Speak Exclusively with Maya Vander from Selling Sunset

Published by on Fri. Dec. 11, 2020

One of the stars of the hit Netflix show, 'Selling Sunset', exclusively sat down with Maya Vander to discuss everything from her experience on the show to her dream clientele.

Maya Vander Interview

What is it like filming for the show, was anything manufactured or is everything that happens there real?

Everything you see happens; it's not scripted. Sure, if production want me to repeat something that I said or want us to discuss a topic again, they will tell us to do it, but they're not giving us a script and telling me, 'hey you say that when she says this'.

We film four days a week, a couple of hours every day so we just kind of say what we say. Four days of filming, 10 hours a day to a 30-minute show, you have a lot of content and you see a lot of stuff.

Have you guys got any plans to do London? There's been some rumours about that, is anything in the works?

I would love to come to London actually, it would be nice to be a celebrity there for one day because I know its huge, huge, huge in the UK.

I know that Jason wanted to come to London during the summer but then COVID-19 obviously happened so that got cancelled. I think it would be fun to do it, but I don't know when.

I think things will have to go back to normal, then obviously we all have our commitments and work schedule to do.... And if we will film the Fourth Season, I'd assume it will be sometime around Spring or next Summer.

It would be nice if production pays and flies us all to London though. I don't know if they have the budget - we'll have to sell more houses!

Who would you love to sell a house to?

I love Meghan Markle. I know people don't like her, but I like her. Meghan Markle and Harry would be my dream clientele. I would love to sell them something, that's for sure.

What do you think of their LA house?

You know it's a great house, I know that they just also moved to Santa Barbara to stay there in an apartment. It's a great location, I mean they needed privacy and something more secluded so that's perfect for them.

Who is the biggest celeb you've sold a house to?

I sold a house to Ludacris - the rapper.

Did he look around it himself or did he send someone?

No, he came by himself, I was showing him and his girlfriend at the time, now wife. I was showing him a bunch of houses and we finally found the one.

Have you dealt with any demanding or rude celebrities?

I haven't! I was showing a house to Jennifer Lopez one time when she was dating an ex-boyfriend (Casper) because I knew Casper. She was nice and polite. I don't work with too many celebrities; Jason worked with Orlando Bloom and other guys but no complaints as far as I know.

I don't normally get starstruck, but I did with JLO. I have a professional aspect to it though, so I don't look at them as a celebrity, but it was amazing to be showing her round a house.

How was it seeing Chrishell go through the divorce?

It was pretty terrible you know, let me tell you we were all there to support her, including Davina by the way. But you know production choose to show certain cast members supporting more like Mary and Amanza.

She's doing much better now; I actually just saw that she's apparently dating someone. We only just got the email; I mean it's so funny because she posted a video on her working out with a guy.

Then I did a clapping hand emoji on the workout video and then a couple of hours later and I'm like oh wait a minute that's her new boyfriend.

Do you speak with her often then?

You know the last communication I had with Chrishell was on Instagram, we're always commenting and messaging on DMs and with stories and stuff. But on the phone, I haven't spoken with her since... we don't speak on the phone, we exchange messages. But that was the night before she was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars because she wanted us to all vote for her, so that was the last communication.

They always end up hooking up on those programmes, don't they?

I know, it's the chemistry and the dancing, I'm definitely not letting my husband to do Dancing With the Stars! You spend so much time together and if the relationship is not that stable, it's really easy I would say to get tempted.

You and Amanza on the show seem to get stuck in the middle of the most drama. Was that intentional?

Yeah, I have strong opinions but at the same time, Christine just did an interview which actually caught me by surprise. I heard she said I'm the gossiper or something, but I really don't want to be involved in the drama.

Sure, I'll ask questions that will lead to an uncomfortable conversation, but not to create anything. I really couldn't care less to be honest.

I sell real estate; its my profession and full-time job and I like it to be this way, so if I'm less on the spotlight and less in the mix of the drama I prefer that.

I'm married I have two kids; I have a very nice work thing going on for myself and I don't want to destroy it being on a reality show and fight with people.

You know you can be the star and you can maybe get more articles in the magazines, but It can also destroy your career, so I have to be very careful.

Christine gained a lot of interviews and articles because she's got such a no-nonsense attitude - she's clearly not scared to say anything is she?

Yeah, she can throw all of us under the bus, but she says things and I think she's very impulsive and that's fine.

She wants to ride the success; she wants to get the great PR and that's fine, but you know she also makes the show because she's very fun to watch and she's great and entertaining.

But if I would want to have more articles and PR trust me, I could say a lot of things, but I keep it to myself.

In the last series there was talk about one of the girls going and setting up on her own. Hypothetically speaking, if you were to do that which girls would you take with you to be on your team?

You know I would take Davina; I think Davina is probably the most experienced real estate agent and she's very smart and she knows the business very well. I would trust her to handle any transaction without anyone's help so actually I would take her for sure.

I would maybe take Chrishell also. I think she gets the business - she's a newer agent but I think she understands the business. I think she could be good with clients; clients will like her because she's nice.

I think Heather would be too busy because she's always with Tarek and doing stuff and planning a wedding. I think Mary would not come anyway because she's totally loyal to Jason.

How have you found, have you had chance to go back to work obviously with the COVID-19 situation?

Yeah, I mean I'm closing my fifth deal right now in Miami and I'm working on a couple of pretty big ones which hopefully one of them or two at least materialise because that would be amazing.

But deals like that don't close in a day or two so we'll see. I closed a couple of nice deals here in Miami, working with a couple of clients for LA. I've been working nonstop, working on branding myself in case I want to do my own thing - the show helps with that so looking forward to what the future holds!

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