Top 10 Sensational Land-Based Casinos in Switzerland

Switzerland is a multi-lingual and beautiful country set amid glorious lakes and astonishing alpine landscapes. It's also got more than its fair share of top notch casinos, and visitors to this European nation have some great places to play. For more on the top 10 best casinos in Switzerland, read on.


Casino Pfäffikon

Play by the Lakeside

We begin our top 10 best casinos in Switzerland list with Casino Pfäffikon, located within Seedamm Plaza. Local tourist destinations include the cultural heritage exhibited a short walk away at the Vögele Kultur Zentrum and Pfäffikon Castle nearby, just to the west. Or you can stretch your legs in the great outdoors and ascend the small Etzel mountain.

Within the casino itself, pleasant distractions are numerous, with 162 slot machines and stakes to suit both those who bet bottle tops and those who prefer to have larger wagers. And if your stars align and the reels are kind then jackpots up to five figures could become yours. On top of reels players can also take one of the terminals available at the multi-wheel roulette zone. And you can opt for the more traditional American roulette game, or one of the three available blackjack tables. Poker's another potential gaming avenue, with Texas Hold'em hosted in both regular and ultimate formats, the latter being distinctive by having players compete against the bank rather than one another.


Casino St. Gallen

Alpine Gaming

Close to the border with Liechtenstein is another of the top 10 betting establishments in Switzerland, namely the Casino St. Gallen. Card sharks can win five figure jackpots when playing blackjack, the most popular table game in the modern era. For those who prefer the wheel of fortune to decide how things turn out American roulette is the optimal game. Poker is also accessible in both traditional Texas Hold'em format and ultimate, the former available with no limit from 8pm every Friday and Saturday. If spinning slots is more your cup of tea then take your pick from the more than 200 games the casino hosts, with stakes to suit every wallet as they range from just 1 cent all the way up to 100 francs a time. And there are a pair of multi-roulette tables with eight terminals each.

Away from the casino, local attractions include regal lions, camel and pony rides, and a petting zoo at Walter Zoo, to the west. Panoramic alpine views and hiking trails abound at the nearby Gäbris, to the southeast, if you fancy some fresh air and stunning scenery.


Casino Schaffhausen

Switzerland's Best Casino by the Rhine

On the riverside of the Rhine is one of the best casinos in Switzerland, the Casino Schaffhausen. Slots vary from the latest releases taking full advantage of modern technology through to old school video reel machines, with stakes as low as just 1 cent (topping out at 25 francs). In addition to the 116 slot machines there's a semi-automatic multi-wheel roulette zone with eight terminals, for players who like combining one of the casino's most traditional games with the convenience of electronic play. Table games offer the original style of roulette, plus blackjack and ultimate poker.

A little bonus extra at the Casino Schaffhausen is the adventure room (also known as an escape room), whereby participants have 60 minutes to figure out clues to try and escape. Two to twelve people can attempt escape at once, with only 20% succeeding, so if you fancy you have the mind of Sherlock Holmes it's the perfect chance to prove it. And whether you've just escaped the adventure room or have come off a gaming session, the Gatsby Bar is there to refresh you with unusual cocktails.


Grand Casino Basel

Bet on Basel

Ideal for European casino visitors from France and Germany, being very close to the border of both nations, the Grand Casino Basel is just the ticket for continental gaming in the heart of Western Europe. With doors open from 10am to 3am (5am on Fridays and Saturdays) players have more than 300 gaming machines to play, and might just end up joining the 20 millionaires that have been made in the casino. The largest prize was a tax-free 5.6 million francs, a Swiss record. In addition to all the top 10 slots, players at this Switzerland casino have electronic roulette, poker machines, and multi-game terminals. If you prefer to play in a more traditional way then the roulette and blackjack tables are there for you, and ultimate poker pits the player against the bank. Concerts are regularly held to provide live entertainment, and there's a wide range of snacks and drinks available at the casino bar.

If you've time to kill or simply fancy a break from gaming then be sure to peruse the broad selection of paintings and drawings at the Fine Arts Museum Basel, or check out the exotic residents of Zoo Basel (including ultra-rare snow leopards).


Casinò Locarno

Switzerland Casino by Lake Maggiore

Close to the shore of Lake Maggiore, Casinò Locarno is another top 10 casino in Switzerland. A trio of blackjack tables await fans of cards, while poker comes in both Texas Hold'Em and Ticino Stud variations. And there's roulette too (American style). As is standard practice, slot machines are the casino's mainstay, with in excess of 140 different games to try, and stakes ranging from just 1 cent up to CHF 25. In addition to the 142 slot machines there are also 16 electronic terminals for American roulette, and a pair of video poker options. The Bistro restaurant has seating for 100, 60 outside and 40 inside, and offers a menu both seasonal and diverse. Or you can enjoy an aperitif at the Casino Bar.

Exploring the local area, Visconteo Castle is just a short walk away and offers one of the best opportunities to see a medieval castle up close. Inside, visitors can also admire works of Roman glass and more in the archaeological museum. But if you prefer a more lively destination then head to the Falconeria Locarno animal park to see birds of prey from eagles to owls. All in all, it would be cool to see more free bonus casino offers at this casino, but the location more than makes up for that.


