Top 10 Local Casinos in New Zealand to Visit

While playing at a land-based establishment, players get to enjoy the full casino experience. The glitzy casino floors, bright lights, and endless opportunities to win big bucks are some of the reasons players opt for physical casinos over their online alternatives. Players in New Zealand should find it easy to locate a casino they can play. From the animated hotchpotch of slot machines to the triumphant cries from the roulette tables and steely-eyed poker players, we take a look at some of the best land-based establishments in NZ. However, as there are only 6 reputable casinos as of now, we'll also take a look at 4 of the most popular casinos that Kiwis visit on holiday in Australia.


SkyCity Casino Auckland

Largest Casino in New Zealand

SkyCity Casino Auckland is a sprawling land-based casino with thousands of choices for both slots and table games along Federal Street, Auckland Central. You are never out of options when playing at a Sky City establishment and the Auckland branch is no different. A truly world-class entertainment complex, SkyCity gives revelers the time of their life as soon as they set foot into the grand hotel and casino. Players in New Zealand will know the Auckland branch of SkyCity Casino for the Sky Tower that adds to the venue's international status. Visitors can enjoy the best dining experience at the SkyCity Hotel and SkyCity Grand Hotel, with simpler meal choices at Andy's Burgers and Bar. The collection of features you will find at the casino makes it one of the top ten 2022 land-based casinos in New Zealand.

Players are instantly drawn to the sprawling casino floor with over 100 tables and some 1700 slot machines. You can count on the casino to have all your favorite tables from blackjack, poker, Pai Gow, Ultimate Texas Hold'Em, baccarat, and roulette. All these come in different iterations. All you have to do is find the best table you want to play. You don't have to worry about currency differences when you get to the casino, as all currency exchanges are done with no commission. Besides, the casino ranks as one of the best credit card casinos in NZ.


SkyCity Casino Queenstown

Most Sophisticated Casino

Following that all SkyCity Casinos in New Zealand claim a spot in this list tells you that the brand is clearly a cut above the rest. You have not played casino games in New Zealand if you travel back home without stepping foot into a SkyCity-managed casino. The casino in Queenstown offers the best gamut of entertainment and banqueting options that place it among the top 10 2022 New Zealand land-based Casinos. Play the best table games from the selection of 12 tables and over 30 slot machines. Some of the tables you can expect to find include; baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and poker. Change between titles as you play different iterations of your favorite games.

The venue also features the magnificent Wild Thyme restaurant, where you will find all sorts of culinary delights. Situated at the heart of Queenstown, the casino is an ideal plan for a night out after a day of sightseeing around the area. With horse racing at the start of the year, pro golfing in February, and the Autumn Festival in April, there is always something exciting to be part of in Queenstown.


SkyCity Hamilton

Most Attractive Bonus Rewards for Players

SkyCity Entertainment Group has carved an enviable reputation for itself for having some of the most iconic land-based casinos in NZ. The casino in Hamilton is yet another world-class venue for all your entertainment needs if you are an avid punter who prefers physical casinos. A 24-hour supply of enthralling casino games and lots of variety when you've had enough wagering for the day are some of the reasons that make it a top 10 casino for 2022. You have a total of 330 slot machines and 23 tables to play. Located along Victoria Street, the casino is quite easy to get to, no matter where you are in Hamilton. Here you have a well-thought-out casino floor with the best table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Pai Gow, and baccarat. There are different versions of all your classic table games to choose from when you get to the table section. SkyCity Hamilton is considered one of the top 10 blackjack casinos in New Zealand thanks to the wide array of game versions.

The SkyCity Casino Hamilton also features a bowling alley known as the Bowlevard with all the family-friendly fun you could ask for. Have a bite at one of the three restaurants available in the complex with a wide range of menu selections and alfresco dining. Holidaymakers who travel to New Zealand will enjoy the venue for the buzz and constant roll-out of new activities.


Dunedin Casino

Most Regal Casino Experience in New Zealand

Dubbed the Grand Casino Dunedin, this is one of the best top 10 2022 New Zealand Casinos. The casino's physical address is 118 High Street, Dunedin. As the name suggests, everything at the venue is done on a grand scale. Visitors are sure to be impressed by the wide selection of slot machines and table games. Here you can play a total of 12 table games ranging from blackjack, baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker, and roulette. You also have 180 slot machines to choose from on the casino floor.

Aside from the main attraction, which is the casino, visitors also get a taste of the most delicious cuisine from all across the world, with an emphasis on contemporary menu selections from New Zealand. As one of the best restaurants in all of Dunedin, the grand bar and restaurant at the casino attract more than just punters looking to take a break from wagering. Enjoy the array of special events that feature casino bonuses like Triple Tuesday draw and $2,000 Sundays.


SkyCity Wharf Casino

The Scenic Casino

SkyCity Wharf Casino is a contemporary gambling destination with all your favorite gaming choices. A top 10 2022 casino for players and travelers alike. Having been in the New Zealand Casino scene for over a decade, SkyCity knows the secret recipe to developing the best New Zealand Casinos you will find. The Wharf Casino is the newest addition to the list of gambling establishments from the company. You have plenty of excellent wagering products to try out when you get to the casino. For starters, slot players get 24 tables to play and 120 slot machines for all your reel-spinning fun. Punters who travel to New Zealand with the expectation to play in the best land-based establishments should give the SkyCity Wharf Casino a try.

