Celebrate Independence Day with Casino Bonuses

There are many highlights in the American calendar, from cultural events such as Christmas and Thanksgiving to the sporting highlight of the Super Bowl. But perhaps the most important is Independence Day, so it's no surprise that American casino players can regularly receive substantial promotions to commemorate this vital historic day. There's a variety of different promotion types, and associated conditions, and we explain it all below.

Independence Day Casino Bonuses

The History of Independence Day

These days, the United States loves the British. The cultural sway the UK has over the USA has sometimes been compared to the world of antiquity, when the militarily dominant Romans adopted huge chunks of Greek culture, from architectural aspects such as columns and pediments though to gods. Just consider the biggest film franchises in history: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, James Bond. All have British stars and British origins, and even when it comes to the likes of Star Wars the ultimate bad guy has an endearing British accent. But it wasn't always like this.

Not all countries have an independence day, but the United States does and it goes back to the latter half of the 18th century. At one time, the USA had been a colony of the globe-spanning British Empire, but disputes over tea, tax, and votes led to an irrevocable split and early in the War of Independence the nascent US declared Independence Day on the 4th of July. Keen historians will have observed that the US won that particular war, and so the day continues to be celebrated, often with fireworks, parades, carnivals, and picnics.

It's also a commercial celebration, with stores frequently hosting special sales for retail therapy and coupon giveaways (as well as being the perfect time to watch the eponymous sci-fi blockbuster). Online casinos are often keen to get in on the action too, providing fresh bonuses for players old and new to celebrate Independence Day.

Why Casinos Offers Promos

It might seem counterintuitive for a USA online casino to offer promotions, especially the no deposit deals that allow players the opportunity to win real cash prizes without risking so much as a cent. However, a lot of the same reasons behind stores offering promotions apply to online casinos. Both are fiercely competitive, with the consumer being much sought after. This makes special offers one way that the most ambitious stores and online casinos can try and have an edge on the competition in the quest for custom.

Introductory promotions and welcome bonuses are de rigueur at online casinos these days, and it's a rare betting site that doesn't give a promotional gift to thank a new player for signing up. Not only that, most online casinos nowadays feature recurring promotions for existing players to help foster a sense of loyalty. Seasonal promotions are also popular, with the Super Bowl, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day all potential reasons for American players to enjoy special bonuses to make the day that much better.

Match Deposit Deals

Independence Day Match Bonuses

Match deposit deals are perhaps the single most popular online casino bonus. They're frequently offered to new players signing up to sites, as well as for existing players either as a recurrent promo or a bonus on a special particular day. The best USA casinos to do this include Planet 7 Casino and Miami Club Casino so make sure to check them out. The great advantage of a match deposit deal is that it allows a player to substantially increase their bankroll because the casino matches the player's deposit (usually at 100%, so dollar for dollar, but sometimes significantly more). This makes it ideal for those who plan on playing a lot, and although the average site only offers a few hundred dollars, some will match thousands.

Generally, new player promotions have the best match rates, while recurrent weekly/monthly match deposit bonuses might have rates of 50-70% or so. However, seasonal specials such as Independence Day deals can be more generous, making it the perfect time to deposit and take advantage of the chance to pay cash in and have the casino double your money.

Unlike certain other promos, match deposit deals allow players to try their hand at a wide variety of games, incuding both slots where it's possible to get free spins, as well as table games a casino has. This makes it especially good for exploring new games or delving into categories that might not be your usual cup of tea. As with all promos, certain terms and conditions do apply, so do check the fine print (especially the wagering requirement, explained below) but overall match deposit bonuses are popular for a reason and can represent a great deal for players.

No Deposit Promos

Independence Day No Deposit Bonuses

Odd as it may sound, there is a way to play at online casinos that is the safest form of betting. Safer, in fact, than investing in the stock market too, or playing bingo. Free deals at USA no deposit casinos are fantastic for players because they literally offer the chance of winning something with no risk of loss. As the name implies, they don't require any deposit, but give players the chance to win real cash playing various games. In common with all promotions, players will face a withdrawal cap (so you may make a couple of hundred dollars but you can't become a millionaire). There are several main types of no deposit casino bonuses.

