What Your Favourite Gaming Characters Would Look Like Now

Video game characters have the uncanny ability to go years without looking like they've aged a single day. Surely their constant brushes with death would've resulted in a few grey hairs at least?

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What Your Favourite Gaming Characters Would Look Like Now

To put this right, Top10Casinos has visualised what your favourite gaming character would look like now if their busy lives had caught up with them and they started to age as usual, as well as harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

Mario and Luigi


Mario and Luigi are brothers, plumbers, and residents of the Mushroom Kingdom. The pair have been featured in over 200 games, with Mario debuting in 1981 with an appearance in Donkey Kong and Luigi's entrance coming a little later in 1983 with Mario Bros.

Mario Aged Using AI

Mario AI Aged

To truly test what characters should look like now, we used DALL.E 2, an AI system to create realistic images from descriptions.

Mario looks pretty similar to what you'd probably imagine when using AI to visualise how he could look today. Greying hair and aged skin are what you'd expect from someone who is supposed to be 64 and had an eventful life.


Game developers have put an age of 24-25 on the twin brothers at the launch - which is already puzzling, moustaches like that in their mid-twenties? So they should be well into their 60s by now.

After decades of hopping over barrels and saving princesses, we'd bet they'd have a few wrinkles scattered about as well as a touch of salt and pepper hair.

Luigi Aged Using AI

Luigi AI Aged

Much like Mario, Luigi's aged image looks a lot more realistic than the in-game portrayal. With similar grey hair to his brother, and slightly sagging skin, you'd believe this character is 64.

Princess Peach and Kirby

Princess Peach

Princess Peach from the Mario series and Kirby from the Kirby series are two of the most popular video game characters. Both lovers of pink and both seemingly immune to a normal ageing process.

Even though she was 25 in 1985's Super Mario Bros., Princess Peach still looks fresh almost 40 years later. We're not buying it. After the stress of being repeatedly kidnapped by Bowser, an evil Koopa King, Peach would at least have a few frown lines and her iconic blonde hair might have taken a grey tinge.

Princess Peach Aged Using AI

Princess Peach AI Aged

DALL.E 2's AI tool must think Princess Peach has had a tough time. Although still sporting her iconic blonde locks and pink frock, the most noticeable aspect of her 62 years would be her ageing skin.


Kirby is a protagonist who can absorb powers from enemies and other objects in order to defeat them. First introduced in 1992 in Kirby's Dream Land at 30 years old, this little pink creature would be near his 60th birthday and could be sporting a receding hairline and an impressive grey beard. Although, in fairness, the ageing rate of the Kirby species is unknown so we're taking a guess here.

Kirby Aged Using AI

Kirby AI Generated

Our visualisations and the AI's take on Kirby at 60 years old are quite similar - we seem to agree on Kirby's ageing characteristics! A moustache is a must, as well as acquiring a hat along the way.

Wario and Link


Wario, the antihero of the Super Mario series, first appeared in 1992's Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins for the Game Boy. The greedy, cigar-smoking character was 29 at his introduction, so should be almost 60 by now.

He's been busy too, having starred in numerous titles of his own, including Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 and Wario World. His unhealthy habits paired with a stressful lifestyle would have surely done a number on him - pale skin, a grey moustache and few teeth knocked out would work to show his true age.

Wario Aged Using AI

Wario AI Aged

Wario's moustache is beyond the limits of age, as the AI predicts he would still be rocking it into his late 50s. Interestingly, Wario seems to have opted for a backwards hat (a trend usually reserved for the younger generation) too.


Link is the main protagonist of The Legend of Zelda series where he is a hero chosen by fate to save Princess Zelda and defeat Ganon. He made his debut in 1986 while he was just 20 years old which means he should be 56 almost four decades on. Although his hikes across Hyrule would have certainly helped him keep a youthful appearance, not even Link could escape grey hair and an ageing beard.

Link Aged Using AI

Link AI Aged

According to the artificial intelligence tool, Link would most likely grow a salt and pepper goatee as he hits 56 years old. His love of headgear lives on though, with a fashionable bejewelled headband.

Princess Zelda and Waluigi

Princess Zelda

Although Princess Zelda is often depicted as the damsel-in-distress in many games, she can be a powerful force when it comes to combat. But not even this fighting prowess would save her from the effects of time. As she was 17 in 1986's release of The Legend of Zelda, she should be over 50 by now and showing some signs of ageing like wrinkles and paler skin. She may have even swapped out her dresses for a comfy pair of leggings and slippers.

Princess Zelda Aged Using AI

Princess Zelda AI Aged

Princess Zelda looks good for 53, according to AI. Her hair is still flowing, her jewellery is glittering and she looks focused on the adventure ahead. The only place you can really see signs of ageing is on her face, but even that is minimal.


Waluigi is an evil genius who spends his time bothering Mario and Luigi. He first appeared as a villainous boss character in Mario Tennis in 2000 at 26 years old meaning he should be almost 50. These years of treachery and battle would have surely left Waluigi's (impressive) moustache and goatee greying at the tips at the very least.

Waluigi Aged Using AI

Waluigi AI Generated

AI seems to think Waluigi will tone down his moustache as he approaches his 50s, and perhaps require a pair of wire-framed glasses. It's pretty sure he'll still opt for his trademark purple hat and outfit though.

Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum is a character from the Pokémon franchise of video games, anime, manga and movies. What's he known for? Being one of the best trainers (or at least wanting to). He's also the youngest character in this study at 10 years old at his introduction. As he is only 35, he probably wouldn't show major signs of ageing - although should definitely look older than his 10-year-old self - other than perhaps showing off a well-trimmed beard.

Ash Ketchum Aged Using AI

Ash Ketchum AI Aged

Where would Ash Ketchum be without his hat? Although the AI tool thinks his sense of style will mature slightly - opting for a button-up rather than a t-shirt - his headgear will still remain.



While game developers remain mysterious about Pikachu's age, we estimate that it should be at least 26 based on its first appearance in Pokémon Indigo League in 1996.

Although - just like Kirby - we're not entirely sure about how Pokémon age, Pikachu is usually sorted with the other mouse Pokémon. As 26 in mouse years is ancient, we're pretty certain Pikachu would have to be looking a little older now than it did during its introduction. What do you think?

Pikachu Aged Using AI

Yoshi AI Aged

Pikachu's a tricky one. Even the AI tool had some trouble. But, interestingly enough, it thinks the iconic Pokemon won't really age at all - at least not with any outward ageing characteristics.


  1. Top10Casinos.com wanted to see how some popular video game characters would look in 2022.
  2. A seed list of the 10 most popular characters was acquired from Den of Geek and GamesRadar.
  3. They conducted research to discover the biological ages of the most notable video game characters.
  4. The character profiles were used to collate the estimated in-game ages of each character.
  5. They also used the initial release year of each respective video game to calculate the estimated biological age of each character.
  6. Using the DALL.E 2 tool, Top10Casinos.com was able to recreate the characters in AI.
  7. They used multiple keyword variations such as "Mario as a 64-year-old" and "Pikachu in real life" in order to get photorealistic re-creations of the characters.
  8. Data is accurate as of 14th November 2022 and is subject to change.
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