Exclusive Interview: Rhylee Gerber from Below Deck

Published by Top10Casinos.com on Thurs. Dec. 03, 2020 Below Deck Interview

One of the stars of the hit reality TV show, 'Below Deck', Top10Casinos.com exclusively sat down with Rhylee Gerber to discuss everything from her experience on the show to her future plans.

What are you up to these days?

I'm on a Bison ranch in Montana and I'm basically learning how to be a Ranch Hand, they have bison, they have horses, and they sell jerky, bison bites, and things like that.

I'm operating million-dollar pieces of equipment, breaking in dangerous wild animals for the first time and so far, not killing anybody and doing well.

What's the story behind you ending up on Below Deck? How was your experience on the show?

I was picked up on Instagram by the casting directors twice. The first year they asked me, I was engaged to be married and I think they were looking for a little more drama - so I declined.

They came back to me the following year and as I was no longer engaged, I decided to do it.

Even though my first year was rough - I was bombarded with hate by the fans of the show - I still enjoyed it because you're travelling and you're experiencing new things.

I'd never worked on a yacht before and that was something I always wanted to do.

Would you ever go back?

Yeah for sure, I'd come back as third deckhand even if I had to. I still have so much to learn about the yachts. I like to be knowledgeable in everything I'm doing. I have no problem being a third deckhand or in a steward position, I enjoy all of it.

You mentioned you got a lot of hate from fans of the show, what was that like?

I mean my first year was rough. By Season Six I had a 50/50 split between love and hate. I knew I wasn't going to be America's sweetheart. People were either going to love or hate me and that's exactly what they did.

I got quite a lot of death threats but for every death threat, I got an equal amount of marriage proposals too.

Have you watched the other Seasons? Who would make up your ideal crew?

Me, Courtney and Kate are the three amigos now - hopefully you'll see more of us in the near future, we're all getting our doctors' licence!

I originally thought Courtney was mousey and a little boring on the show, I didn't get to know her but now I absolutely adore her, I love her.

She's hilarious and very well spoken. I would also have Kelley, so these three would be my dream crewmates.

Who from all the seasons would you categorically not like to work with?

As far as the rest of the crews I've worked with before, I have a love hate relationship with Ross. I know he means well; I know he wants to do well; I know he tries. But he forgets all that when the boys are around, and it becomes a boy's club - although I love him, I wouldn't want him back.

Is there anyone from the other seasons that have tickled your fancy romantically? Chef Ben has got a bit of a lothario reputation, would you consider working with him?

He's honestly not my type. Physically there's no attraction but make me laugh and you're golden. I just don't know if we would get along in that way though, it would be that serious love/ hate relationship, probably like him and Kate.

I am very much friends with Colin - I love him but nothing romantic.

Have you had anyone we might know sliding into the DMs since the shows have all aired?

There's been some flirtations back and forth with some previous Below Deck crew, but I think this person kind of flirts with everybody.

Who is this mysterious person?

I think we can all agree he's probably one of the better-looking guys on there. Kelley Johnson - he's cute, he's a good-looking guy. He's got a good head on his shoulders, loves his family.

It's just been fun, friendly banter, nothing came of it. If we were closer in proximity it might turn into a little bit more.

How did you feel about the way Ashton was treated in the end of series show? Do you think he truly was misogynistic or misunderstood?

Do you mean when he cried on the Reunion? Oh, give me a break. So, we film in February and March and the show airs in October. And the Reunion was in January and I still have yet to receive an apology from him.

He issued one video apology to Kate on Instagram in November, several months after filming because he was being berated by fans on social media.

On Bravo's website they do the After Shows which are before the Reunion and you can sit there and listen to this pompous idiot talk like its locker room talk.

He does not feel sorry at all for what he's done until fans give him stick. I don't try to talk like this, but the guy is an idiot. He started this fitness workout, recently he posted something along the lines on how women can become more fertile by how they eat and work out.

Please don't take any kind of advice from this dude.

A lot of celebrities are now creating OnlyFans accounts. What do you think of that? Would you create a page yourself?

Funnily enough, I recently sold a picture of a toenail clipping for $200 on Venmo. So, if I could sell a toenail clipping for $200 imagine how much a pic of my chest would go for.

I don't even understand why people ask, just tune into Season Six when I'm in bed with Tyler on National TV. You don't even have to pay to see it, just watch the Season again.

I don't understand these men, fine give me money. There was this one guy who sent me a video and the only reason I saved it was because Kate said she never gets d*ck pics, but he was sucking his own d*ck. It was ridiculous.

Another guy was incessantly messaging me asking over and over for nudes. I was like dude you're barking up the wrong tree, tune into Season 6 get your kicks there.

I'm not saying I would never create an OnlyFans account, but that whole thing isn't really for me - maybe for the right amount of money I would.

Right now, I'm not at that point. If someone wants to give me 200 bucks for a picture of my elbow or kneecap, I'm down.

I don't like how I look in a bikini, I'd rather jump in a hot spring naked before I put a bikini on, but I might rent a forklift naked and sell pics of me in that.

I need an agent, somebody there photo cropping my turkey neck and gut out of it.

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