Most Popular Casino Streamers on Kick

Launched in October 2023, Kick is a newly launched video streaming platform similar to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Twitch. On Kick, you can watch content creators stream videos in real-time and create vibrant online communities with common interests.

If you're entirely new to Kick and in search of streamers that offer up-to-date news and entertainment in the gambling scene, here are some of the most popular names to check out on Kick in 2024. Remember, most of these streamers moved from Twitch, where gambling and betting streams are somewhat restricted.

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most popular casino streamers on kick
  • Adin Ross

    Adin Ross

    Adin Ross is among the most followed online streamers right now. Born in October 2000 in Florida, United States, Adin Ross started streaming videos on YouTube and Twitch before signing a contract with Kick in 2023. On Kick, he has 1.02 million followers, who enjoy watching him play online slots, casino games, and Esports games. He also has a Just Chatting session where he meets and casually chats with his Kick followers.

    But his popularity extends beyond gaming. Twitch banned his account in February last year, leading to his migration to Kick. Sources revealed that this was after Ross was found guilty of unmoderated hateful behaviour on one of his broadcasts. Other sources say he showed a Kick chat on Twitch with multiple anti-Semitic and racist comments. He has a sponsorship deal with Stake, which he revealed earns him $1 million weekly.

  • Trainwreckstv


    In December 2022, Trainwrecks (Taylor Niknam) announced cutting ties with Twitch to join Kick as a non-owner advisor and non-executive streamer. He went ahead to slam Twitch for heading in the wrong direction with its inconsistent policies and advised other gamers to follow suit. This was after Twitch's unpopular reinforcement against gambling and betting streams.

    The American, popular for his engaging commentaries, has a vibrant streaming community on Kick with 276,787 followers. He occasionally streams videos of himself playing slots, mostly at Stake casinos, wagering with as much as $1,000. In one of his videos, he won over $470,000 playing Pirates Pub by Pragmatic Play. You can also join him on his frequent Just Chatting sessions with 68,000+ viewers.

  • Mellstroy


    Mellstroy (Andrey Burim) is undoubtedly Russia's most notorious gaming streamer on Twitch, Kick, and YouTube. He is famous for his amusing streams and outbursts on live broadcasts that earned him a ban on several platforms. At some point, Twitch and YouTube banned him after violating their terms of service.

    Known for his abrasive behaviour, Mellstroy is one of the most followed non-English streamers on Kick with 171,594 followers. His choice of games is usually motivated by mood, streaming whatever he feels like playing and avoiding being boxed into a corner by his fans' unquenchable expectations. While slots may be his favourite, he also has a soft spot for Live Baccarat, uncommon amongst casino streamers on this list.

  • Xposed


    Although there is very little information about Xposed on Kick, this video streamer goes by the same name on YouTube and Twitch. Xposed (Cody Burnett) is a 27-year-old streamer with over 9 years of experience playing casino games competitively and streaming on various platforms. He joined the casino streaming world in 2017 and is currently one of Canada's most followed gambling streamers.

    On Kick, Xposed has more than 89,000 followers, gaining 5,500+ new followers last month alone. His fans love him for his sense of humour and consistency in churning out new content. This is probably because of his love for gaming, which he started as a child. On April 24, 2023, he recorded the highest viewer count on Kick after managing 13,663 viewers. On average, Xposed has 4,531 monthly viewers. He usually streams slots, Monopoly Plus, and casino games while playing at top 10 real money casinos in Canada.

  • Bruneger


    Bruneger (Bruno) is an Argentinean content creator on Twitch, Kick, Twitter, and YouTube. The 20-year-old streamer is known for his gambling videos that are entertaining and humorous, earning him 440,000+ followers on YouTube. He is also known for frequently streaming comedy and commentary videos involving his family and friends. One of his most trending videos is his song Siento, featuring Valentino Laborde.

    Heading over to Kick, Bruneger has 99,100+ followers, with an average monthly viewership of 5,000+. On this platform, he is known for streaming slots and casino games while playing at top European casinos online while occasionally conversing with other streamers and his viewers (Just Chatting). On August 7, 2023, Bruneger recorded his highest views on Twitch after attracting 26,406 viewers. Stats on Kick show that Saturday is his most active day, with an average of 11 hours and 7 minutes of airtime.

  • TheDoctor


    If you want a consistent slot channel, follow TheDoctor on Kick, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord. He is popular for playing slot games in different casinos while engaging regularly with his viewers. In December last year, TheDoctor mesmerized his followers with a $6,000 jackpot win while playing the Dollar Storm slot machine from Aristocrat Gaming.

    After joining Kick in February 2023, TheDoctor has attracted 11,722 followers, gaining approximately 1,400 more in January 2024. The Kiwi casino player is watched by an average of 1,133 Kick viewers, generating 143,743 watched hours. His peak views came on January 25, 2024, after recording 8,404 viewers. Besides playing slots, TheDoctor also streams videos playing casino table games. He has yet to launch his Just Chatting sessions.

