differ from one online casino to another.

2021's Cases and Health Advice Update

You've probably heard about it by now, since it's all over the news. The coronavirus is wreaking havoc all across the world, there are constant case updates in the news, and it seems no country is spared. At the moment we can see new cases updating and growing in numbers daily. It is something that needs to be taken seriously and each and every one of us can make a difference in the fight. If you're wondering how you can help in this dire situation, below are a couple of things you can do:

Limit Non Essential Travel

The first thing you can do in order to contribute to stopping the spreading of the virus is to limit non-essential travel. This means that you should, by all means, cancel the trips you've had planned for the next couple of months. Only limit your travel to essential and emergency situations.

Stay home if not feeling well

If you are by any chance not feeling well during this period, the best thing you can do is to stay home. This will ensure that if you by any chance are infected, you won't spread the virus to someone else, thus help minimize the update of the daily cases. Also, make sure you call and consult your doctor before you do anything else.

Practice social distancing

This is one of the most important recommendations that governments all over the world are repeating all the time in the news about updated case info. It is extremely important that we do this as it is the most effective way to stop the virus from spreading. Stay at home, find a way to keep yourself busy and if possible work from home.

Use hand sanitizer

We touch a lot of things with our hands during the day and the virus is known to be able to stay on surfaces for an extended period of time. That is why the use of hand sanitizer is helpful in this fight with the current case news about the pandemic. The virus spreads through the mouth and eyes, by keeping our hands clean we are reducing the chance of getting the virus in our system.

Be prepared for isolation

It is highly likely, based on current case updates in the news, that people will be ordered to remain at their homes for the next couple of weeks and maybe months. That is why it's best to be prepared and ready for isolation. It is recommended that you buy groceries for the next couple of weeks, just don't be a hoarder and buy more than you need. Keep in mind that there are other people in need and in these times we need to work together more than ever.

Online Casinos vs Las Vegas Land Based Casinos During Coronavirus Pandemic Best

At the moment of the Las Vegas casino coronavirus situation, many people are wondering about the alternatives. As the virus still isn't researched enough, it is presumed that it stays on different surfaces for a certain period of time. Because of this, table games, slot machines, and betting kiosks can be dangerous because you have a high risk of contracting the virus and even spreading it if you have it, by simply leaving it on surfaces. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, here is what you need to know about these two options in these pandemic times with constant updated news on cases.

Online Casinos

Land Based Casinos

How You Can Stop The Spread of the Virus

As a regular person who isn't in the medical or pharmaceutical industry, there isn't much you can do to help the current case updated news- but there is a lot you can do to stop spreading the virus. Specifically, the guidelines given by the World Health Organization are something that we all must adhere to in order to combat the pandemic. Make sure to wash hands regularly, practice social distancing, work from home if possible and avoid going out in crowded places. Also, make sure to follow local laws, local news recommendations on updated cases, and legal frameworks regarding the situation.

Where to Get News and Updates

News with cases update and new information is almost overwhelming, but then again - if you need to get proper, trusted cases update news and information - you should resort to reliable sources of information. For the current Las Vegas casino coronavirus situation and updated case news, you need to visit the health resources at the casinos websites, and relevant health organizations like the WHO. For the specific Las Vegas casino situation with coronavirus- it is best to trust the reliable, proven casinos there, as they can give you info on cases and situation update on every new decision.

How To Have Fun Playing Online

There are many benefits of playing in online casinos, but then again, you need to know how to use what is given to you and maximize the positive outcomes. For instance, here, we have the most important tips and tricks that online casino beginners will benefit from while playing in online casinos during the Las Vegas casino coronavirus situation.