In addition to a premier list of gambling options, punters get equally high-standard options for restaurants. Styled as the younger sibling to the grander Queenstown casino, the Wharf Casino delivers a gambling experience like no other. Situated at the heart of the Steamer Wharf, the casino includes some of the best picturesque views of the glorious outdoor environment on which it sits. Visit the casino when you travel to the country and get a chance to try out one of the best New Zealand Casinos.


Christchurch Casino

Oldest Casino in New Zealand

Christchurch Casino was the first land-based casino in NZ, opening its doors to punters in 1994. With a tagline like 'let us entertain you,' the casino is always coming up with new ways to increase its patronage. The casino is located in Christchurch, East Coast of South Island and is one of the best 2022 land-based casinos you will play in New Zealand. While you won't be able to claim a no deposit bonus, live music and an array of eateries are some of the highlights when you come to Christchurch Casino. All the years of operation have raised the casino's status to one of the best land casinos in NZ. The establishment covers an area of 43,998 square feet. The building boasts a magnificent, neon-lit façade that immediately gives you an impression of all the exciting activities you will find inside. The casino section has 500 slot machines and 36 tables. Here you can play classic table games like Texas Hold 'Em poker, Omaha poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat.

The venue also offers great entertainment to go with the thrill of casino games. Players are treated to live music each weekend with different bands invited to play at the casino. Players also have a wide range of culinary choices to pick from. You also have bars where you can wind down the night and enjoy your winnings. With the casino offering transportation to a selection of accommodation providers, Christchurch Casino gives players an all-around pleasant experience that will have them frequenting the casino.

Other Casinos Close to NZ to Visit

There has always been a strong connection between Kiwis and Aussies due to their similar cultures and distance to each other. Those who live in New Zealand, as well as visitors often take a trip to nearby Australia to play at the best Aussie casinos. Below you'll find four of the more popular choices to complete this top 10 list.


Country Club Tasmania

Free Credits for Advanced Booking

New Zealand has a small selection of land-based casinos, and you may have to make the short trip to Australia to enjoy the best treats for your troubles on the casino floor. This is coupled with boutique luxury at one of the most memorable country-themed resorts in Australia. Country Club Tasmania is a quintessential gambling venue, and you will certainly enjoy the free credits. Players who spend $400 or more at the casino are entitled to a bonus of $100 in casino credits. Here you have a wide selection of the best table games with at least 15 tables with different iterations of your favorite games.

Enjoy the food and refreshments at the country club as it serves authentic artisanal brews. The menu selections are drawn from a wide range of cuisines. Immerse in the picturesque landscape and take advantage of the most scenic spots for all your photo opportunities.


Mindil Beach Casino Resort

Kiwis Get Free Prizes

One of the most palatial hotels in Darwin, Mindil Beach Casino Resort, gives you the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy games like blackjack, roulette, Sic Bo, and roulette in a setting fit for vacationing. The beach resort gives players the chance to play and enjoy their winnings in the most luxurious ways. Enjoy the scenic topography as well as the sandy beach. Nights come to life with the glorious ambient lighting enhancing the atmosphere with soft shades and bright reflections on the pools.

Play the most exciting bonus prizes and keep your winnings when you are done. Count on the casino to have a promotion running on Thursday and Saturday. The food is delectable here as you get to try Japanese cuisine. Sharp-eyed gamers should enjoy their time at the casino and the resort as well.


The Star Sydney

Best Cash Boosts for Players

A five-star luxury hotel with all the trappings for fine dining and vacationing, the Star Sidney is a venue with lots of attractions. You also get amazing cash boosts which are always running at the casino. These are often held on Thursday and Sunday. You have to be part of the Star Club to take part in the rewards. However, you could always sign up for a card when you get to the casino. A sweepstake competition is also part of the wagering options when you get here. With over 50 slots and various table games, the casino is a full-fledged land-based operator with opportunities to win real money.

The resort offers many more exquisite attractions to take your mind away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine. Enjoy the best culinary delights from all across the globe, including preparations from Japanese, Cantonese, Australian, and Jamaican cultures thrown into the mix.


Crown Melbourne

Casino in the Heart of the City

Crown Melbourne is one of the premier land-based gambling establishments in Melbourne, Australia. This is one of the best venues you should visit when in New Zealand, as you could easily plan a trip during your stay. Nighttime comes with a cascade of thrills as you play the best slots. Players who love table games should find the bets and playing style at the baccarat, blackjack, and roulette tables up to standard. There are also automated tables for all your virtual gaming.

For relaxation, you have the resort's spa, where you can blow some steam off. Aside from the spa, you also have music extravaganzas with all the top bands in Melbourne. The hotel also has the occasional theatre performance. Be sure to check out the shows should you find one running.

While there will hopefully be more options in future, players can still try out the top online casinos in New Zealand. Overall, the country is an amazing tourist destination where you get to experience a perfect mix of the contemporary and the provincial. With lots of amazing sites to visit that include nature trails, glorious beaches, and picturesque landscape, your itinerary is totally filled from the time you get to the country to when your vacation draws to a close. Gamblers who travel to New Zealand may find the small selection of land-based casinos underwhelming. However, they would be grossly mistaken to downplay these as they offer pulsating action no matter where you choose to play. In addition to live-action, you also get five-star amenities to complete your wagering experience. When choosing to get the same experience online, our casinos in NZ recommendation for Kiwis is to try out LeoVegas Casino or PlayAmo Casino.

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