Favorite & Most Popular Video Games Per Country Map

From Grand Theft Auto to The Last of Us, the worldwide video game business shows no signs of slowing down. Every gamer has their favourite, and the debate on which video game is the best is constantly roaring. With this in mind, we wanted to find out which video games are the most popular all over the world.

Using official lists of the best-selling video games of all time, we looked into each country's favourite video game based on the number of Google searches per month*, to discover which one reigns supreme.

What are the most searched for video games in Europe?

The Last of Us was a solid favourite across Europe, with a massive 200,000 Google searches in France alone. There were also 136,000 searches for the game in Germany, followed by Spain (121,000) and Italy (118,000).

Other countries that had The Last of Us as the most popular game, according to search volumes, are:

  • Austria (13,000)
  • Belgium (23,000)
  • Bulgaria (7,500)
  • Croatia (6,000)
  • Denmark (15,000)
  • Greece (17,000)
  • Ireland (11,000)
  • Luxembourg (600)
  • Netherlands (29,000)
  • Norway (11,000)
  • Poland (92,000)
  • Portugal (20,000)
  • Switzerland (14,000)
  • Ukraine (37,000)

However, it was not the only popular game throughout Europe. Red Dead Redemption 2 was the most searched game in 15 countries, the highest being 91,000 searches in Turkey. Sweden (27,000), Romania (16,000) and the Czech Republic (16,000) were not too far behind either.

Other games widely searched for across Europe are Diablo in Germany (36,000) and Persona 5 Royal in the United Kingdom (199,000).

What are the most searched for video games in Africa?

There's a lot of healthy competition when it comes to finding the favourite video game in Africa, but Grand Theft Auto V claimed the crown with a total of 47,150 searches across five countries (Algeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco and Tunisia).

Red Dead Redemption 2 was also widely searched, with a combined total of 32,000 from Egypt (19,000) and South Africa (13,000).

Another game making the top three is God of War. Ghana and Nigeria each searched for this video game 3,800 and 9,900 times, respectively, giving it a combined total of 13,700.

Angola was the only country in Africa to have a favourite video game outside of the top three. Angolan citizens searched a grand total of 500 times for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

What are the most searched for video games in North and South America?

According to our data, Persona 5 Royal is the most popular video game in the United States, with Americans searching for the title 1,650,000 times. The same game is most searched for in Canada, with a total of 97,000 searches.

The Last of Us is the most popular video game in Latin America. Brazil, Mexico, and Peru had the most searches for this gaming title, with 263,000, 102,000 and 17,000 searches, respectively.

Completing the top three video games in North and South America, according to online searches, is Red Dead Redemption 2. The only country with this as their top game was Uruguay, where citizens searched for the title 2,600 times.

What are the most searched for video games in Asia?

The Last of Us was popular once again in Asia, with the game proving to be the most searched in 13 countries, including Taiwan (13,000), Hong Kong (15,000), and Japan (90,000).

Red Dead Redemption 2 was also a tremendous hit, with the game topping the charts in seven different nations throughout the continent. Grand Theft Auto V had notably high searches in India (207,000), Iraq (16,000), and Azerbaijan (10,000) - and it is also the most popular video game in Kazakhstan.

Tekken 3 was the most popular game in Pakistan, with 30,000 searches, and Hades was the most searched video game title in Vietnam, with 37,000 searches.

What are the most searched for video games in Australia and New Zealand?

Australia and New Zealand each have two different most searched for games, with Australians, like the UK and USA, favouring Persona 5 Royal whilst Kiwis searched for The Last of Us more.

Persona 5 Royal is a re-release of the role-playing game, Persona 5. The story is set in modern-day Tokyo, where you play as a high school student who goes by the name Joker and was searched by Australian citizens a total of 66,000 times.

New Zealand's favourite game of The Last of Us was the biggest launch of 2013, with 1.3 million games sold. With this global popularity, it's no wonder why there were 11,000 searches for it in New Zealand alone.


  1. Top10Casinos.com utilised MetaCritic's 'Best Video Games of All Time' list as a suitable seeding list. The top 100 games with the highest rating were extracted.
  2. Titles released within the last 12 months were omitted from the study.
  3. To examine the countries used, Top10Casinos sourced official rankings for the 'World's Top 100 Countries by Game Revenues' by Knoema.
  4. Top10Casinos examined data from web analytics site Ahrefs to record every country's most searched for video games (on average per month) by scraping data for all 100 games, across 100 countries. The data files for every country were manually extracted to determine every country's favourite. All data was ranked.
  5. Iran, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Cuba, Macao and China were excluded from this study due to restricted data.
  6. All data was collected on 28/6/2021 and is subject to change.