Best 10 Giropay Casinos

Giropay has been one of the best online casino payment options for German and Austrian players for years, and can be used for both transfers into and out of the best online betting sites. Read on to learn more about Giropay casinos and their pros and cons.

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giropay casinos payment

Giropay was founded back in 2005 by Postbank, the German Savings Banks Group, and the German Cooperative Financial Services Network. Since that time it has expanded throughout the country to be widely accepted by over a thousand financial institutions, covers more than 85% of the German banking market directly and achieves almost 100% coverage thanks to the 2019 innovation of PSD2 interface (X2A) making it one of the best European casino financial payment methods in Germany in terms of availability. In 2014 the firm implemented interoperability with Austrian-based eps Online-Überweisung so that players from Austria can use Giropay casinos as well.

Giropay casino payments come with the best security thanks to transactions being facilitated but not carried out by the system, which means sensitive data is not shared with either a casino or Giropay. In addition, online financial transfers are instant, and it's possible to move money both into and out of online casinos. With no account creation involved, it's one of the best, fastest, and most convenient banking methods available to players from Germany and Austria today. However, fees are involved, although these are modest, and players in other nations will not be able to make use of this particular banking system.

Reliability & Security

Giropay is a casino payment system best known in Germany and Austria, where it facilitates direct bank payments with over one and a half thousand institutions (which speaks well of this online deposit and withdrawal system given how many financial firms trust it). Sensitive information such as PIN and TAN (Transaction Authentication Number - a one time confirmation code) are shared not with Giropay itself but with financial institutions via the system. This means that no sensitive personal or financial information is shared either with online casinos or Giropay, and makes security one of the best aspects of this banking method. After all, information cannot be compromised if it isn't shared.

Pros and Cons at Giropay Casinos


  • High Security - Giropay casino financial transfers are some of the best available when it comes to security, making it a top choice for those concerned about sharing financial details online.
  • Quick Transfers - Giropay is one of the top 10 best casino banking methods for speed, with deposits occurring instantly, and withdrawals likewise.
  • Transfers In and Out - Unlike some other top 10 best casino banking methods, Giropay can be used to move money both into and out of an online betting site, making it a good choice for those who prefer to use a single system.
  • No Account Needed - Unlike e-wallets, which have some similarities as an intermediate step between bank and online casino, Giropay does not require account creation which cuts down on player workload and makes it one of the best options in this regard.


  • Restricted Access - Giropay is one of the best top 10 online payment systems in Germany and Austria, but players in other countries are unlikely to be able to use this system.
  • Fees Apply - Unlike some of the other top 10 best online casino banking methods, Giropay does, alas, come with fees attached. These vary from one financial institution to another, with a fixed fee of €0.08 and a 0.9-1.2% fee on top of that.
giropay bonus offers

Bonus Offers Reviewed

In 2024 it's standard practice for the best online betting sites in Germany and elsewhere to offer bonuses to both attract new players and retain existing ones, whether they play by desktop, laptop, or mobile. These promos, including no deposit deals that allow players to win real money without risking a penny, are often for specific banking methods (usually not Visa or Mastercard due to high processing fees that sites are keen to avoid). Giropay casinos are no exception to this, and the competitive nature of the online betting industry means that players can take advantage of promotions at the best top 10 sites to get ahead. In order to discover whether a given special offer involves Giropay, check casino promo terms and conditions where any limitations on deposit and withdrawal methods will be clearly indicated.

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How to Deposit

Here are the ins and outs of moving money into the top 10 best online Giropay casinos.

  • Step 1: Login or signup at the best online Giropay casino of your choice.
  • Step 2: Head for the banking or cashier section.
  • Step 3: Select Giropay, which will redirect the player to their online banking institution.
  • Step 4: Login to your online banking service using password/PIN and choose how much is best to deposit.
  • Step 5: Players will then receive a TAN (Transaction Authorization Number) which should be entered to confirm the financial transfer.
  • Step 6: The money will then be instantly shifted into the online Giropay casino.

How to Withdraw

Ask any bettor and they'll tell you the best part of playing is turning winnings into cash in the bank. Here are how top 10 Giropay casino payouts function.

  • Step 1: Login at the best online Giropay casino where you have winnings and head for the cashier/banking section.
  • Step 2: Select withdrawals, and then choose Giropay from casino payment options.
  • Step 3: The player will then have to enter the same data, having been redirected to their online banking service, as for deposits (PIN/password).
  • Step 4: Upon confirmation of the desired transfer, the cashout will proceed.
  • Step 5: The withdrawal may take place instantly at the best sites, but some Giropay casinos do have processing times that can slow things down.

Country Restrictions

When it comes to national borders, it's got to be said that Giropay is not a top 10 best online payment option because it's one of the single most limited banking methods in geographical terms. Right now, this system is restricted to only Germany and Austria so everybody else in the world is unable to use Giropay for online casino deposits and withdrawals. It's possible there might be an expansion drive in the future, but for right now, the vast majority of online casino players, such as those from the UK, USA, and South African online casino players, cannot use it. However, almost all German bank accounts are supported for use with Giropay, so if you are German (or have a German bank account) there's a very high chance this will work for you and it's one of the best online options for availability in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions for Giropay Casinos

Giropay is one of the best online payment options in Germany, but if you have queries we might have the answers ready for you in our top 10 FAQs.

why use giropay

Why Use Giropay at Online Casinos

In many ways, Giropay is one of the top 10 best online methods for shifting money into and out of betting sites. Speed is a definite asset of the system, with deposits occurring instantly and withdrawals being just as fast. In terms of security, it's one of the best online options a player will find thanks to the nature of the model which means no personal or financial data is disclosed to either the payment system or the online betting site, making it highly unlikely that a security breach can occur (especially as one off confirmation codes are employed to prove a requested transfer is legitimate). Not only that, players don't even need to create an account with Giropay for casino payments, which means the system has the upsides of an e-wallet as an intermediate step between bank account and online betting site but without needing to spend the time to make a separate account, or to move money from casino to payment system to bank account (transfers out moving straight to the bank). This makes it one of the best ways to transfer funds.

However, it must be noted that this is one of the most tightly restricted online banking methods in geographical terms, and unless you have a German or Austrian bank account this is likely to be off the table. In addition, there are fees associated and, while these are small rather than severe, that's obviously not the best part of Giropay.

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