  • Moo


    Moo joined Kick on December 22, 2022, and has since enjoyed a spectacular rise in popularity. Although his background information is scanty, Moo has other streaming accounts on YouTube, Twitter, and Discord. His channel is Moo23 on YouTube, with 4,000+ subscribers and 26 videos showing his most successful runs. For example, an insane online blackjack run made him $600,000 in 2022.

    Interestingly, Moo owes his Kick success to Xposed, who has a team of professional streamers on this platform. He has been streaming on the Xposed channel for years before deciding to chart his own path. Moo has 10,351 Kick subscribers, gaining 577 new followers in January 2024. His best moment on this platform came in April 2023 after recording 10,642 peak viewers. Moo streams slots and casino games daily except on Sunday.

  • ClassyBeef


    ClassyBeef is among the most popular channels in the casino streaming world. This channel is available on YouTube, Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Discord, and Kick, where it streams gaming sessions for slots and casino games. ClassyBeef consists of a team of six members, including Freddy, Max, Rune, Georgi, Biggo, and Jonte, who play popular casino games on and

    In January 2024, ClassyBeef recorded 51,060 peak views, one of the highest of any casino channel on this platform. During the same month, this channel gained an average of 1,632 new viewers and 6,437 new followers. In total, this Malta-based streaming channel has 83,038 followers on Kick. It's one of the best channels to follow for tournaments and online casino bonuses at Stake casinos.

  • SteveWillDoIt


    SteveWillDoIt (Stephen Deleonardis) is an American content creator born on August 26, 1998, and one of the fastest-growing channels on Kick. He started posting his stunt videos on YouTube in his late teens before joining Kick in October 2023. Stephen is known for his comedic personality, which usually involves eating and drinking anything. One of his most watched online videos is where he eats 4,500 milligrams of THC. This video garnered more than 6 million views in June 2019.

    Despite being a relatively new channel on Kick, SteveWillDoIt is one of the most followed gambling channels. He has 105,644 followers, attracting 20,573 new followers in January 2024. Between January 25 and February 1, this gaming channel recorded 58,733 peak viewers, averaging 16,325 viewers. On top of streaming slots and casino games at the best USA online casinos, the 25-year-old streamer also hosts a Just Chatting session.

  • Outlaw


    Outlaw is another casino game streaming channel on Kick with limited background information. This New Zealand-based streamer is among the fastest-growing channels on Kick after joining in December 2022. But although this channel has been around for a while, Outlaw's star on this platform started shining in August 2023. Between August 3 and August 10, this channel amassed 19,241 peak views and 7,528 viewers.

    Outlaw currently has 12,506 followers who know him for his consistency and outgoing personality. In January, Outlaw attracted 816 new followers, streaming approximately 4 hours and 2 minutes daily. While slots remain his primary focus, Outlaw occasionally streams table game sessions while playing at top Oceania online casinos.

  • AverageAden


    AverageAden is an A-level FPS gamer with Kick, Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter accounts. Based in the United States, AverageAden has been gaming most of his life, including playing Esports games like Apex Legends, Hyper Scape, and Rogue Company. According to statistics on, AverageAden has earned more than $20,000 playing different Esports tournaments.

    After joining Kick in December 2022, AverageAden built a name for himself thanks to his charming and friendly personality. He currently boasts 9,682 followers who enjoy watching him play video slots and other live casino games. His all-time viewer record on Kick is 17,567, recorded on March 9, 2023. You can watch AverageAden's streams from Monday to Saturday every week.

  • FunnyHoodVidz


    FunnyHoodVidz is a famous social media influencer based in the United States. This channel has a vast following on Twitter, YouTube, Discord, TikTok, Instagram, and Kick. FunnyHoodVids is known for his in-depth analysis of gaming videos on Kick with a split-screen video of someone doing something funny/stupid. This channel often streams whenever he plays while encouraging followers to do something funny to keep the session lively.

    You can join 15,349 gamers who follow this channel to see him play slots and live roulette, among other games. FunnyHoodVidz also hosts plenty of Just Chatting sessions and Esports live streams, including Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. This account's brightest moment on Kick came in March 2023 after garnering 8,764 peak views. In January 2024, FunnyHoodVidz streamed for 4 hours and 44 minutes daily.

  • CocoSpinzz


    If you feel more comfortable following female casino streamers, CocoSpinzz should sort you out. She is still a relatively new entrant on Kick after joining this buzzing platform in August 2023. This creative influencer openly shares her expertise and skills in playing video slots and card games at some of the most popular online casinos in the industry.

    This Canadian streaming channel has 2,870 followers, which is unimpressive by all standards. But don't be deceived because CocoSpinzz gained 407 new subscribers in January alone, making her one of the most followed casino and slot accounts on Kick this year. Be guided that this account only streams three times a week. We hope that will change soon!

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