Grand Casino Luzern

Get Lucky in Luzern

Another of the best casinos in Switzerland is the Grand Casino Luzern, where poker players can take their pick between regular cash games or participating in weekly tournaments. Better yet, the ultimate poker option sees the player versus the bank rather than other gamers, so there's no buy-in required. A quartet of American roulette tables await, or you can take a more modern approach by using one of the 16 touch bet roulette terminals. Blackjack and baccarat are alternative diversions for card sharks while slots fans have more than 250 machines from which to choose, with jackpot payouts ranging from five to seven figures.

On the dining front there's more exquisite choice, with light Mediterranean fare prepared at Olivo and complemented by fine wines. The Dolce Vita restaurant is a lakeside establishment with a relaxed yet stylish ambience, and a menu of Mediterranean flair (including various vegetarian options). Meanwhile, the Grand Jeu Bar combines historic elegance with a classy atmosphere, the Cocktail Bar offers a great view of the gaming area, and the Jackpot Bar is right in the middle of the casino and perfect for enjoying a coffee, or a tipple of champagne if things have gone your way.


Grand Casino Bern

Switzerland's Capital Casino

Visitors to the Swiss capital can indulge in a spot of gaming fun courtesy of the Grand Casino Bern. There are traditional one-armed slot machines, multiline slot machines, and video poker machines that are a sort of halfway house between slots and poker. Speaking of poker, both Texas Hold'em and Omaha varieties are available, and tournaments are regularly held too. Other table games hosted in the Grand Casino Bern include punto banco, blackjack, and American roulette, or you can try your hand at the more esoteric distraction of Diceball. When in need of a rest and some refreshment be sure to visit the Crazy Daisy Kitchen Bar, a mix of both restaurant and bar within the casino that offers delicious fare and tasty snacks if you just want to grab a quick bite to eat before resuming play.

Connoisseurs of creativity have multiple sites nearby to visit, such as the Museum of Fine Arts Bern, home to works by Picasso, Oppenheim, and more, and the Zentrum Paul Klee that has more than 4,000 works by the aforementioned artist. Meanwhile, the UNESCO Von Bern is a world heritage site that contains the tallest cathedral in Switzerland.


Casino Zürich

Millon Franc Jackpot

Located in Switzerland's eponymous financial capital, Casino Zürich is one of the best betting establishments in the country. Reel jockeys have a wide selection of games, with 280 slot machines available to take for a spin and ranging from old-fashioned video reels to the latest in cutting edge technology. There's also a tasty maximum jackpot of a million Swiss francs, which isn't bad at all. Table games include punto banco, blackjack, poker, and American roulette, with a pair of electronic multi-roulette tables featuring 32 terminals.

Being situated in a major city opens up plenty of cultural opportunities within a short distance. The artistically inclined may want to visit the Kunsthaus Zürich, an art gallery with exhibits from the 15th century through to the modern era. Northwards, visitors can explore the history of the country at the Swiss National Museum, while the Zürich Opera House plays host to a mixture of modern and classic ballet and opera. And, of course, there's a large number of fantastic bars and restaurants within easy reach.


Casinò Lugano

One of the Most Historic Casinos in Switzerland

Previously known as Teatro Kursaal and designed way back in 1804, Casinò Lugano is a well-regarded betting site that was previously also a theatrical venue. Jackpot hunters will be glad to hear that there's always over 1 million Swiss francs available as a top prize, with individual games such as Mega Mongolfiere, Hot Shot, and Lightning Link all offering their own substantial prizes. Blackjack, American roulette, punto banco, French roulette, poker, and chemin de fer (a baccarat variation) are all on the table too. Players can celebrate their victories or cheer themselves up at the excellent Elementi restaurant, which was named a Traveller's Choice 2020 Award Winner. Beer and wine in pleasing variety are available, and you can either grab a snack or indulge in a more leisurely dining experience with favorites such as king prawns, classic veal, and linguine on the menu.

Beyond the casino door, distractions in 2022 include Museo delle Culture to the southwest where cultural treasures such as Japanese scroll paintings are on display. Hikers can travel a short distance for multiple pretty peaks: San Salvatore to the south and Monte Boglia to the northeast.


Casino Barrière Montreux

Freddie Mercury's Favorite Switzerland Casino

Casino Barrière Montreux, sometimes referred to as Montreux Casino, is located on the eastern shoreline of Lake Geneva. This top 10 land-based betting establishment has got fantastic heritage, dating all the way back to 1881, but isn't afraid to embrace modernity with the latest in new slots. Meanwhile, card sharks have plenty to choose from, with blackjack, baccarat, and many types of poker on the gaming menu (plus roulette, of course). The casino's also the host of an annual birthday party for Freddie Mercury, whose statue is located nearby, and there's a free Queen exhibit too.

The casino isn't the only place in the area with a long history, and if you've got some downtime between gaming sessions then be sure to check out Chillon Castle to the south. This magnificent lakeside castle has stunning medieval fortifications that are perfect for great souvenir photos. In addition to the soaring towers offering impressive views above ground, the subterranean dungeons are atmospheric and eerie, carved out of the castle's rock base. And if that isn't enough castle for you then head north to find Châtelard Castle, built over 600 years ago and surrounded by a picturesque vineyard.

And that concludes the top 10 best casinos in Switzerland list, including places all around the country where table games and slots abound. And the numerous castles and mountains to explore nearby are a nice little extra. If you aren't able to go to any at the moment, some Swiss-friendly online casinos include Betway Casino and Mr Green Casino though you'll find more elegible options reviewed right here.

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