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Top 10 Western Union Casinos

Founded in 1851, Western Union has remained one of the main online payment gateways providing players with a faster and safer way to transact online. By the end of this top 10 Western Union Casinos review, you will have a clear idea of whether the virtual wallet is worthy, so read on.

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western union casino payment method

Western Union is an online virtual wallet that has been operational for years and still maintains the best relationship between players and casinos. The Denver headquartered online payment method provides one of the best online transaction services to players registered on any of the top 10 Western Union Casinos across the globe. Continue reading to find out more about the payment method's security and country restrictions. Furthermore, you will come across the best steps on how to transact on a Western Union Casino.

Reliability & Security

Western Union operates 24/7, making it a reliable online payment gateway for active players. Its dependability means players can transact at any time, making it easy to maintain their bankroll. On the other hand, security is assured. That is because Western Union uses SSL data encryption protocol to secure sensitive information such as bank details and passwords. Furthermore, Western Union uses MTCN codes for verification. It is so far the best way of ensuring players' money remains safe in any of the casinos.

Pros and Cons at Western Union Casinos

Even though Western Union is dependable, reliable, and secure, it does not mean that it is all advantageous. With this in mind, go through the pros and cons below to find out the good and bad of the online payment gateway. You may also find out why the payment method is included even on the best bitcoin casinos that offer the e-wallet.


  • Wider Geographical Coverage - Western union is available in more than 200 countries, making it one of the best top 10 online virtual wallets when it comes to geographical coverage.
  • Has Mobile Apps - The online e-wallet has both Android and iOS apps which makes transacting on the go easy.
  • Western Union Is Secure - Western Union online banking solution is secure, thus allowing players to enjoy one of the best and top 10 safest transaction services thanks to the use of SSL data encryption services. That explains why it is among the top 10 payment gateways in Europe.
  • Offers Live Chat Services - Western Union offers players live chat services that are the best whenever you want a quick fix to any Western Union problem. Furthermore, it makes using Western Union casinos fun.
  • Works with Multiple Banks - The payment gateway partners with multiple banks, including some of the top 10 financial institutions worldwide. That is to ensure players enjoy swift transactions when operating any Western Union Casino.


  • Very Few Western Union Casinos - The number of Western Union Casinos are few. Therefore, to find the best Western Union Casino to sign up can be quite hard.
  • Withdrawals Take Longer - Western Union does not process withdrawals instantly. Withdrawals can take up to six days which may inconvenience some online players.
  • Western Union Withdrawals Can Be Hectic - It can be quite challenging to initiate withdrawals, especially if you don't notify the Western Union Casino operator beforehand.
western union bonus offers

Bonus Offers Reviewed

By now, you should be aware of the ongoing trend on nearly every Western Union casino, especially those that appear on our top 10 list above. The gaming platforms offer players the best 2024 bonuses as a motivation to use the payment option. That is because Western Union charges a smaller commission and is secure. Most of the top 10 Western Union casinos have the rewards nicely added on their promotions page. You can thus access new member bonuses and other top rewards before initiating your online transactions.

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Other Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

How to Deposit

Even though Western Union is like any other online casino payment gateway, it operates quite differently. As a result, this review will take you through the best steps you can use to deposit money in your account.

  1. Load the Western Union Casino on your computer.
  2. Enter your sign-in credentials and continue.
  3. Proceed to the cashier section of your Casino.
  4. Select Western Union online wallet.
  5. Enter how much you wish to deposit.
  6. Contact your Western Union Casino agent and share the MTCN code you receive.
  7. Wait for a few hours for the agents to confirm your deposits before you begin online gaming.

How to Withdraw

After playing games and winning some cash, you can cash out your earnings or convert them to real money. The best way to do so is to follow the following certified cash withdrawal steps.

  1. Contact the casino you wish to withdraw money from beforehand and mention how much you wish to withdraw.
  2. The casino agent will provide you with an MTCN code.
  3. Log in to your Western Union website and present the MTCN code to the operator.
  4. Once Western Union confirms the code, they will initiate the transfer of payments to your account.
  5. Wait for a couple of days for the process to complete.

Country Restrictions

Western Union is one of the top 10 online transaction options with the best coverage. Despite having its headquarters in the USA, Western Union operates globally, including New Zealand and South Africa. Furthermore, the online deposit method is accessible in the UK, Canada, China, and Australia, among other nations. But unfortunately, only a few of the top 10 European casinos accept the method of payment. The only plus is that these casinos offer players games from some of the best software providers. As a result, make sure you confirm whether your chosen top 10 casino offers the payment option before proceeding.

Frequently Asked Questions for Western Union Casinos

Here is a list of the best Western Union Casinos FAQs that you should go through to learn more about the online payment method.

why use western union

Why Use Western Union at Online Casinos

There are so many reasons why you should use Western Union at any of the top 10 online casinos. One reason is that the online payment gateway has proven to be trustworthy for the years it has been around. Despite many challenges, it has continued to provide players with the best services, which is why it belongs to the top 10 list of most recommended payment methods. As a result, sign up and begin enjoying one of the best casino payment services.

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More Payment Methods


VISA is a global payment solution accepted by casinos across the globe. The payment option is designed to provide players with the best and easy way to deposit and withdraw cash from most casino accounts without worrying about personal or financial security. That is because VISA uses the best security protocols and is among the most secure payment options available today. Additionally, VISA casinos are prevalent, with most allowing instant deposits. Withdrawals, on the other hand, range between 1 and 4 days. While some casinos charge a fee to use the payment option, others process transactions for free. That is why most players prefer the mode of payment.

Deposit: Instant
Withdraw: 1-4 days
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Any player searching for a fast and reliable online banking option should consider using Bitcoin. The mode of payment is overly popular since it allows instant deposit and withdrawals. Furthermore, it does not require players to sign-up to use the payment option making it one of the best online wallets for different players. However, before you use Bitcoin, you should be ready to pay a commission for every transaction you make. As you read on, you will find out why Bitcoin is currently being used by most online casinos, unlike in the past. Furthermore, it is accessible in different countries thus making it suitable for different online players.

Deposit: Instant
Withdraw: Instant
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Skrill is a renowned online payment option whose influence is growing rapidly. The payment platform is one of the most widely used payment methods, not just because of its exemplary regional coverage but because of its security features. Unlike other payment options, most Skrill casino charge a percentage for every transaction made. However, if you are lucky to find the best Skrill Casino, you will not have to worry about transaction fees. Since its initialisation, Skrill has helped millions of players deposit money in thousands of online casinos worldwide. Click the read more button to find out why Skrill is taking over the world of online casino payment.

Deposit: Instant
Withdraw: Up to 48 hours
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There is no better way to deposit and withdraw money in a Canadian casino than using Interac. The online digital banking option works with multiple Canadian financial institutions to streamline casino transactions. That has led to the upsurge of Interac Casinos, with some having international recognition. The only downside of Interac is that you must have a Canadian account to use the payment option, which is why it is not suitable for foreigners. However, that does not take away the fact that Interac is safe and fast. It is also trustworthy with an active support centre designed to address any Interac problem you may have.

Deposit: Instant
Withdraw: 1-4 days
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