Eighty Chances to Win with 80 Free Spins Bonuses

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80 chances to win with free spins on top Microgaming slots has become a hot trend among Microgaming casinos, including Jackpot City and Zodiac Casino's 80 free spins bonus. From no deposit to match deposit, casino bonuses are offered at almost every online casino site these days. No deposit casinos are especially popular, providing the opportunity to win something with no risk of loss whatsoever. Recently, one offer in particular has players are searching for '80 chances to win' at certain Microgaming sites like Zodiac Casino as we'll explore here.

Why Zodiac & Other Casino Sites Offer 80 Free Spins No Deposit Promos

80 chances to win

On the face of it, online casinos offering something for nothing, whether it's straight up free cash bonuses for no deposit or just a $1 deposit for 80 chances to win with major slots like Mega Moolah, seems absolutely crackers. And it is a great deal for shrewd players looking to make real cash with a minimum of risk. But there is a reason why sites like Zodiac Casino offer 80 free spins and other free cash promos. This promotion has been particularly popular in Canada, Slovenia and New Zealand.

Online betting is booming, and this situation has created intense competition between the different sites as each seeks to present a more compelling proposition than its rivals. There are certain obvious ways to do this, such as great games and a wide range of banking options, but one of the biggest weapons in the promotional arsenal of casinos today is the bonus. And the no deposit bonus is one of the most popular. Players are naturally inclined to like a small amount of cash or free spins without having to deposit, or making a token $1 deposit for plenty of spins. Casinos therefore seek to offer the most generous deals to edge out their competition. And even software developers like the promo as it can be used to encourage players to try the latest releases.

Zodiac Casino and Others Offer 80 Chances to Win Bonus

80 chances no deposit

It's well known that Microgaming is an industry juggernaut that has a plethora of massive games to its name. But perhaps the single biggest in terms of both recognition and prize is Mega Moolah. This epic progressive jackpot slot has made dozens of multi-millionaires over the years and is an enduring favorite of slots fans around the world. Every single time the reels are spun but the jackpot isn't won, it grows a little bigger, and offers a lottery-sized payday to anyone lucky enough to scoop the perfect spin.

Often, progressive jackpots such as Mega Moolah that offer the highest slots payouts are actually on a prohibited list for special offers (more on the fine print below). But recently casinos such as Zodiac Casino, Jackpot City, and Royal Vegas Casino have been providing players in Canada, New Zealand and throughout Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and more) with a fantastic deal. A token $1 deposit is all that's needed to get 80 chances to win with Mega Moolah, one of the online gaming industry's most popular slots games. This represents great value for players who, even if you don't win the top reward, have an excellent chance of finishing ahead because you only need $1 from 80 spins to break even and every single cent over that is profit. And should you commit the betting equivalent of Sideshow Bob stepping on rakes for 30 seconds and don't even manage a single win, you're still down just $1. And even the smallest stakes bettor can afford that.

Just to focus on Mega Moolah for a moment, although there are plenty more great games at Zodiac Casino and the other slots casinos mentioned above, some of the figures are truly astonishing. As of June 2021, total payouts from the progressive jackpot network of Microgaming amount to over €1.4bn, with more than €103m coming in the form of jackpot payouts. And what's the highest single jackpot that a player got from the progressive prize fund? Nothing less than €19.4m. In fact, June 2021 saw Mega Moolah's progressive jackpot won for the one hundredth time, with €6.6m going to one lucky Canadian player who became the fifth millionaire made by Microgaming's payouts this year. You can find out more about this offer in our Zodiac Casino review.

The specific bonus already mentioned is a great way to access Mega Moolah using a promo. Players should always check the detail of any bonus to ensure they know what they're getting into regarding conditions such as the time limit, wagering requirements, and other matters. Speaking of which, satisfying the wagering requirement is one of the biggest challenges a player faces.