  • Learn the rules of the game you want to play
    It is essential to understand the games you are playing, so the best thing to do is learn the games and their rules. You can do so by watching videos and you can improve by practicing the free-to-play fun options which are available at most online casinos.
  • Read reviews to find the best free sites
    Another important thing to do is to actually find the best online casino for your needs. Despite the Las Vegas casino coronavirus situation, you can get a great treatment at many online casinos. Simply look for features like casino bonus offers, different payment methods, customer support, game selection and other things you might prefer.
  • Find generous bonuses to take advantage of
    Bonuses can be a great way to learn how to play the games. Moreover, they can be great if you want to get the most for your money if you don't want to spend your own money after reading case update news. They come in different forms - no deposit, match bonuses, VIP bonuses and many more surprises await for you, as soon as you find the best online casino for you.
  • Remember, it's about entertainment and fun
    We all understand that the updated news about cases and the ongoing situation can be tricky and many people face anxiety and/or fear for their lives after reading. So, it is great to relax and take your mind off what is going on in the world and the most recent updated case news- so, ensure that while you are gambling, you are having fun.

Top 10 Las Vegas Casino and Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we've answered the most important questions regarding the Las Vegas casino coronavirus situation, the case updates, news and given out information regarding the things that create confusion amongst casino enthusiasts.


Yes you can get your resort fees back because of the Coronavirus pandemic cases update

It is likely that you'll need to contact the specific resort on that matter, but most of resorts are doing refunds because of the Coronavirus pandemic cases update.


In order to play online you'll need a computer or a mobile device and of course internet connection.

After that you'll need to choose an online casino, register on their webpage and after that you're good to go.


Yes you will need to register for an account in order to play real money online games.

The first step is to create an account and make a deposit. Make sure you find a casino that offers a welcome bonus in order to get more on your first deposit. You can also play without making a deposit if you register on an online casino that offers a no-deposit bonus.


Yes you can play games just for fun.

Lots of online casinos don't only offer real money games, they also have a couple of games where there is no real money involved.


The best bonus to start with depends on your own choice.

For instance if you are looking to make the most out of your first deposit, you should look for an online casino that offers the best welcome bonus. That way you'll double or even triple your first deposit. If on the other hand you just want to try out a few games before making your first deposit, you should look for an online casino that provides a no-deposit bonus.


It is highly uncertain how long will Las Vegas casinos be closed for.

Some people predict that this whole pandemic will reach its peak in mid April, after which there'll be less cases for update. However this thing mainly depends on all of us and how we react to it. The more disciplined we are and the more we follow the recommendations to stay home, the less time this pandemic will last and things will be back to normal.


Yes you will get your money back from Las Vegas casino cancellations according to cases update news so far.

You'll need to contact the specific casino you've made your reservation at and request for a refund informing them of the cases update. Most casinos understand the situation and will cause no problems at all.


The features you should look for if you decide to play online may depend on a players preferences.

Cases update constantly, but it is worth mentioning important features like: security, reliability, history, customer service, customer care and similar things. In addition to that, having a mobile casino app helps and also have a look at their deposit and withdrawal policy.


If you play online it does matter where you live.

Some of the casino aren't available in certain countries, that is why you should always check the availability before you choose a casino. While there are international casinos that don't take your location into account, there are some who are restricted. However if you're from Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and most European countries, you have nothing to worry about, since these are the most widely accepted countries.


Yes you can play on your mobile or tablet device as long as you have internet connection.

Of course you'll need to create an account and register at the online casino you chose after which you'll need to make a deposit. From there all you have left is to choose your game and have fun.

In situations like this when the pandemic is ongoing and news and case updates are emerging on a daily basis, it is best to stay as safe as possible. This means that you should opt for an online casino gambling experience rather than risking your health in the time of pandemic, and stay safe at home, follow case updates, while having fun in the exciting online casinos.


During these dire times and the spread of COVID-19 is on the rise, we'd like to kindly remind you that playing at online casinos should be regarded as entertainment and used in such purposes. During the worldwide and Las Vegas casino coronavirus situation and following the latest case updates and news, we encourage you and advise you to spend your money wisely and responsibly.

For additional information and case updates on COVID-19 please visit the World Health Organization webpage.

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