Top 10 Sofort Casinos

For more than a decade, Sofort, also known as Pay Now, has been a popular online payment option for casino players in Germany and Austria, where it's one of the top 10 best choices, and has started expanding into other European casino markets.

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    CasiGo 3.5/5
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    Vegas Lounge 2.5/5
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    PlayRegal 3.5/5
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    Vegadream 2.5/5
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sofort casinos payment

Sofort used to be known by the slightly longer name Sofort Überweising, and was founded as such back in 2005 by two friends who wanted Germany to have one of the best secure online payments systems which included online casinos. In more recent times, it was acquired by Klarna and the name was shortened (in English it's also known as Pay Now). It allows players to make quick and easy online payments to a variety of merchants, and an increasing number of Sofort casinos. One of the best parts is that online transfers are very secure using Sofort for casino banking due to the nature of the approach, which means no sensitive data is shared with third parties, and players receive one-off confirmation codes to ensure all movement of money is desired and legitimate. The service itself has also earned the best possible reputation as a trustworthy and reliable online payment system.

With very fast payments, and no fees, Sofort casino banking is a top 10 choice for European casinos, and the best in Germany for real money online betting sites whether playing on desktop or mobile. More convenient than an e-wallet, Sofort does not require users to create an account, with money transferred directly from bank account to online betting site. The drawbacks are few, (it's arguably the best system in Germany), with the main one being the tighter than usual geographical limitations (it's a mostly German method, also accessible in a dozen other European countries).

Reliability & Security

Though online casinos tend to have some of the best security online, players can naturally feel nervous when moving money on the internet and many people put a premium on the reliability of an online payment method. Sofort is a casino banking method that has some strong points on the security front, which is one of its best aspects. Acting as an intermediate step between the player and their online casino makes this one of the top 10 best payment methods, as sensitive financial information is not shared with the online betting site when making a cash transfer. In addition to this, players using Sofort for casino transfers receive a code to confirm the movement of money is legitimate, and this is a one-time code that immediately becomes invalid and therefore represents no security risk.

Another top 10 best feature is that players only enter sensitive data with Sofort for casino payments, but this information is not stored by the company, which merely carries out transactions online, and nor do any staff members get to see it. In addition, no account creation is necessary, which not only saves time but also eliminates the possibility of any relevant information being lost. Overall, security is one of the best parts of using this system, which is reassuring for those who feel particularly anxious over moving money online.

Pros and Cons at Sofort Casinos


  • Security - Sensitive data is not shared with the Sofort casino, and the online payment system does not store such information or make it visible to employees, making Sofort casinos one of the best options for security.
  • No Fees - Using Sofort for casino payment method incurs no fees from the system unlike certain other online banking methods. It's one of the best options for those averse to fees.
  • Very Fast - Online Sofort casino cash transfers normally occur pretty much instantly, whether moving money into or out of a site, making this one of the best choices for speed.
  • Few Limits - Players with thinner wallets can shift about small sums and the upper limit is normally a constraint of the Sofort casino rather than the payment system.


  • Less Accessible - Due to the geographical limitations fewer casinos offer Sofort than some other methods, including major cards and e-wallets.
  • Geographical Limits - Players in Germany or the UK may be able to use Sofort casinos but players in parts of the world other than Europe are out of luck, as Sofort is currently only available in around a dozen European nations.
  • Cashouts Limited - Sofort is often not available for moving money out of a site, which can be an inconvenience for players who prefer a single method for both transferring cash into and out of an online betting site.
sofort bonus offers

Bonus Offers Reviewed

There's a wide range of online banking methods available for players from Germany, Austria, the UK, and other countries around the world. One of the best reasons to use Sofort as a casino banking option is that many of the best online promotions are only on offer for certain payment methods. Typically, these are non-Visa and non-Mastercard options, as online betting sites best like systems that don't come with such onerous processing fees. Players using a top 10 best payment system need only check the terms and conditions of a given bonus to very quickly see if a particular payment method, such as Sofort, is eligible. Such online offers can then be redeemed either by entering a promotional code, contacting customer service or, best of all, on an automatic basis.

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How to Deposit

Putting cash into a casino with Sofort is no problem. Here's how to transfer cash into a site with this top 10 best banking option.

  • Step 1: Check that the casino allows Sofort for your country. Right now, there are just over a dozen nations that can use it, all European (including Germany and the UK). If you're from the USA, Canada, or elsewhere, it's likely off the menu, but for Europeans it's likely to be available and one of the best options.
  • Step 2: Register or login at your chosen online betting site, and head to the cashier or banking section.
  • Step 3: Select the Sofort option for casino deposits.
  • Step 4: Choose the bank account you deem best for moving money.
  • Step 5: Sign in to your online banking service, and enter the necessary details (password/PIN).
  • Step 6: Upon receipt of the one-time code, enter that to confirm the transfer.
  • Step 7: Check the money has been moved. It should work seamlessly, as the system is one of the best for quick transfers, but, if not, contact the customer support team to see what the situation is.

How to Withdraw

Of course, the best part of betting online is when you have some winnings and can make a withdrawal. Here's how to move money out of a casino with Sofort.

  • Step 1: Check Sofort is available as a cashout option (at some online betting sites it may be for transfers in only). If you want a single method for moving money both into and out of a site be sure to check this.
  • Step 2: Choose Sofort as your preferred banking option.
  • Step 3: Decided how much you wish to transfer out of the site.
  • Step 4: You will be redirected to your online banking service account, and have to enter the same details as for moving money into the site (see above).
  • Step 5: Be aware that an initial deposit with Sofort will be necessary to make a withdrawal with this system (if you're using a free cash online promo you'll still need a token deposit to transfer cash out of the casino with Sofort so you may wish to make this ahead of time, as that's the best way to avoid having to faff about when moving money out of an online betting site).

Country Restrictions

Unfortunately, Sofort is a casino payment system that definitely is not in the top 10 best for being widely available online. That's not to say it's limited to Liechtenstein, but if you're from Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa, you're out of luck. Accessibility is increasing, however, from Germany (where the system is considered the best online payment option) and Austria to the United Kingdom, and various other European nations, including France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. But, right now, it's pretty much a European method only. However, the firm is actively looking to expand its operations, so if things turn out for the best it should be available in more European countries soon, and in non-European nations too (in the future).

Frequently Asked Questions for Sofort Casinos

If you have any queries about Sofort as a casino payment method, check out our best top 10 FAQs and we might have the answer you're looking for.

why use sofort

Why Use Sofort at Online Casinos

If you're in Germany or one of the other dozen or so European nations supported, Sofort has a lot to recommend it as one of the best online payment systems. The security is among the very best, which is why it's a leading payment choice in its German heartland and increasingly popular in other nations as well. This high level of security is substantially bolstered by the spotless reputation the firm enjoys when it comes to its professional conduct. You might almost say it's a classic example of German efficiency with some of the best security available, as well as excellent coverage of financial institutions in the country.

In addition, transfers into an online casino with Sofort is practically instantaneous, and payouts can be likewise. While it's true the system is often only available for moving money into a site, the depositing aspect is the main cause of security concern and this isn't a significant drawback as online betting sites always have a withdrawal method available for those using systems that can only make payments in. Fees are zero too (from the system), which means that you won't get lumbered with extra costs whether you're moving about small or large sums, making it one of the best ways to move money. In short, when considering whether Sofort is a top 10 choice bear in mind it's fast, ultra-secure, has a great reputation, and no attached fees. It's one of the best available online options in 2024, with the only real drawback being geographical limitations.

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