Satisfying the Wagering Requirements for Zodiac Casinos' 80 Free Spins

80 free spins

When a player has a bonus, and choice of what games to play, this then presents the decision not only of what slots (or even table games) to try but also how to satisfy the wagering requirement. This near universal condition is the biggest single hurdle that must be overcome in the mission of transforming bonus money at an online casino into cash in the bank. So, just what is the wagering requirement? Put simply, it's the total sum that must be placed in wagers prior to withdrawing promo cash and related profits. The wagering requirement (sometimes shortened to just WR) is expressed as a multiple of a bonus' value. Around 30x is a good average (a 30x wagering requirement of a $20 promo would therefore have a minimum WR of $600). Those with mathematically keen minds will have already realized that lower wagering requirements are better not only in terms of taking less time, but also in terms of having a better chance of the player finishing ahead. A wagering requirement that's sky high (say, 200x) will dramatically decrease your chances of making real cash with a no deposit promo. That is exactly the case with Zodiac Casinos' 80 Free Spins bonus - it requires a play-through of 200x since the minimum deposit is only $1.

There are certain strategies that players can adopt in order to increase their chances of meeting this condition and having money left to withdraw. First on the list is to check the terms and conditions to see what the fine print has to say about contributions. As a rule of thumb, slots tend to contribute at 100% with table games around 50%, but this isn't always the case. Sometimes table games can be 100% (in which case blackjack or roulette might be your preference) but often they can be even lower, making slots the best bet for meeting the wagering requirement. Beyond game contributions, player should check to see if their country of residence is permitted to claim the offer. As mentioned earlier, online casino players in Canada, New Zealand and and some countries Europe can claim the 80 free spins that Zodiac Casino offers (Slovania, Croatia, etc), but other European countries cannot - some of those include the UK, Spain, France and Italy.

Slots, whether they offer progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah or not, come with varying levels of RTP (return to player) and volatility. RTP is the average return that might be expected from a gaming session, so the higher the better. Volatility is the degree to which the game varies from its mean average result. The lower the volatility the more often you'll get a more or less average return. To look at it from the other angle, a high volatility slot might see you endure prolonged dry spells but also makes you likelier to encounter delightful purple patches. As a rule, players seeking to satisfy wagering requirements are well advised to focus on high RTP and lower volatility slots.

A sidenote to the overall wagering requirement condition is that sometimes no deposit promos have additional requirements on minimum and maximum wager thresholds for each individual bet. Check to see if this is the case, as going beyond these restrictions can render a bonus void.

Progressives - Sometimes Allowed, Sometimes Forbidden

80 no deposit

It's crucially important for players taking advantage of no deposit free spins, such as the Zodiac Casino 80 free spins / chances to win bonus, to know when progressive slots are permitted and when they are not. It's often the case that a free spins promotion is tied to one specific slot, which makes it a piece of cake as only the named game is eligible for the special offer. But sometimes players can have 80 free spins with the chance to win on a variety of games, and free cash is a different promo that has a very wide range of eligible games.

Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire playing slots which is why progressive slots are so popular. However, they're often explicitly on a prohibited games list, and sometimes, even when they're not, they shouldn't be played with a free spins offer. The reason for that is the withdrawal cap, a common condition that applies an upper limit to the potential winnings a player can cashout from a bonus. Obviously winning a million dollars only to have almost all of it vanish into nothing would be galling in the extreme.

This is why it's so important for players to consult the terms and conditions. Here you will find out in black and white if any particular games are forbidden. Also remember to check and see whether progressive wins are exempted from the withdrawal cap, which can sometimes be the case. If so, that's a big green light to use your 80 free spins to try and win the biggest prizes. And, if not, you can make an informed decision to opt for high RTP slots that won't make you a millionaire but do offer a fantastic chance of finishing ahead and making real cash with no deposit required.

The good news is that players at Zodiac Casino won't have to worry about this when they chase the jackpot at Mega Moolah. If you win, you can be certain you'll receive your winnings. This is the case at the other top Microgaming sites when the offer is available too. As you'll see in our Jackpot City Casino review, this site consistently receives favorable testimonials from Canadian and New Zealand customers so players can feel safe gambling their money.

Every player dreams of becoming a millionaire, and the 80 chances to win promo for Mega Moolah is one way it just might happen at Zodiac Casino or another Microgaming casino. But however generous a deal may sound, you should always consult the fine print just to make sure everything's ship-shape and Bristol fashion.

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