Perhaps the single most popular no deposit deal is free spins, which can be offered in various ways. They're often bundled together with match deposit promos as a welcome to new players signing up, but can also be provided as a stand alone bonus, either as an introductory promo or a recurring bonus on a weekly or monthly basis. Free spins tend to be tied to one particular slot, and this is often either a new game or one that ties into the calendar (Christmas slots in December, American-themed slots around the Fourth of July, bunny games at Easter etc). Because slots are the most popular gaming category at betting sites, free spins are not hard to find and present a great chance to try new games without any risk of loss.

The major downside of free spins is that they come associated with just one game (or, now and then, a series of slots that are linked). This flaw is addressed by free cash, which can be used to play almost every game in a casino. It's worth a similar sum to free spins (around $20, give or take) and is perfect for exploring the various gaming categories of a casino (slots, card games, craps, roulette, virtual sports, bingo, keno etc). So if you've always fancied yourself as a professional poker player but have never played it online, this offers the best way to give it a go.

Free play is very similar to free cash, and does involve free money that can be used on a broad range of casino games, but there are a couple of crucial differences. The time limit is much tighter than any other bonus and might be just an hour, but the amount of free money is significantly higher (hundreds rather than tens of dollars). The player has a small amount of time to try and make a profit, which they get to keep once the clock hits zero (with the initial starting money disappearing). For those with little time to wager, free play is just the thing.

A newer variation of the no deposit deal, available less commonly, is free tournament entry. This can come in the form of either a more traditional tournament (think blackjack or poker) or in the form of slots whereby players compete at a specific game, with a time limit, and whoever scores the most points gets rewarded. The great advantage of tournament promotions of this nature is that they are usually offered on a recurring basis, so if you find a site you like that offers them then you can take advantage of such deals each and every week or month. And, as with the other bonuses in this article, extra promotions and better prizes may be available seasonally, such as on Independence Day.

A recurring promotion for existing players that requires no extra deposit is the VIP club, or loyalty club. This operates by rewarding the player with points every time they wager a certain sum. Amassed points can be exchanged for prizes such as free spins/cash. Often this type of promo comes with multiple tiers, and the prizes in the upper echelons can be fantastic, all the way up to lottery-style cash draws and tickets for elite sporting events. And what could be a better way of celebrating Independence Day than watching major league sport in person, for free?

Check the Fine Print

USA Casino Terms and Conditions

Even the most generous of casino offers comes with a certain set of terms and conditions. By and large, these are not onerous but it's always wise to read the fine print just to ensure there's nothing nasty lurking in there (or to be pleasantly surprised if the wagering requirement is nice and low).

Every promo comes with a time limit, often a week or two. This shouldn't be a problem but it's as well to know for sure. The major exceptions are the free play bonus, which might be just an hour, and the loyalty club which is simply ongoing to help encourage existing players to stick around.

Certain betting patterns are often specifically prohibited. Generally speaking, if you wouldn't do something with your own money then doing it with bonus cash is at best frowned upon and may be sufficient to get your promo voided. The classic example is backing both black and red in roulette, to satisfy the wagering requirement while incurring minimal losses.

The most important condition that must be satisfied along the way to turning a special offer into cash in the bank is the wagering requirement. This is the minimum sum that must be wagered prior to withdrawals being possible. A $25 free cash bonus with a standard 30x wagering requirement would, therefore, require at least $750 to be placed in wagers before withdrawals could be made. For those using free cash it's also worth knowing that slots usually contribute 100% to this requirement whereas table games can be significantly less (specifics vary from one casino to another). The lower the wagering requirement the quicker it is to satisfy, so a lower number (such as 20x) is desirable. Very high rates (200x) hugely dilute the value of a promo because the length of time taken to satisfy the condition is very long, and the chances of finishing ahead are also significantly reduced. Players sometimes also have upper and lower limits on bet thresholds for each individual wager, although this isn't always the case.

A specific restriction that applies to deposit matching promos is that sometimes only certain banking methods like Bitcoin for instance are accepted. This can be a broad or narrow range and does vary from one casino to another, but it's vital to check this and find out otherwise you can end up missing out on doubling your bankroll simply because your preferring financial option isn't eligible for a promotion.

There's a lot to celebrate on Independence Day, and many ways to do it, from parades and picnics to sporting events. And you can probably make good use of generous casino promos at the same time.

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